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  • Complete Roster Analysis and Offseason Plan


    Brett Favre – At age 38 he still has it. Proving all the doubters that said he should have retired years ago wrong, he had one of the best years of his career. As always there’s still the question of whether or not he’ll return. I’m more confident about it this year than I have the past three years. He can still play at a high level, he has a good team around him, he still has the desire to get another championship, and he won’t want to end his career on an interception. All signs point to him coming back for an 18th season.

    Aaron Rodgers - He's just itching to get out there, but hasn't been a distraction. He's handled the situation perfectly and with class. There have been discussions about the possibility of him being traded; I don't see it happening, especially not this season. If preseason and the Dallas game are any indication he will be a solid quarterback. He’s not someone that I think will ever be a top 5 QB, but could be better than what most teams have. At this point he’s still unproven until he starts a couple games so we never know, but I hope it’s what we’re expecting.

    Craig Nall - Career backup, but that's all we need him for. Has a strong arm and knows the offense. His accuracy is poor, and that’s what’s keeping him from being anything more. I wouldn't mind having him be the Doug Peterson to Aaron Rodgers. He is by no means guaranteed a roster space though.

    Overall - We have one of the best QB positions in the NFL. A top 5 starter and a young capable back up. There is nothing to worry about here, and nothing that needs to be changed. No matter what Favre does we won’t be looking for a new starter for at least 2 years, hopefully a lot more.


    Ryant Grant - Has solidified himself as the starting runningback of the Green Bay Packers. He fits the scheme perfectly and could really be a top level runner in the league. He has the vision and will hit the whole as soon as it opens up. For a ZBS runningback you look for a guy that doesn’t dance around in the backfield and runs where the play is designed to go. He doesn’t need much of an opening to get through, but give him enough and he’ll make the most out of it. Once he breaks through his open field skills are impressive. An amazing pick up and a steal at only a 6th round pick. He solved a once enormous weakness in the first game he got significant carries. Without him we would have been forced to pick a RB in the first round of the draft, now it’s an option to pick one at all.

    Brandon Jackson - Was terrible at the beginning of the season. I almost never jump to conclusions on players, but I was ready to label him a bust after week 3. He was constantly stuffed at the line of scrimmage and would go down as soon as he was contacted. The past 3 games has been a different story. He's been looking like the player he was drafted to be. Completely new approach from the beginning of the season. His pass protection, vision, and effort have greatly improved. He's playing a lot harder now. He's giving the second effort and even busting tackles. If he can carry this over to next season his playing time will increase.

    Vernand Morency - Like Jackson he started out his season very slow. Was never expected to be a star, but he showed some promise in the time he saw last season. He proved that he isn't anything more than a change of pace and 3rd down back. He has done a good job at that though. However, with the improved play of Jackson he may be in jeopardy of losing his job now.

    DeShawn Wynn - I didn't like this guy throughout the offseason and didn't even expect him to make the roster. Infact had Noah Herron not been injured he probably wouldn't have. He was our most effective runner in the season until he got injured. Will never be able to carry the load and is best at about ten carries. I like his running style and he could be a nice compliment to Grant. Injuries are a major concern with him.

    Noah Herron - Can be a decent #3 in the league, but it won't be with us. If he wasn't hurt he might have started a game or two for us, but now has virtually no shot at returning. Kind of has similar skillset to Morency and is a very good receiver out of the backfield. He signed a one year deal during the season, but I don’t think he’ll make the roster. He'll catch on somewhere, maybe Philadelphia.

    Overall - This position is looking a hell of a lot better for next year than it was in week 7. Largely due to Ryan Grant, but Edgar Bennett should be getting a lot of credit. All of these guys have made big improvements as the season went on. Like I said, running back is no longer a first round need and will probably see only current Packers RBs on our roster next year.


    Korey Hall - Hard nosed football player. Moving from linebacker he's not afraid to hit. He has a good feel for where to open up holes and always finds someone to block. He's looked like a natural at fullback since week 1.

