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    Originally posted by SRogers92 View Post
    These are two things that really piss me off about Lions fans(IE blaming these all on Schwartz)...

    1) Schwartz has said numerous times, he told Stanton to "eat it" meaning take the sack if the pass isn't there ... that play is all on Stanton and him trying to do something that didn't need to be done ... hindsight is 20/20, but -- I see nothing wrong with the play, just the execution ...

    2) How many times has this OL false started, held, illegal shift, or the defensive line jumped offsides? What can he do about that? These are the most basic things in football - things these guys have been doing since Pee-wee ball, even the announcers are amazed at how often these guys keep doing the same stupid things, what else can he do about that? Cut them?

    Either way -- barring some sort of epic collapse next season, he has all of next year and probably the year after.
    I'm not blaming it all on Schwartz, but let's take Peterman as a case in point: The number of penalties he has taken this year should have warranted at least a benching by now. It's been ridiculous. Schwartz does have to get his point of discipline across to some of the players somehow. The Lions being the second most penalized team in the league, especially considering how many of the penalties have been pre-snap, has a lot to do with discipline. I don't buy into the argument that the coaching staff has no accountibility with those. Just my opinion.

    Again, I am a fan of Schwartz, but the team has been beating itself in many respects and that has to change.

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      isn't jamaal brown a FA this year?

      I'd like them to trade for a proven LT. at this point i dont believe putting a rookie at LT is smart. Stafford has to beas protected as possible and having a rookie go up against peppers or allen is a dangerous bet on our part.


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        You guys are really 2 good drafts away from having a solid young team. This year you guys should go CB or DE and next year LT and I can see some big things happening for you guys

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          I would fire him at the end of the season. I don't see enough improvement.


          Matt Millen


          In all honesty I think we compete for a playoff spot next year if Stafford can give us 12+ games.


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            Bill Parcells


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              heck why not billicheck?


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                Originally posted by tonykart View Post
                Bill Parcells
                For a while I thought he might be Chicago bound, but if the Bears keep winning like they have lately then I think the same crappy management will stick around.


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                  he gets his final two years.

                  he gets the full year next year, unless we have an epic failure and only win 1 game with the entire team laying down.

                  the year after next is the year where he should be coaching for his job.
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                    Yeah Schwartz will get at least next year and a 4th barring a disaster year 3. These next 6 games are huge for how the fans feel about him though. Can we get 2 more wins please(division wins)?

                    I want to stop this road losing badly though. at Tampa and at Miami are not looking good for that though.


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                      i want to beat tampa badly to shut them up and put them in their place. josh freeman can't wash matt stafford's car.(or do something with his jock)
                      SCA Prowler is my Xbox Live Gamertag
                      Fire Caldwell!!!

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                        Originally posted by Prowler View Post
                        i want to beat tampa badly to shut them up and put them in their place. josh freeman can't wash matt stafford's car.(or do something with his jock)
                        Yeah Tampa being 7-3 just boggles my mind. But good for them.

                        Serioulsy 22nd Pass O(Detroit 6th), 12th rush O(Det 31st), 29th rush D(Det 26th), 6th pass D(Det suprisingly 13th).

                        Sacks Detroit 27 TB 14(including 6 sack game vs San Fran)
                        Sacks allowed Detroit 18, Tampa Bay 20

                        Turnover margin plus 7 Tampa, plus 2 Detroit

                        Must be running the ball by Tampa and penalties by Detroit because not much else is different. Detroit gets much better pressure and can pass much better, both can't stop the run but Tampa can run the ball.
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                          I'm hoping to see the Lions in Miami the day after Christmas. Oddly enough, I might be back in Michigan that day...


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                            I think you give Schwartz 2 more years after this season. He took over a team that couldn't win a game.

                            Drafted a rookie QB, he gets hurt. They have a good offseason and come this season Stafford gets hurt. Best gets turf toe 5 games in and was completely ineffective since.

                            The defense isn't that good in the back seven. You have to give him a team with some talent in order to gauge him.

                            Give him two more years and if they still don't have a winning record then you look for another coach.



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