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    Dammit, I hope Delmas' injury isn't as bad as I've read.. which would be that he needs surgery and could miss the whole season.

    I mean, it'd help us get Patrick Peterson :).. but I'd rather win some damn games.


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      sounds like theres no surgery in his future. Also sounds like he may miss a decent chunk of training camp too


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        At the time Schwartz explained how his defense, including Vanden Bosch, would try and funnel the action toward the middle of the defense and, specifically, toward Albert Haynesworth.

        "Ideally, we shrink the field," Vanden Bosch said. "We send everything back inside to our tackles and linebackers."

        Said Schwartz: "The philosophy brought here from Tennessee was, if you're strong up front, if you can rush with four, you don't have to blitz as much to put pressure on the quarterback. If you're good on the defensive line, you may not have to spin that safety into the box to get an eight-man front to stop the run. It all works together. If you're building a good defense, it doesn't hurt to start up front."


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          ^^^ Scheffler


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            S Randy Phillips is getting first-team reps 3 days after being signed. Phillips was an invitee during minicamp, andhe impressed the Lions coaches. He has excellent closing speed and has picked up coverage schemes quickly.

            DT Ndamukong Suh is picking up the D-line scheme well. He is still behind the veterans in camp, but the gap is narrowing. He has gotten penetration on run plays and worked well with DE Cliff Avril.

            TE Tony Scheffler has featured during team drills. Working against the nickel, Matthew Stafford hit Scheffler to convert several third downs. The presence of capable receiving TEs has spread the secondary and generates favorable WR matchups this season.

            CB Dre' Bly appears to be slotted as the nickel back in Gunther Cunningham's defense. Passing downs have been the source of Bly's first-team reps for most of camp.

            OG Stephen Peterman's return has improved pass protection in camp. Peterman and OG Rob Sims have worked well to stop the bull rushes that were an Achilles' heel last year. The duo has opened nice holes for the run as well.

            CB Aaron Berry has been carted off the field with an apparent hamstring injury. No contact was involved. He pulled up lame while in coverage.

            RB Kevin Smith looks better with each practice. He has not taken the ball in a live contact run drill but is performing well on screen passes. He looks as fast as he was before his injuries. He may feel pushed because of strong performances by Jahvid Best.

            CB Jonathan Wade is dialed in this morning. He has stripped WRs Calvin Johnson and WR Bryant Johnson in 7-on-7 drills. Wade was challenged after a weak practice Thursday and has responded so far.

            Lions not practicing today: DE Kyle Vanden Bosch (unspecified), FB Jerome Felton (foot), DE Jared DeVries (foot), S Louis Delmas (groin), LB DeAndre Levy (back), CB Amari Spievey (hip), TE Will Heller (back), S Ko Simpson (knee), and CB Jack Williams (knee).


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              In his e-mail to the media, agent John Page wrote: “There has been interest for Jarrad and the Chiefs are blocking legitimate trades. There’s been plenty of time to get a trade done and at this point, in our opinion, it’s clear that the Chiefs are being vindictive.”

              WR Calvin Johnson has had nothing but exemplary workouts since the start of camp. His timing with Matthew Stafford continues to be near flawless, as they reap the benefits of their offseason work.

              The battle for third RB is a three-way affair. Aaron Brown has the upper hand right now, but Maurice Morris and DeDe Dorsey have seen increased time during Friday's sessions. They have both run with the first and second teams.

              After the rest of the Lions left the practice field, DT Sammie Hill spent 15 minutes alone hitting the blocking sled. Hill had a stellar start to camp, but lost his first team reps to Ndamukong Suh. Hill seems intent on outworking Corey Williams for a starting spot.

              Live kickoff drills took place for the first time all camp. The drills served as the first evaluation of K Aaron Pettrey, who will handle kicking duties while Jason Hanson rehabs his knee. If Hanson's knee is not fully healed, Pettrey could win a spot as a KO specialist.

              DE Cliff Avril is fine following an inadvertent hit during practice. CB Aaron Berry has been listed as day to day with a hamstring injury.

              The first string defensive line of DEs Cliff Avril and Kyle Vanden Bosch, and DTs Corey Williams and Ndamukong Suh is slowly becoming a solid unit. The four come off the ball very quickly and their play has steadily improved.

              Injuries in the secondary will offer opportunities for players to use increased time to claim spots. First team starters during drills were CBs Jonathan Wade and Chris Houston, and safeties C. C. Brown and Randy Phillips. The group worked well together.

              LB Zack Follett performed well in 7-on-7 drills during the afternoon session. Follett has refocused after two consecutive rough practices, and is staying with receivers across the middle nicely.


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                ^^^ Today's practice was held at Ford Field
                CB Chris Houston continues to challenge Calvin Johnson in practice. The two battle intensely every day. Houston delighted the crowd when on the first play of the 2-minute period, he closed well to break up a fly route Johnson was running against single coverage.

                The secondary has spent team drills running press coverage, using their speed to challenge receivers. The coverage hasn't paid off, however, as the protection the O-line has provided has allowed the QBs to wait out the press and find holes.

                This is the Lions' first-string offensive line during team drills: C Dominic Raiola, Gs Rob Sims and Stephen Peterman and Ts Gosder Cherilus and Jeff Backus. They dominated the first contact team drill, opening huge holes for Jahvid Best and protecting Matthew Stafford well.

                The second period of team drills was a test for the defense. The offense lined up in the non-traditional "pistol" formation, forcing the defense to adjust to the look. Matthew Stafford took advantage of the unfamiliarity, completing several passes.

