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    Originally posted by Maybe Next Year Millen2 View Post
    As the only Pittsburgh Penguin fan on the Detroit Lions forum who kept my mouth shut for a year.....

    I would just like to say. We are the Champions. We Are the Champions. No time for Hossa because We are the Champions of the World.

    Wings are a great team, you had us last year but we Win in Detroit. Wow let's go Pens. Just Wow.
    lol, almost the only one. my mom grew up just outside of pittsburgh, and i spent 20 years being a pens fan before moving here and adopting the red wings. i was very little, but my parents took me to see a game when the pens were playing the north stars for their first championship. so you're not alone. it was a very conflicting series for me, especially since Detroit represents me now. hopefully they play each other again for next year's cup.
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      Why do so many Pens fans really care about the whole Hossa thing? He was only on your team for a few months anyways. It's not like he had been there for 5 years.



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