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    Good win by the Packers. 5-1 and Chicago lost!

    The defense was nothing short of amazing today, time after time they were put in bad field position and managed to force punts and create turnovers. Lack of turnovers was one of the things that the defense was missing so far this year but they really came through today. Probably the only negative thing you can say about the defense is again the lack of coverage on a good TE. Everybody knew the Chris Cooley was going to get the ball this week but still the Packers couldn't find a way to stop him. They had Woodson on him when he scored the TD and it seemed Woodson wasn't even trying to run with him. We are also a little lucky that the Washington WR's dropped a few balls in some key situations.

    One player that I would really like to point out as going way beyond of what has been expected of him this year is John Jolly. Whether it be batting down balls, making tackles for loss on the RB, or putting pressure up the middle on passing downs he has become a very good and well rounded DT for the Pack.

    The Packers offense is starting to worry me. With a complete lack of a running game we are going to need to be able to create big plays via the pass but it's just not happening (I know Donald Lee caught one but still). I would like to have seen the Packers try to establish the run earlier on in the game like they did against the Bears last week. To me it looked like Brett Favre underthrew a few passes that couldve went for big plays and he was also really underestimating the talent of the Redskins secondary. Sean Taylor should have had 3 or 4 picks that game and not 2. Washington is a very good defense though and alot of credit to the Packers offense being off should be given to Washington. They had good schemes that stopped the things the Packers are best at.



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      HUUUUGE win.
      I remember: Sean Taylor



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        I was hoping Justin Harrell would have looked good with increased playing time.



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