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Stafford goes under the knife

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  • Stafford goes under the knife

    Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery and he needs 4 months to recover. He separated his shoulder on November 7th but the Lions waited until now to do it.


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    yeah this should have happened immediatly IMO. i beleieve this was staffords decision tho and it wasnt foregone that he needed surgery but im not positive


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      The answer:

      "After Matt hurt his shoulder in the Jets game, he was examined by both our medical staff and Dr. Andrews," Lions coach Jim Schwartz said in a statement issued by the team on Friday. "There was a consensus at the time to proceed with a rehabilitation program and not to have surgery.

      "Subsequent evaluations toward the end of the season by our staff and Dr. Andrews also confirmed that Matt had been making good progress with his rehab. But after Matt's most recent visit to Dr. Andrews, it was determined by Dr. Andrews that Matt's healing process could be enhanced by undergoing surgery at this time."
      He was re-habbing with the hope to avoid surgery and possibly to play again at the end of the season. It was only on the most recent evaluation that they thought surgery could aid his recovery.


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        Man it is not promising that Detroit's franchise QB has had more visits to Alabama to see Dr. Andrews than has wins in the NFL ...


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          Bummer. I would really like to see the Lions do well consistently. Stafford is so fun to watch when he's healthy.



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