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  • Bad news?????

    For those of you not familiar, Greshmahg works for the communications dept. and he has some inside info.....not gonna be happy when you read this

    For Oakland, at least, it's Russell. This coming straight from Metz's mouth.

    Eric isn't known for always being real...honest...but I don't really see any reason for him to lie about this particular thing, since Russell is going to be a top pick regardless of what he says. The Lions won't have any extra time to negotiate a deal for a trade of picks because there is (to paraphrase) "no way a deal will get done by tomorrow unless the hand of god writes up a contract"
    What I know now is pretty much what I'm going to know. Teams don't have to report contacts again until next Wednesday because of the draft, and I can't exactly start calling up Lewand or Dominik or Crews or the like and start asking them to "spill". They wouldn't tell me at this point, anyways.

    It's just a gut feeling I have. All it took was a call to Russell's agent to find out he was going to be no. 1. I'm sure the Lions called to confirm on their own today, as have other teams.
    So if everybody knows who's no. 1 now (barring a hugely unlikely lie)...Detroit should have already pulled the trigger on one of the other deals at least in principle. The fact that they haven't indicates that they aren't happy with what they're getting offered so far or else are going to try and play the waiting game. Since they're already being offered premium prices, the market isn't likely to go up any further, meaning the best case scenario is for it to stay stable.
    and later....
    So to tie it all together

    Falcons McKay insinuates price is too high to move up (disregard the beat writer who contorted that into "we don't want to move up")
    2) Bucs offer 3 picks in the top 40-ish, Lions ask for more. All of a sudden Tampa starts trying to pawn off players on Detroit because the cost got too high
    3) Atlanta walks away from trade talks, possibly as a negotiating tactic.
    4) Millen (apparently) goes on record saying he's taking CJ and unless he's blown away he's gonna keep him cause he's just that damn good

    Note the chain of effects see 2 teams bidding like mad to get to no. 2 overall (and keep their division rival AWAY from no. 2 overall) who start working essentially in conjunction to drive the price down because Matt became unreasonable...and the counter-retort of "Well, we're just gonna take him and keep him" from Millen.

    It all seems like posturing to me, but then again, Matt just tends to rub people the wrong way in transaction discussions. Normally I'd say this will ultimately lead to someone blinking and a deal getting made, but knowing Matt the way I do, I could totally see him keeping his word and just not answering the phone just to prove a point that nobody is going to dicate to him what he will and will not take, or to insinuate that they somehow know more about what a pick is worth than he does.
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    I think that if nothing changes, TB gets their wish and gets CJ with a trade, with possibly adding in a 4/5th rounder to Push Millen over the edge.


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      I'd be thrilled if we kept CJ. that would almost mean MOONING the league.

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