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tampa leapfrogs us in the draft???

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  • tampa leapfrogs us in the draft???

    sounds like Al davis likes CJ and if stays at one could take him. If tampa wants him theyd have to switch with oak and tampa takes Calvin. If this happens this could reallllllly screw up our trading down possibilities. Besides cleveland i don't see anyone else really wanting jamarcus russelll where everyyone wants CJ. I really hope the raiders take Jamarcus and then we do this trade with Tampa Bay.

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    If Oakland still wants Russell badly enough, maybe Millen can pull off a trade with Al Davis. Oakland gives up most of what they gained from the Bucs in order to trade back up to #2 -- maybe they keep the #64 pick -- and still get JaMarcus; the Lions still get their trade-down for an additional second and third round pick.


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      i posted this already



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