    John Kuhn - Pretty much Korey Hall plus 15 pounds, making him a little stronger and a little slower. A good find to pick up off of waivers. Had Hall been a failure at FB, Kuhn would have filled the starting job fine.

    Ryan Powdrell - Has no chance what so ever to make the team next year. Had he not been on IR he would have been cut already.

    Corey White - Doesn't really have a true position. He's caught in the middle of RB and FB. Versatility isn't a bad thing, but it's not going to help him out too much here. Would be better off on a team that runs with their FB. I'm pretty sure we didn't hand it off to Hall all year long. Pittsburgh and Carolina come to mind. I'm expecting him to return to our practice squad for one more year though.

    Overall - We are set at fullback not only for next year, but probably for the next decade. Hall understands the offense very well and is a good fit. If he gets injured Kuhn can step in and we won't miss a beat. Keeping 2 fullbacks is uncommon these days because it's usually a waste of a roster space. The dual fullback set has been so successful that it's worth keeping both active. As an added bonus both Kuhn and Hall are contributors on special teams.

    Tight End

    Donald Lee - Thompson definitely made the right move choosing Lee over Martin. After being a back up his whole career Lee emerged as not only a starter, but a top end TE. He ranked 9th in yards and 6th in TDs by a TE in the NFL. He is an average blocker, but definitely more of a receiver. Was signed to an extension during the season and he will be our #1 TE for a while.

    Bubba Franks - He received a lot of hate and doubt in the offseason, but he actually played pretty well. He played in only 8 games due to injury, but still had more TDs than his previous two years combined. He is bouncing back to his old form. Some want him cut, but I'd rather hang on to him. The main reason people want him cut is because of his high salary. He's making $4 million a year, which is high for a back up TE, but would we use that money elsewhere if we could? Probably not. Also I don't know the exact details of his contract, but the cap penalty would be pretty high. He can still be an effective player, and is dangerous in the redzone. At 6'6" 265 he's a tough player to match up with. That's bigger than most LBs and taller than almost everyone at any position. He'll also have a worse player covering him with Lee drawing the top cover guy. I don't think we gain anything from cutting him so why not keep him.

    Ryan Krause - He was brought in to be our #2 TE while Franks was injured. Didn't see a lot of time as we rarely went dual tight ends since we signed him. He was supposed to be a receiving TE, but only had 2 catches all season (both against Kansas City). He will not be back next year.

    Tory Humphrey - We've been hearing good things about him the past couple years. He was said to have the best hands on the team. He's never shown up though. A long shot to make the team. As a side note, I’ve always thought his first name was Troy.

    Overall - The breakout of Donald Lee has sent TE from a top priority to middle of the list. We are above most teams at this postion. It's the best we've had since Bubba's probowl years, maybe even a little better.

    Wide Receiver

    Donald Driver - He's 32 but that hasn't slowed him down. A probowler this year and our leading receiver. The trust he and Favre have with each other is amazing. They are on the same page every play. A guy like Driver is a nice asset to any team. A star WR that is unselfish and will do anything to win. Only 3 drops the whole year compared to 82 catches. Not afraid to go over the middle and keeps fighting for extra yards after the catch.

    Greg Jennings - Wow. He's going to be a star. We knew he was special after last year, but I didn't think he'd be this good. 920 yards and 12 TDs is great for any WR for a season. He did it while not playing in 3 games. That ranked him 4th in the NFL for TDs (2nd in NFC) and 20th in yards per game (9th). Shares a lot of characteristics with Driver with the threat of breaking a long one. I wrote about the connection between Favre and Driver, but Greg Jennings is taking over as Favre's favorite target. He was kind of the #1 this year already, but will be for sure next year. Here's a shocking statistic:

    Driver's TDs first 2 weeks – 2; Jennings TDs first 2 weeks - 0 (Did not play)
    Driver's TDs since -0; Jennings TDs since - 14

    The future for Jennings is bright. He probably should have made the probowl over Driver this year, but he'll get to Hawaii at least a couple times in his career.

