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2010 Scouting Combine and Pro Day Thread

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    Originally posted by DoWnThEfiElD View Post
    Rolando McClain does not have a chance to fall to the second.
    Originally posted by Prowler View Post
    neither did maualuga or laurinaitis
    Ha ... great points on LB's! Sean Weatherspoon has been projected as a slip to rd 2 on some boards I have seen lately. Weird? OLB is not our highest need but BPA could make that happen ... kid is sick.
    Also Brandon Spikes will likely be there & I love his skill set. A little rough with pass coverage but sideline to sideline he hunts down the ball. He was a top 15 overall talent last year and earlier this year even. Not sure why he has fallen off teh radar but I would love to see Levy & Spikes for years to come. The all names LB crew haha! Probably a spoil of riches with the #34 pick going after a ILB but one can dream & paint scenarios.
    Rolando is gone by pick 15 imho ...



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