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Predict the packers win/loss record for 2007

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  • Predict the packers win/loss record for 2007

    Now that its less than a week from the season opener and the roster is mostly set, I was thinking its a good time for us to go on record and make a prediction on how many games the packers will win.


    By the start of the second game of the season I will come back to this thread and make an organized list of everyones name and there prediction. Then we can come back at the end of the season and see how it turned out.

    I will start.
    I see a lot of potential in the future for the pack with there growing defense, but I can only see 7 wins this year do to an inconsistent offense. The tight end position might not be as bad as I initially thought, but it seems running back/full back will be a problem this year. Also, its early but it appears that I was wrong about the strength of the packers receiving group. Im becomming more and more impressed.

    Packers 7-9

    4 wins,(1) Sportsfan486
    7 wins,(2) football Fan-Twiddler
    8 wins,(2) trkaline-Smokey
    9 wins,(6) jackalope-GB12-princefielder28-neko4-The Legend-mqtirishfan
    10 wins,(2) wiscbadgerfootball-Pack Attack 4
    11 wins,(1) JF4

    I cant put the others on the list until they settle on the exact number. I know its a tough call(a bad bounce or a turn over can change the whole season like last year), but for the fun of it go with a hunch or something, using a wide range like 7-9 wins is to easy(especially for a team that was 8-8 last year). I mean its ok to put a general range like that in your post, but then follow up by picking 1 number to make it more challenging.
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    10-6.. I'm optimistic

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      I think 9-7 is reasonable.

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        Man with this team I really could see anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6. I think this is a very interesting team. If they cant get anything going in the running game it will change the passing game from what we saw in the preseason. even barring major injuries this team can go anywhere in that range. Having said that I think somewhere in the 8-8, 9-7 range. I know its kinda ridin the fence but I think thats where they'll be.


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          We already had a thread like this, but since that was 2 months ago before training camp even things have changed.

          Sun 9/9 Philadelphia L, 17-21
          Sun 9/16 at NY Giants W, 21-7
          Sun 9/23 San Diego L, 10-31
          Sun 9/30 at Minnesota W, 24-13
          Sun 10/7 Chicago L, 7-20
          Sun 10/14 Washington W, 13-3
          Mon 10/29 at Denver L, 7-21
          Sun 11/4 at Kansas City W, 17-7
          Sun 11/11 Minnesota W, 7-3
          Sun 11/18 Carolina W, 21-14
          Thu 11/22 at Detroit L, 10-14
          Thu 11/29 at Dallas L, 13-17
          Sun 12/9 Oakland W, 16-3
          Sun 12/16 at St. Louis L, 21-35
          Sun 12/23 at Chicago W, 21-14
          Sun 12/30 Detroit W, 17-7

          Record: 9-7

          Offensive MVP: Donald Driver

          Defensive MVP: Aaron Kampman

          Offensive ROY: James Jones

          Defensive ROY: Justin Harrell

          Offensive breakout player of the year: Vernand Morency

          Defensive breakout player of the year: Atari Bigby

          Offensive most improved player: Uhh, Greg Jennings

          Defensive most improved player: Cullen Jenkins

          Comeback player of the year: Bubba Franks


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            I'll give em 8-8 to be fair...


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              I'm gonna say Desmond Bishop gets the team DROY

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                Originally posted by wiscbadgerfootball View Post
                I'm gonna say Desmond Bishop gets the team DROY
                I really can't see him getting on the field much at all.


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                  Originally posted by GB12 View Post
                  I really can't see him getting on the field much at all.
                  eh I just wanted to be different and go out on a limb

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                    This defense will win us alot of games and when the offense start to click together we will be an excellent team.


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                      I think this D has a really good chance of dominating this year.


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                        I'll say 9-7

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                          I'll say 8-8 and they squeak into the playoffs in a weak NFC


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                            Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                            I'll say 9-7
                            that what i said before the draft , after the draft, before preseason, and that what i say before week one


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                              9-7, i think we do poor the first 8 weeks (maybe 3-5) then go 6-2

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