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Trouble for Shaun Rogers?

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  • Trouble for Shaun Rogers?

    I received a phone call from a source from the Detroit Police Department that I trust.

    If his story is true then it appears as if Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers is in deep trouble and it is all going to come out Monday. Rogers was interviewed Saturday at Ford Field for an incident in a strip club where he was reportedly carrying a gun and touched a stripper in a club called The Players Den on Detroit's west side.

    A warrant to the Wayne County Prosecutors Office will be submitted Monday.

    Rogers did not talk much to officers but folks at The Players Den had plenty to say.

    He never pulled his gun but he let it be known he was packing my source said. He had been drinking and acted like he owned the place, witnesses said.

    Now all of this happened Friday night and early Saturday morning, just a few hours after Rogers and the Lions practiced in front of high school players on Detroit's west side.

    This is very disappointing because the Lions have been telling everybody that Rogers is different. He was going to be a more dominate player and more responsible. I tried to believe in him.

    There are a few more details that I will keep to myself for now. But if they are true then Rogers' career with the Lions could be over and he could even spend time in jail.

    But here is the draw back. The fear is that Rogers and his attorney are going to pay off the stripper to silence her. She did file a statement but will she stick with it by Monday?

    Stay tuned. This is a story that will brew for a while.

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    I'll wait until the FACTS come out


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      I don't trust Rogers, but I don't trust strippers either.

      Rogers won't be cut because of the cap, but hopefully he doesn't end up with a suspension. If he deserves one then he will get probably get a 4-8 game suspension if it is a bad enough sexual assault while carrying a weapon. Most likely groping by Rogers. Most likely he didn't have a permit for the weapon which will lead to more problems. Stupid drunk fat guys who can't get laid on their own. If Pacman and Rogers were better looking all these problems might be avoided with strippers.
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        props to Eaglez. Fan on the sig


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          Roger Goodell is going to wind up banning NFL players from attending Strip Clubs.


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            Damn him!!!!!!



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