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Seven easy steps for Lions to have realistic chance at .500 season in 2010

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    So Killer is endorsing the Lions to:

    Get their stars ready to play, add more offensive weapons, add more defensive play makers and improve special teams.

    I am certainly glad he is a paid professional.


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      here's my four-step program for a 16-0 season:

      1. Find a ten-year old kid
      2. Make the kid very unhappy, possibly use a mean babysitter
      3. wait for these guys to show up
      4. Wish for perfect season

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        meh...I still think 8-8 is doable in 2011 if we can have two solid offseasons and our young core players progress as planned. Time will tell...

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          Originally posted by detroit4life View Post
          i have to admit i think this is the first time i have ever seen optimism from IAC...
          Yeah, I think he was high when he wrote that.


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            Originally posted by detroit4life View Post
            i have to admit i think this is the first time i have ever seen optimism from IAC...
            I am naturally a very optimistic person but when I see total incompetence I can not let it just go by, I have to comment on it and Millen was totally incompetent so I had a lot to say. In the end I think most people came to realize that my hatred of Millen was well deserved.

            So far, I am satisfied with our FO and HC and feel we are moving in the right direction and am fully prepared to give them all a chance although I am still worried because Ford still owns the team and who knows what he will do to screw things up.

            But Ford aside, as long as this team is being rebuilt in the right way( for years I advocated drafting a QB with a high 1st round pick as the proper way to start a rebuild of the team), so I cannot complain in any way with how Mayhew has gone about it. His 1st draft was excellent and I am prepared to believe he is competent at what he does although it surprised me since he was so inexperienced.

            You'll probably find me annoying now when I support Mayhew and Schwartz even if they make the occasional mistake. They will really have to screw things up before I begin to question them, they deserve a certain amount of time to clean this mess up and repair the damage left from Millen's years. It won't happen overnight and as long as I see improvement I'll support their decisions even if it annoys some of you.

            I see good thing ahead for the Lions if we are patient and I'm hoping for the best.

            It is my Cleveland brethren that are now feeling my wrath about their owner and how he is screwing up their franchise much like Millen screwed ours. I keep telling them that the franchise is going nowhere fast with Lerner running the show and it pisses them off because I remove any hope and point out that the current future of the team is rather hopeless IMO. They don't want to face the rotten situation that they as fans find themselves in, they would rather bury their heads in the sand hoping for improvement than look at the current state of their franchise. I pull their heads out of the sand and give them a clear picture of what they can expect and they don't like me for it. Can't blame them really but I just cannot let it pass.

            You know when through your life experience of over 66 years, you find that you love 3 franchises Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo, a lot of you optimism is lost. Fortunately, I think Detroit is moving in the right direction but the other 2 are in pitiful situations with little hope for an immediate turnaround.
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              atleast cleveland has an offensive line, running back (now that the coach let him play), and a defense that is only a stud pass rusher and improved secondary away from being really good. but yeah they really need to fix their qb situation so that they get more than 60 yards passing every game...and they need to pay cribbs.

              as for the bills....there's always VHS tapes of them from the 90s...

              as for the lions i agree with those original steps for the most part except i'd put even more emphasis on the guard position. i almost think that iupati could make our draft depending on who else is available. at the very least an asomoah or johnson would do wonders.
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                Lions are in pace to win 4 games, this year.

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