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    Originally posted by SINCE1978 View Post
    Great analysis woodnick ... So yo uare real high on Saffold huh? I never saw him play, is he versatile enough to play T as well? Sell em on his strong points, ord knows we need a LG!

    Jerry is a very large man. His stock rose quickly during/after the senior bowl which means he held his own against the best. (not named Suh or McCoy) I like our pick so far.
    I've only seen Saffold play a couple of times, but everything I've read on him sounds like he dominated during the East-West Shrine Bowl practices and game. In Practice, playing LT, it sounds like he more than held his own against Greg Hardy, Witten, etc.

    In general I've heard some questions about his ability to be a LT, supposedly he's inconsistent while handling the speed rushers which kind of reminds me of the knock on Backus.

    I've also read that he does a good job of being able to get low and take on bigger D-Lineman and athletic enough to pull/get to the 2nd level. His size and strenghts/weaknesses reminds me of other good LGs, namely Steinbach and Kris Dielman, not to say that Saffold is guaranteed to be on that level because he is not.

    Jerry kind of concerns me with his weight, but when he's motivated he seems like he can really play up. Kind of sounds like a young versoin of Damien Woody, but he seems to have good potential.


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      I'm a big fan of this mock draft so far. Good job bud.

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        [QUOTE=SINCE1978;2014326]Great analysis woodnick ... So yo uare real high on Saffold huh? I never saw him play, is he versatile enough to play T as well? Sell em on his strong points, ord knows we need a LG!

        Also found this on Saffold, really like everything I read on him:

        01/20/2010 - EAST-WEST SHRINE RISERS: OT Roger Saffold, Indiana: It's hard to argue anyone but Saffold was the best player on the field this week. He was strong, moved his feet well in pass protection and when drive-blocking gave good effort through the end of plays, and was mobile enough to hit targets at the second level. Some scouts will project him inside, but it appears the 3.5-year starter at left tackle should at least get a chance to prove he can handle those responsibilities. A third-round selection seems likely for Saffold at this point in the process. - Chad Reuter, The Sports Xchange, *************.com

        01/19/2010 - East-West Shrine Tuesday Practice: The matchup between Ole Miss defensive end Greg Hardy and Indiana tackle Roger Saffold was worth the price of the flight to Orlando. Saffold controlled Hardy in most one-on-one drills, eating up a spin move, turning him and allowing him no space in which to work. - Chad Reuter, The Sports Xchange, *************.com

        01/18/2010 - East-West Shrine Monday Practice: Indiana offensive tackle Roger Saffold is a player to watch - the explosion he displayed coming out of his stance and his mobility to the second level were impressive, even without pads on. On one play, he gave Purdue defensive tackle Mike Neal a good ride off the snap, and Neal has plenty of strength himself. Saffold has the strength and footwork to be among the 10 tackles potentially selected in the top 100 this year. - Chad Reuter, The Sports Xchange, *************.com


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          Jump on Jerome Murphy when you are up!


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            Got Jerome Murphy


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              Originally posted by zachsaints52 View Post
              Got Jerome Murphy
              Nice, you got a great draft going on!


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                Gerald McCoy DT
                Kyle Wilson CB
                Johnathan Dwyer RB
                John Jerry OG
                Aleric Mullins DT
                Blair White WR

                Mike Karney

                Im done guys, rip it apart!


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                  looks great. i'd let you draft for mayhew.
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