    James Jones - Was considered the biggest reach in the draft. Everyone doubted the pick, especially Packer fans. Well he's proved us all wrong. After being the 13th WR selected in the draft he had the third best rookie year behind only Dwayne Bowe and Calvin Johnson. In fact his numbers are strikingly similar to Greg Jennings rookie year. Now he's probably not going to continue on Greg's pace, but he looks to have what it takes to be a starter once Driver retires. At the worst he's a good 3rd option.

    Ruvell Martin - Has worked his way up from the practice squad to a contributor. He was a physically gifted receiver who needed work on his game. Well he's put in the work and now is a nice red zone threat. At 6-4 he has a height advantage over any corner and he knows how to use it. Last year as the third receiver he did a decent job, but wasn't getting the touchdowns that were expected. This year he was third on the team in TD receptions and all of them came from in the redzone. He is an exclusive rights free agent so he will be back for sure.

    Koren Robinson - He looks to be leaving his problems in the past and is focused on football. Has been a good teammate and hasn’t caused any problems since he arrived in Green Bay. A former probowl kick returner he brings us something we’ve been lacking since we had Allen Rossum back in 2000. As far as a receiver he’s as good as you can get out of a #5. Could be a #3 on some teams. His unselfishness is what’s letting it work. It’s not easy to accept being that far down the depth chart after he was a top ten pick. He’s worth keeping on his return skills alone, but when he does get a chance on offense he makes the most of it. He probably still isn’t back to his football shape, and we could see some big improvements by next season.

    Shaun Bodiford – Has gotten praises from every team he’s been on, but has never really had a chance. He has huge potential and is only 25, but if he’s going to make a name for himself it’ll have to be somewhere else. It does say something about him that even with the deep group of receivers we have the coaches think enough of him to keep him on the 53 man roster. They’d rather use a precious roster spot on him than risk losing him due to not clearing waivers. I don’t think we can afford to keep him next year though.

    Carlyle Holiday – He was our 4th WR last year and 5th at the beginning of this year. He was lost for the year after week 2 against the Giants and that was probably his last game as a Packer. Even had he not been hurt we probably would have cut him to make room for Robinson. He’s always been ahead of Bodiford on the depth chart, but should we decide to keep a 6th receiver he will not be it.

    Chris Francies – A product of our Practice Squad that’s where he’s been the past 2 years. He did make it into a good number of games in 2006, but was never a serious option. I think his practice squad eligibility is up after this season and even if it isn’t there is no use in keeping him.

    Overall – Our deepest and best position group. Having 5 talented receivers is not common in the NFL and we’re lucky to have them. Greg Jennings looks to be a future star while Driver still has a couple years in him. James Jones will hopefully be the other starter when Driver is done. I hope we are able to keep all of our big 5 with us into next year. Spreading teams out can work very well when you have the personnel to execute it. Also each one serves a specific role to the team and get involved. The good attitudes from all of them is great so there isn’t any complaining about who gets the ball.

    Offensive Line

    Chad Clifton – A solid starter since he took the job during his rookie year. At 6-5 320 he has the size to go against any defensive player, but he also has the quick feet to keep up with top pass rushers that he sees playing the left side. Often he will go unnoticed by fans around the NFL, but he’s been named a probowl alternate twice in his career. In the 2002 season he was hit by a cheap shot from Warren Sapp which ended his season. His career looked to have taken a turn for the worse. There was a long period of time following that he couldn’t even walk on his own. Opening day 2003 he was back starting at LT and playing at a high level. In fact since then he had a 65 game consecutive start streak that was ended the last week of this season when McCarthy chose to rest him with nothing on the line.

    Mark Tauscher – He’s not a typical RT in the sense that he’s a better pass blocker than run blocker. He still does both at a high level though. Tauscher doesn’t get the recognition he deserves while being one of the best RTs in the NFL. Last year he didn’t give up a single sack. I had a lot of good things to say about Clifton, but I think it’s Tauscher who’s the best player on our line.

