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    Hey guys, Bengals fan here (as if you couldn't tell).

    What are your thoughts on the rookie James Jones?
    Give me your honest assesment of him.

    I'm considering picking him off WW in exchange for Demetrius Williams.

    Do you think he has a chance to make an impact/contribution to the team this year, and if so, how big?
    Doesn't matter if it is all fat, if he can move better covered in fat, more power to him. SAINTS-TIGERS


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    Great instincts. Strong, especially in the upper body, arms and hands. Seemed to have developed chemistry with Favre. Very fluid and natural on the field. Seems to catch everything and will win most battles with CBs. Plays faster than he times.

    Has average timed speed and size. Has had much success in camp and preseason but hasn't played in a game yet.

    Potential impact:
    Has learned Driver's position. This means that 2 WR sets with have Driver/Jennings and 3 WR sets will have Jones/Jennings split with Driver in the slot. Contrary to popular belief, there is almost no chance he takes Jennings role in the offense because he hasn't begun to learn his position. If Driver gets hurt, Jones could step in and be a big time player, and Driver is nicked up right now. As long as Driver is healthy, I see Jones being a big threat on 3rd down or against teams with poor pass defenses, as the coaches like to use Driver as a distraction and hit Jones wide open going across the middle.

    So as long as Driver is healthy I see him being a 400/3 guy, but if Driver was out for the season today he would be closer to 1000/8. I wouldn't have him on a FF team unless Driver got hurt or you had a deep league. I think his floor/ceiling are both higher than Williams though.

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      Here's receiver with terrific hands, but on occasion he doesn't run the crisp route that Favre is expecting and he isn't going to out run people. He's worth a look for Fantasy Football though given the Packers poor run defense

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        He's looking really good so far, but as a #3 receiver I don't think he'll get enough opportunities to have on a fantasy team.

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          Originally posted by jackalope View Post
          He's looking really good so far, but as a #3 receiver I don't think he'll get enough opportunities to have on a fantasy team.
          but He would be used more in the Red Zone packages with Martin or Holliday.


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            Definately stick with Williams for now. Who I believe has a good chance to be a breakout player for the Ravens. Jones definately has looked so far like he will be a good player but like others have said he just won't get enough opportunities with Jennings and Driver ahead of him.

            When Jennings came in last year, he was able to be so succesful early because nobody other than Driver was getting a good amount of passes.




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