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    If you guys dont draft quinn/russell, who is going to be the lions QB of the future?

    Do you think you would target a guy like kevin kolb or drew stanton in the 2nd/3rd? Or go with orlovsky or mccown? And what would you prefer?

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    Drew Stanton or Trent Edwards will be targets.

    The staff likes Orlovsky, but we don't have any indication that he is in our longterm plans.
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      My guess: Brohm or Brennan.


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        To be honest... I have no clue how the coaches actually feel about McCown/Orlovsky. I've heard things here and there, but I don't know for sure.

        Orlovsky seems to want to play... to start. He made the statement earlier that he'll be the starter this year... which I like. I want a player like that, and would rather have a player that's already on the roster and used to the system... but I have no idea.

        I hope it's Orlovsky.
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