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Week 3-Detroit(+9.5) at Minnesota

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    Backus has actually been pretty good again this year. A lot of people overreacted to the sack he gave up to Peppers. That was the only sack he' given up through three games. He looked real solid against Philadelphia and pretty much shut down Jared Allen yesterday. I'm still pissed because he got Stafford hurt, but I have to give him credit for playing well overall. We'll see how he does against Clay Matthews next week.


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      I would just use the Green Bay game as a week to rest our best guys. Rest Suh, KVB, Delmas, Levy, Calvin, Sims, and Backus. Don't play Jahvid Best either.


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        Originally posted by WMD View Post
        I hated this game. The play calling was so bad.. Bad tackling.. Every time we had a good gain on offense, it was called back because of Holding, and every time we defended a pass it was Pass Interference. Our defense just sucks, CC Brown sucks and Jonathan Wade sucks, and we have no dang-darn-diddly-darn-dang-ding-dong-diddly-darned linebackers.

        The whole game was actually really boring and frustrating, and I couldn't wait for it to end. It reminded me of the Harrington Era where you could just tell early on that it was gonna be a long, hopeless game. Hopefully Stafford and Best are ready soon..
        I agree with you on this, this game was just painful to watch.

        I'm starting to get tired of this team coming out like gangbusters in the first quarter, and then self destruct at the end of the half. Three straight weeks now, just frustrates me.

        The play calling by Linehan, and Schwartz was atrocious. I understand Best was out and it screwed with our offense, but how in the hell can you justify a two minute drill with decent field position, and not go for a touchdown? That makes no sense to me, its a 17-10 game, and you decide to play for a FG. Last time I checked that means your still down by four. So you still need a TD to even take the lead. So here is good idea, throw in the endzone twice and maybe you could actually tie the game going into the second half? If that failed at least you would have some time left to hit a field goal, instead of just letting time run off

        My problem is that they called just for the three points. What message does that give the players? Your not good to pick up those 20 yards for the touchdown? Yeah Shaun has thrown a couple picks, but if your worried about that why in the hell did you dress and start them? Then at the press conference on Monday was a joke. Schwartz said he wouldn't do it differently if he had the shot, he still would of went for three.

        To me this is Jim Schwartz's signature moment has head coach for the Detroit Lions. To me honestly that press conference had writing on the walls for him. He really reminded me of Rod, and Mooch. and Marty on their last days getting ready for their executions. Now I'm starting to doubt Schwartz, and to me the guards just opened up the cell door, and they're walking him to the blocks.

        Reasons why

        Missing Tackles
        Seriously, players should know this, but if they keep missing tackles non stop, take the whole entire f*cking week and just tackle dummies. Not very productive, but they might actually take a player down once in awhile

        Taking Penalties
        Take another week and show the players the right way, There is no reason to give so many yards on Penalties. Specially if your a bad team, they'll destroy you. Each and every week you see the yellow hankie coming out on every other play.

        Play Calling
        Defensibly I cant say anything to bad on that, the back seven lets admit they are below average and you can really say one way or another. Front four has done good, and really one of the only bright spots on this team. Offensively I have to say I have been somewhat un-impressed with it. Running game is better because of Best, but passing what are they doing? Are they forgetting we have a 6'5" receiver out there? Throw it up and let him get it, Calvin getting the ball three-five times a game isn't going to cut it at all, if that's all their willing to give, trade him then and get proper pieces. Extreme, I know, I love Megatron, and hope they keep him but you got to starting throwing the ball to him.

        2-17-0 Record
        Last year we are bad, but lets face it the NFL is about the win/loss column. There is no way a coach would keep his job with this type of record. Talent isn't there yet, but somebody needs to be responsible for it. I'm tired of this team being below average, and they just keep feeding us below average expectations.
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          I for one think we should just stick with Schwartz. yes there have been errors but it's hardly his FAULT that the lions are losing so much. As far as I'm concerned he's brought the lions back to a place where they can dissapoint, and I attribute it to the drafting done by him and mayhew.

          aside from missing Oher, they've been doing a great job essentially rebuilding from scratch a franchise. This is no time to break that curve because our bad team is losing.

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            Yeah Schwartz will get an extra year besides the typical Lions 3 year stint for coaches. Schwartz gets 4 years to prove something with the Millen mess he inherited.

            We'll see what coordinators are available but Stafford isn't even playing now. I need to see the offense improve with Stafford before we think about losing Linehan. Gunther is a crazy old man but Schwartz and him are on the same page. The back 7 is just too awful to really judge his capabilities IMO. We're getting pressure and turnovers at least. Baby steps.



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