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  • Draft Scoop from Adam Schefter

    I heard it on the radio today, that if the raiders pass on Calvin Johnson, the lions will pick him at 2 with the intent of trading him.

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    Sounds about right...and if there are no takers we end up with a freak of a WR.

    Win-Win situation
    Cheers to Michigan winters...


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      Originally posted by JPLUFF View Post
      Sounds about right...and if there are no takers we end up with a freak of a WR.

      Win-Win situation
      I dont know if I jump to win-win.........if we draft CJ and he starts getting all the attention, do you think Roy Williams is going to be happy? To be honest, I would rather have a happy Roy Williams and Joe Thomas than an unhappy Roy Williams and CJ.....remember, there is only one football on the field at a time.

      On the other hand, Roy Williams might be pumped to get CJ to take coverage away....who knows?


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        roy has said that they should take CJ so i doubt he gets mad


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          Ya I hope thats how it plays out, unless we can pull off a big trade before hand id like this situation


          "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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            If he's right and we draft Johnson, it just means Martz has more influence with Millen than Marinelli and I'm not sure that bodes well for next year. I could see a QB for the offense because that position is just too important to ignore but I believe a WR can wait as we need to continue the process of building our defense before drafting a position that won't significantly improve the overall team. However, it is classic Millenism and I don't find it too far fetched from a GM who simply doesn't understand how to build a winner.
            And proud of it!!!


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              that doesn mean that at all if there was a defensive player actually worthy on the #2 pick them im sure that player would be a lock to detroit but the top 5 players in this draft just happen to be offensive players. At #2 u look for a future pro bowler and CJ is just that you dont want to take a player of less caliber out of need at #2. CJ would do more for our offense than any player we take at #2 for our defense so if we get stuck at #2 Cj would eb a fine pick. BUt millen is going to try as hard as he can to move down and get a defensive player


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                If we take him, I do NOT want to trade him.
                "If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried."


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                  I would still rather trade down, just to make sure were not stuck with him, not that it would be a bad thing.


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                    if we took Thomas, where do Foster/backus end up? with our recent OG, OT pickups, and current starting OL?

                    if we take CJ, then our Defense is still in shambles

                    if we take DE/MLB then we still have our current 3 WR (2 of which did awesome last year) and our current 5 OL (that we just filled out, with woody being healthy and in the right frame of mind of course.)

                    what if we take Peterson? maybe because of KJ being in worse shape than anyone is talking about?

                    what if the trade for McCown to the raiders, includes MW? hes not around, its possible.



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