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Interesting "Pride of Detroit" Mock Draft...

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  • Interesting "Pride of Detroit" Mock Draft...

    Pride of Detroit, a Lions blog/diary site, is doing a "2007 SB Nation Mock Draft", and they've selected their 1st round pick. I've wanted Patrick Willis, but the decision they made was... well... OK.

    Draft Status (will update):
    2007 SB Nation Mock Draft - First Round

    1 Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell
    2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (From DET) - Calvin Johnson
    3 Cleveland Browns - Joe Thomas
    4 Detroit Lions (From TB) - Gaines Adams

    The trade with Tampa was our #2 pick for their #4 pick and their late 2nd rounder (last pick)... which wasn't great. I would've asked for another pick (a 4th this year or 3rd next year)... but he explains the trade below:
    Why I Traded Down
    By Sean Yuille ¤ Section: Draft
    Posted on Fri Mar 30, 2007 at 08:27:44 PM EDT

    The Lions went on the clock in the 2007 SB Nation Mock Draft yesterday and it left me to explore many options. The two main roads I could go down were picking a player at #2 or trading down. Trading down was the best of the two options as it brings more possibilities, which is why I ended up doing that, but I'll get to that in a bit.

    At the #2 pick I had it narrowed down to two players. One was wide receiver Calvin Johnson and the other was offensive lineman Joe Thomas. Johnson is probably the most talented player in the entire draft, but he just does not fit Detroit's current situation. Adding Johnson would be great, but the Lions already have a player of that caliber in Roy Williams. Adding another would actually complicate things just as much as it would help them.

    The second choice if I opted to draft a player is the one that has been mentioned most in the majority of mock drafts. Obviously I'm talking about Wisconsin offensive lineman Joe Thomas. Thomas impressed everyone at the combine and really showed that he would be a great choice. However, taking an offensive lineman at the #2 position is just too high for me. Thomas probably is going to be a solid player, but with the #2 pick I didn't feel right drafting him.

    With all of that being said, I ended up trading down with Tampa Bay to move out of the #2 spot like I originally had hoped. I sent the #2 pick of the first round to Buc 'Em in return for the #4 pick of the first round and #32 pick of the second round. Before you go and say that this was an unfair deal, let me explain the reasoning behind this trade.

    Although the deal heavily favors Tampa Bay on paper or in relation to the draft chart, in reality this makes much more sense for Detroit. By trading down to #4 it opens up more possibilities as far as who the Lions will draft. Rather than being stuck to pick either Calvin Johnson, who doesn't at all fill a need, or Joe Thomas, who is only an offensive lineman, I can now explore more possibilities. On top of all that, if this were really the draft, I now don't have to pay #2 money to a player that I really didn't feel comfortable taking in that position.

    By moving down to #4, I have put the Lions in position to still draft a great player, pay less money salary-wise, have the option of choosing from a bigger variety of players, and I get another pick in the second round. Also, that extra second-rounder could be used to orchestrate another trade if that was my desire.

    Leave all the criticisms you want as that's one of the luxuries of this blog for you guys out there, but when it came down to it, this was the most logical decision. Drafting another WR this high in the draft would further add to the Lions' fascination of that position. At the same time, although C.J. is a great talent, he wouldn't fill any of the pressing needs that have to be addressed. Drafting Joe Thomas at #2 would've been the more likely option, but I didn't feel too happy about taking an offensive lineman at that spot. Plus, Detroit did add a few players in the offseason to the OL, which made it easier to trade down. Obviously, Thomas will still be considered, but don't be shocked if I go the route of a player like Gaines Adams or even Patrick Willis.

    We'll just have to see what transpires, but until then, please do leave your responses to this deal in the comments section.
    That leaves us with basically 2 3rd round picks... but also gives us an incredible pass-rushing DE. Adams with Redding and Rogers (and even White)... scary.

    I'll update this with his next picks for the Lions.
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    yea if we can trade down and get willis or adams while adding an extra second and possibly third round pick woud be great it gives us a lt of flexibility to fill a lot of needs with 4 or 5 picks in the first day


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      I could see a trade like this actually happening with TB throwing in their 4th rounder (or a player) to go with their 2B pick.


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        Originally posted by TRJ997 View Post
        I could see a trade like this actually happening with TB throwing in their 4th rounder (or a player) to go with their 2B pick.
        Agreed. We've gotta get more than just a 1st and late second... add a 4th and I'm happy.
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          Originally posted by TacticaLion View Post
          Agreed. We've gotta get more than just a 1st and late second... add a 4th and I'm happy.
          Well I'm not. I don't want Gaines Adams. I just don't. Player with a bust-factor and Millen's rotten luck... not working for me. I'd rather reach for Willis than take Adams.
          Besides, DE class is deep, and Willis is the only elite talent in the MLB pool. We could pick up a DE in round two and have a guy who could go round one in another year.

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            Only getting the second round #32 pick for us to move down to #4 is not enough, not just by the trade value chart but by any rationale. I understand that the value chart is different for every team, but that trade would net a difference of somewhere around 325 pts which is a 2nd rounder in the mid 20s. As John Clayton and other reputable analysts have stated "teams trade up not down," in other words the chart is used so the team with the higher pick gets a package that is usually worth the same or more than their original selection. If Detroit only got #64 overall in return it is because they begged Tampa to make a deal and allowed the Bucs to make us pick up the soap, so to speak. The only positive from this deal, other than potentially drafting a higher need player, is that the backlash from this deal would be so great that Ford might finally fire Millen, which won't happen but we can always hope.


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              while the #32 pick is ok, i would be looking at a 3rd rounder thrown in, and to me, that is only AFTER we drop to #3 with the Browns, so they can have their Quinn love fulfilled.

              Raiders take Russell
              Browns move up to take Quinn
              Bucs move up to take CJ
              we take Thomas/adams or reach for willis (my choice)

              2nd round
              detroit 2nd, 3rd, 4th (Houston, Revis, Abiamiri)



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