    Scott Wells – I was skeptical of letting Flanagan walk for Wells at first, but he’s actually been an upgrade. He always delivers a good snap and rarely commits penalties. A surprisingly good signal caller and leader of the offensive line. He has been the one constant on our interior line. He often gets overlooked by Packer fans because there’s nothing to complain about with him.

    Daryn Colledge - He is better suited to be a tackle, but was asked to fill a weak spot at guard. He started every game but one last year and 13 this year with most of them coming at LG. He picked up all rookie team honors in a good first season, but has taken a step back this year. His athletic ability allowed him to adjust, but he’s still out of place at guard. His skill set is what you look for in a LT. His pass protection is superb and he’s aware of what’s going on around him. Run blocking was his biggest struggle at guard, but that weakness will be masked at left tackle. I really like him as a tackle, but he’s replaceable at guard.

    Junius Coston – Was drafted as somewhat of a project in the 5th round of the 2005 draft. He showed some of his potential in camp and preseason his first year, but wasn’t close to being ready. 2006 he was supposed to breakout but was a disappointment. Instead of improving he seemed to be regressing. With the addition of Jason Spitz and Daryn Colledge he was battling just to make the roster. This year he’s turned it around and is in prime position to start next year. He got his first start due to an injury, but made the most of it and kept the job until his season ending injury. Unlike guys like Colledge, Barbre, and Moll there’s no question as to what position he should be at. He’s a guard all the way and that could work to his advantage.

    Jason Spitz – Over the past two seasons he has been the most consistent of the guards. There are times that he is overmatched, but generally he holds his own. He had the best season of the guards and is starting to show he could be the answer at right guard. Having a guy like this who can also play center if asked is a nice luxury for a team to have. He stepped up to fill in for Wells and besides a couple shotgun snaps we didn’t miss a beat.

    Tony Moll – Came as a surprise to me. I remember I was listening to the radio in the summer and they said that an interview with new Packers offensive lineman Tony Moll was coming up. I laughed a little because I didn’t know why they were interviewing someone who probably wouldn’t make the team. I mean come on he was a tight end his whole football career until he moved to tackle his senior season, how’s he going to help our line. Boy was I wrong. He came in and started 10 games in his rookie year. He started at both right guard and right tackle, and played well. I like him more as a tackle, and if he’s ever going to be a long time starter for us it’s going to be as Tauscher’s replacement at RT. Since injuring his neck in the preseason he hasn’t been the same player though. Hopefully it’s just taking a while for him to get over it and return to form next year. How he fits into our plans is still uncertain, but a versatile backup seems to be the role.

    Allen Barbre - An outstanding athlete that has all the potential in the world. With a 4.8 40 yard dash he’s one of the fastest offensive lineman in the league. He has all the physical attributes you could want, all he needs to do is grow into them. That’s much easier said than done though. It could be years before he hits his potential, but if he does it’s going to be a huge payoff. Although he played LT his whole career at Missouri Southern State, I like him as a guard. If we could pair him and Colledge on the left side of the line that’d be an ideal situation for the future.

    Orrin Thompson – He joined our practice squad halfway through last season and has been on it until being called up due to the injury to Coston. I don’t know much about him, but he does have good size. That won’t be enough to keep him here next year though.

    Tyson Walter – Set a school record for starts at Ohio State while playing tackle. Since coming to the pros he’s played the interior line but hasn’t started a game since 2005. He’ll be 30 next season and out of Green Bay.

    Tony Palmer – He’s not the best fit for the ZBS, but there’s something about him that interests me. I’m not exactly sure what it is but he’s someone who’d be worth hanging on to as a project. I don’t know if he’s still has eligibility for the practice squad, but if so he’ll be on ours.

    Cameron Stephenson – He was a 5th round pick by the Steelers but couldn’t even make their roster. We picked him up in September and will probably keep him on our practice squad again next year.

    Ryan Keenan – An undrafted guard out of Northwestern. He signed in the first week of January to take Thompson’s spot on the practice squad as a chain reaction from the Coston injury. No chance of being on our team next year.