                RB Jahvid Best continued his excellent run of form during team drills. His cuts and ability to manufacture yardage improve with each practice. The crowd at Ford field gave Best an ovation after a hard 15-yard run on the first-team play during drills.

                CB Jonathan Wade is making the most of the injury to CB Amari Spievey. Wade has done well with the added reps, and his coverage has tightened up. He's slowly taking the lead in the battle for the No. 2 CB slot.

                DT Robert Callaway has been released and replaced on the roster by CB Paul Pratt.


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                    i'm loving where the lion's heads and hearts are at this year. this should be the start of something special.
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                      RB Aaron Brown continues to stake his claim to the No. 3 RB spot. He's done well this morning in drils featuring screens. He ran good routes lining up in the slot. Also, he has avoided the mental lapses of the past.

                      Matthew Stafford has not had the best workout this morning. His passes have not had their usual pace on them, and he's overthrown several receivers.

                      CB Marvin White is making the most of a depleted secondary. White made several nice plays at nickel and as the No. 2 corner. He drew praise for his hustle. White hasn't been on the coaching staff's radar yet in camp. These reps may change that, though.

                      DT Landon Cohen has not had a good workout this morning. He has been slow off the ball and has been badly beaten on run plays. Cohen needs to have better days to win the battle with Andre Fluellen for the 4th DT spot
                      WR Derrick Williams has been the real constant returner in special teams drills. Williams has impressed as a wide receiver and returner, and he's slowly working his way off the roster bubble.

                      Practice on Sunday was the best thus far for the first-string D-line. Ndamukong Suh recorded a sack on a straight bull rush. On the following play, Suh, DT Corey Williams and DE Kyle Vanden Bosch all reached the QB. The D-line has never looked better.

                      DT Ndamukong Suh and G Stephen Peterman are fiercly battling along the line in team drills. Peterman's experience has helped accelerate the learning curve for Suh, who's trying to make up for missed practice time.

                      Not practicing this morning: RB Kevin Smith (knee), S Ko Simpson (knee), S Louis Delmas (groin), CB Aaron Berry (hamstring), CB Jack Williams (knee), DT Joe Cohen (knee), CB Amari Spievey (hip), LB DeAndre Levy (back), WR Mike Moore (shoulder), K Jason Hanson (knee), DE Jared DeVries (foot), FB Jerome Felton (foot) and TE Brandon Pettigrew


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                        Coach Jim Schwartz on RB Jahvid Best in the passing game: “He has the potential for explosive plays. He’s a guy who can go down the field, or he can take a short pass and go a very long way.”

                        Coach Jim Schwartz on WR Nate Burleson as a PR: “He’s going to return punts this year. It may be in the opening game or the last game of the year. If we need him in the fourth quarter or overtime, he’ll be ready."
                        Coach Jim Schwartz on S Louis Delmas’ return: “We need him on the field, we need his personality on the field. We need him to be with his teammates, communicating. It’s good to see 26 back.”

                        WR Tim Toone on his increased reps: “It’s awesome to be noticed by the caoches. My hard work is paying off. I’m just trying to come in here, work hard, and get the chance to perform.”

                        Coach Jim Schwartz said S Louis Delmas is unlikely to play in Saturday's preseason opener at Pittsburgh. Delmas is recovering from a groin injury and was removed from the PUP list today.

                        G Stephen Peterman has left practice. His place has been taken by G Manny Ramirez.

                        WRs Tim Toone and Derrick Williams continue to perform well at KR and PR. The Lions like the speed and hands that both possess. The coaches are looking to slot the players into multiple roles to justify roster spots. If it becomes a competition, Williams has the edge.

                        The O-line was solid during live contact run drills. G Stephen Peterman and G Rob Sims continue to open the interior running lanes the Lions lacked a year ago. The presence of both the interior option and the corner helps spread the linebacking corps.

                        S Louis Delmas is done practicing for the day. Delmas participated in individual drills but did not take a contact rep.

                        Despite the return of S Louis Delmas to practice, S C.C. Brown and S Randy Phillips have taken all first-team reps. Brown has had one of his better coverage days so far.

                        FB Jerome Felton's return to practice has been felt in pass protection drills. Felton has been the sharpest back by far at picking up the rush. RB Jahvid Best is still learning the protection schemes, but he seems to be improving with each rep.

                        S Louis Delmas (groin) and TE Will Heller (back) are off the PUP list and practicing in full pads Monday morning.

                        The Lions waived injured DT Joe Cohen and re-signed DT Robert Callaway.
                        Delmas is back out there.


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                            Not sure where I should post this, but in my first regular season game against the Bears in Madden, Suh had 8 tackles, 5 for a loss, 3 sacks and a pick 6...just sayin...


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                              Originally posted by Notredameleo View Post
                              Not sure where I should post this, but in my first regular season game against the Bears in Madden, Suh had 8 tackles, 5 for a loss, 3 sacks and a pick 6...just sayin...
                              In real life, that's a lackluster first quarter for Suh.


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                                I was at the open practice at Ford Field on Saturday. Tim Toone looked extremely impressive. He had a couple great double moves that left the DB's in his dust. I don't know if that speaks more about our DB's or Tim Toone however. One time it was Dre' Bly I know for sure. He was also practicing kick and punt returns with Derrick Williams.

                                Also Pettigrew was very impressive, and Best attacks the hole when he's running through the line. A nice thing to see from a Lions running back.



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