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  • Post you possible Trade Ideas

    #1 STL picks SUH

    If STL picks suh then TB want and needs a DT i think that we could trade #2 for and ernie Sims #3 and #35

    #1 STL picks Bradford

    With Bradford gone only 1 TOP QB left

    Possible trade partners are WAS @ 4, Sea @ 6 , Cle @ 7 or Buffalo @9

    If we trade with Wash I see draft like this, 1 Bradford, 2 Clausen 3 Suh we still have our choice of LT Okung or McCoy at DT @4 and we pick up wash #37 pick in second round

    Seattle at 6 gets a little tricky okung and Mccoy are probably gone same with cle and buffalo.

    Post some more ideas
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    With all due respect, I find you to be slightly obsessive with the idea of trading out of #2. Is this the second or third thread you've started about it?

    *sigh* I hope that Seattle trades their two 1st round picks to us for #2. Values work out more or less.

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