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    A win's a win and it was a good one, but I need to see a little more to know we got it.


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      Grades and analysis
      QB- A+ Favre played another great game

      RB- C Things could get better with Morency, but not yet. Grant and Morency made a few good plays recieving, but that was it.

      WR- B+ The recievers did their job.

      TE- B+ Donald Lee played great IMO and Bubba almost caught a tough pass.

      OL- B Same story the last 4 weeks in a row. Good pass. Bad run

      DL- B+ Great pass rush, but the run could have been better. There was good penetration, but we allowed AD to cutback too much.

      LB- D I thought they played terrible. Especially Brady and AJ.

      DB- B- Outside of Bush, play was solid. We got lucky that we didnt lose Al, Atari and Collins in one night.

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        Im looking forward to the packer-bears next week. I hope all those bears defensive players are still out, though I would be curious to see how the 2 teams match up when healthy. Its starting to look like the division match up to see will be packers-lions. The pack would stick a fork in the bears season with a win next week and it would be nice to have them out of the way pretty much for good this year. Then it would be on to the lions. One game at a time though. Im sure next weeks game will be tough enough.
        8 IN A ROW EVEYBODY....EXCELLENT. Theres no fluke with that.
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          Originally posted by Twiddler View Post
          Yeah I would agree that Morency should get some more carries next week. But think about it, maybe it was best that he barely got any carries today basing that off the fact that he isn't 100% yet(I'm assuming) and that their stellar run defense would just endanger his near future.

          And that fake punt was amazing, all of the guys that I was watching it with were going nuts during it(including the Vikings fans...).
          Yeah you can definately tell they're trying to ease him back into the lineup.



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            Vikings bitching....

            What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
            they get smoked.

            2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions
            Hint:Not the Bears.



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