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Week 9 - Jets @ Lions (+4)

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  • Week 9 - Jets @ Lions (+4)

    This is going to be a good one. Discuss the game and make a prediction.

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    well i think this jets defense could pose a big issue to us. Cromartie and Revis have the ability to play Calvin very tough and the other one will easily shut down burleson.

    Im expecting them to put cromartie on CJ a lot like they did with Moss.

    I'm hoping our TE's step up big here because this is there chance for a big game from both of them


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      I agree that Pettigrew and Scheffler will need to step up for this game. Shaun Hill seemed to be more in sync with the TEs than Stafford. Calvin has a tough match up against Cromartie and Revis this week. Suh vs. Mangold will be something to keep an eye on.


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        I think the game will be won in the trenches and behind the running games. Our D-line against an exceptional Jets O-line will likely be the difference maker.

        Stafford should be able to put up better numbers than Sanchez, who is due to have a disaster of a game imo, considering he's been on the brink of having one several times already this season.

        Jets 24 - Lions 17

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          Limiting the Jets running game somewhat unlike Giants/Vikings/Eagles

          Our Dline still getting pressure despite the Jets good Oline

          Tight Ends and Best's receiving numbers being high

          Sanchez picks

          We need all those things to go in our favor for an upset win.


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            Im surprised vegas only has the line at 4 points. I would of thought it was a few points higher then that.


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              I think the Jets can absolutely tear us apart, but we do have a chance.

              Cro and Revis can both take away calvin and burleson, which should almost kill our offense. we need best to take over and have a 200 yard from scrimmage day.

              on defense...we need sanchez to screw up. let our d line get pressure on him and hit him every chance we have. lets hope holmes and braylon don't have breakout games this week...or LT and Greene....please screw this up sanchez

              24-17 Jets
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                We gotta play around with matchups and find ways to get Nate the ball without being 1 on 1 with Cro. If we can it could make a big difference. Calvin is gonna get his catches regardless. If we could win this one.. I'd start believing.


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                  Screen passes are going to be rough as well. David Harris has always been a beast at sniffing those out. This is going to be a tough game to get anything going offensively.

                  Defensively, I do think we have a shot to get some things done, I just don't think it will be enough.

                  Jets 20-Lions 10

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                    The lions have been good at covering the spread this year

                    Jets 17
                    Lions 16


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                      Just a side note.
                      Suh won NFC defensive rookie of the month (Best won last month) and Stefan Logan won special teams player of the month.


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                        Well I'm terrified of this weeks match up, mostly because Stafford could take an absolute beating in this game. With that being said, we clearly have the big play ability to take advantage of their aggressiveness. On the other side of the ball our defense should be able to contain the Jets offense so barring some poorly timed turnovers it should be a close game. (and now a one sided score)



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                          I think having Stafford back will be a big help since it really seemed like he finally was able to shake the rust off in the second half last week. The thing that concerns me with the Jets is how much they will be able to run on us. Our pass rush is good but I can't say the same about our run defense. I think we come out on top due to homefield advantage and I think Calvin will be able to overpower Revis.

                          Lions 21
                          Jets 17
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                            I hope Megatron has a big game. I don't think he coverable (word?)
                            Plus, i read Revis talking a little smack about CJs nickname.
                            Revis talks a lot for a guy that hasn't done much this year.
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                              SMH, Lions gave the game to the jets. This one goes on coaching right here.



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