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    I picked the Pack to win the first 2 games, but I'm not too excited about facing the Chargers. Unfortunatley I think this will be our first loss, but I do think we will put up a good fight.


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      I'm going into this game thinking we're going to win it. Why watch a game thinking you'll lose? It just takes all the fun, all the emotion, out of it.

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        This is definitely gonna be a hard game to win. If we loose, it will obviously be a disappointment, but a 2-1 start is still pretty good. If we win, it'll be huge.

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          Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
          The fact that it's in Lambeau will help, but I don't see how you guys win this game. Your offense is completely one dimensional and they'll be able to tee off on Favre with blitzes and what not. Still though, 2-1 would be a great start considering the competition.
          I think it's possible for us to win, however I'm expecting to get beat by at least two scores. Really though no NFC team can matchup with the Chargers. Obviously you don't want to be ok with any loss, but you can't feel too bad if we drop one here.


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            That's my thoughts about the game. Our RB's still don't pick up the blitz well, so I can just see Favre running for his life out there. I just hope we can put up more points than the Bears did...3 that is.


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              It should be a pretty good game considering how badly we played against the Patriots. I think that teams have pretty much figured us out for the most part. Stop LT and you will always have a chance.

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                I think it will be a great game, this defense is gonna get the test of the season, but I think the pack can pull it out. However, the need to run block better, there were to many times today that Giants were in the Backfield at the snap of the ball, that is unacceptable.

                I really like this D-line, Barnett and Hawk are all over the field, Harris didn't have a good game today, they need to get him to keep his hands off of people.

                I'm excited to see if the we are as good as advertised so far.
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                  This is going to be a defensive battle. The pack have the front 7 to contain LT. The key is going to be to contain Gates. NE contained Gates, Chicago didn't. I know doing both is extremely hard...but if this is done SD is in a world of hurt offensively.

                  On the other side of the spectrum. Farve needs to limit his mistakes. The running game will likely be non-apparent. So look for Farve to be around 40-50 attempts win or lose. Farve is going to go deep 5-10 times this game. If they get a couple of deep plays and make SD play from behind it would really be a help.

                  I have this game being 10-17 SD. But it could easily go the other way if Gates is a none-factor.


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                    It'll be interesting to see what both teams take away from the Patriots game and the Giants game. Packers don't have Moss (which they could have), but I think the Chargers are vulnerable at DT with Jamal Williams and his one-arm in the middle. Maybe he'll get some steroids from Luis Castillo to get better quickly... The short passing game the Packers used on the Giants could be highly effective against the Bolts, especially if there is a lot of blitzing. The pass pro needs to hold up and I'm worried Clifton went out. Wynn looked great on two plays and was not a factor on 8 others. Jackson is not a factor. Ryan Grant looked good on his screen pass. I like dthe TEs involved heavily in the passing game.

                    If the Packers defense can move Rivers around like the Pats did, he looked very ordinary. I am hoping Barnet and Hawk can keep up with Gates, with help from Collins. I am worried about Poppinga and Gates getting matched up.

                    The Special Teams looks a lot better than last year's. Tramon Williams is #2 in the NFC in return average. Woodson looks like he did last year returning punts, which makes me hunger for a healthy Blackmon to get back there and actually do something other than fair catch the ball. The punting hasn't impressed me, but the coverage has been very good. Crosby 3/4, but the ball just seems to fly off his foot, and Rayner hit the ball pretty hard. Sign Tracy White to a longer term deal! It's a nice feeling having a guy with a nose for the ball in there converting big hits into turnovers.

                    Not sure about the outcome. But I like Mike McCarthy more than Norv Turner. Based on that one aspect only, I give the Packers a 4 point victory over the Chargers, 21-17.
                    If you actually add players to the equation, well, I'm a Packers fan so I'll just keep that score.
                    The pain fades and the good memories will remain.


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                      Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                      Your offense is completely one dimensional.
                      Hey now, # 4 won himself a MVP with a one dimensional offense 12 years ago, why can't he do it again?
                      Anyone else get the feeling this team is going to go early 90s holmgrenesk and set up the run with the pass? It's the only hope the packers have at this point to establish any type of run game.

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                        Are Morency, Spitz, and Jennings expected to return this week?
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                          Originally posted by jackalope View Post
                          Are Morency, Spitz, and Jennings expected to return this week?
                          Too early to tell. I think Jennings will be back, but I dont know the status of Morency and Spitz yet.


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                            The key play in this next week will be the screen pass; if we can take advantage of San Diego's aggression and get them over-pursuing on Favre then the screen pass will work beautifully. Based off of last night if you make Rivers make a decision quick with blitzes and clear passing downs then you're doing yourself a favor.

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                              everyone knows now that we are going to get an a$$ whopping, the Chargers are pissed off after the lost vs the Pats.


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                                Their wide outs are really no match for our corners. I was on the the Vincent Jackson bandwagon a little but he looks like the same guy he's always been, where is the breakout year? I'm also getting the "looks like Tarzan plays like Jane" thing with him.

                                Defensively we need to double Gates as much as possible. This would be a lot harder if we didn't have two top notch corners. It creates a situation where in this week's matchup, you can count on them almost always to be fine on their wide receivers and you can take your weakest linebacker and safety and put them on the TE. Allow Collins to play center field like he's been doing and let your free LB's focus on the backs and blitzing in passing situations.

                                If I were Bob Sanders I'd try Bigby over the top of Gates with Poppinga underneath. If that's exploited you just move up the ladder of quality, the reason to start this way is if it works, it lets two of the best play makers, Hawk and Barnett focus on LT and other responsibilities.

                                After an almost flawless season for a young QB last year with Philip Rivers we've seen bad decision making this season. Throw exotic blitzes at him and let it all hang out. You cannot be conservative with them all the time. They can't score points if their offense isn't on the field right? So force turnovers.

                                If Jamal Williams plays and is the normal him then we really have almost no chance. If he does we would have to have a TD on special teams or defense or both to win.

                                Expect more of the same passing/rushing ratio on offense due to this week's matchup. Quick passing, we need quick efficient passing like we had in the 2nd half of the Giants game to stop the Chargers outside pass rush. Hell, if for some reason there's a protection breakdown and an RB is forced to try to block Phillips or especially Merriman by themselves we each better hope Favre gets up okay. The quick efficient passing is always looked at as a running game of sorts, in that if you pass for several short gains with a high percentage of completion it's like running the ball for 4 or 5 yards.

                                This the type of game where our mistakes need to be as tiny as possible because a team with as much talent as the Chargers is not to be played with, especially after a frustrating loss against the Patriots.
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