    Cliff Washburn – Jumped around practice squads and spent some time in Europe. He went to Canada last year and then ended up with us. There’s no reason to keep him around.

    Overall – At tackle we are set for probably 2 years. Then Clifton will start declining. Even then he could be serviceable, but a replacement should be ready. Tauscher should be able to perform at a high level for another 3-4 years. Behind that we have Colledge who will make the switch and probably take Clifton’s spot. Moll is also a candidate to be the right tackle and has shown he can do it, but we’ll look to find someone who can do it better. At center we are set for 8 or so years with Scott Wells. Then you get to the guards which is the questionable position. I’d like to think that out of Coston, Spitz, and Barbre two of them will take a hold of the positions, but we’ll see. I really don’t like the idea of drafting a lineman first day and sure as hell not first round. We have time at tackle, and we have to let the guards develop before we can make a decision there. Some fans like to think that bringing in a first day pick is going to solve our problems like that. It won’t though. They will have to develop just like the guys we already have.

    Defensive End

    Aaron Kampman – Once just a hard worker out of Iowa he’s now one of the best defensive ends in football. He can do it all. Most pass rushers are liabilities against the run, but that might be where he’s best. His high sack totals are what got him recognized around the league, but that’s not all he can do. He can get to the quarterback consistently though. He can use his quickness or just straight bull rush. He was rewarded with a contract extension and kept his production high. He gives full effort on every play and never gives up. Best DE we’ve had in Green Bay since Reggie White.

    Cullen Jenkins – He had a breakout season last year when he became the starter after week 10. That resulted in a 4 year contract extension. That led people to expect him to be a playmaker. Despite starting 15 games he only produced one sack. He previous career low was 3. Now many point to this and say that he’s not living up to the contract, however he still played very well. His presence in the run game is definitely there and a huge upgrade from what we’ve had in the past. KGB took the left end spot on third downs so that’s going to take away some sacks. He showed in the Seattle game that he still has it by sacking Hasselbeck 1.5 times. I feel very good about him holding down the end opposite of Kampman.

    Muhammed-Kabeer Olarewaju Gbaja-Biamila – After being a starter he finds himself right back where he belongs. As a pass rusher he is up there with the best, but no way should he be an every down player. By only playing passing downs he came up just short of double digit sacks with 9.5. Pass rushers like this are valuable to a team, when used the right way. Now he can get back to the right weight and not have to worry about being big enough to keep contain.

    Mike Montgomery – Kampman is durable and rarely needs to come out for a rest. That gives only a couple plays a game for Montgomery. In his time he hasn’t done anything great, but he hasn’t had any costly mistakes. I guess you can’t really ask for more from someone with such a limited role.

    Jason Hunter – I think he’s going to force Montgomery out of a job next year. He’s able to do the same and is a better pass rusher. Besides that Hunter has an important role that will make him more attractive to keep than Montgomery. Special Teams. He’s our wedge buster on kickoffs and I believe he is on every other special teams unit except FGs.

    Overall – Kampman gives us one of the best defensive ends in the game. Cullen Jenkins is an up and coming player who is already playing well. When KGB is added into the mix as a pass rusher that becomes a top end DE position. The only thing that might be addressed here is a successor to KGB, but as a situational pass rusher he could play up to 5 more years.

    Defensive Tackle

    Ryan Pickett – Like most NTs he doesn’t get much recognition at all. He is a key part of our defense and without him it wouldn’t be as effective. He’s been great from day one. He stepped right in, did his job, and earned the money we paid him in free agency. He’s a big run stuffer that draws the double teams and keeps blockers off our linebackers. I’m surprised there wasn’t more competition for him in free agency and even more surprised at how cheap he came. 14 million over 4 years is a great deal for us. If we have a lot of cap room after the offseason he’s one of the first I’d like to see us reward with a pay raise.

    Corey Williams – A playmaking DT that can bring an inside pass rush. 7 sacks each of the past 2 seasons plus this year he had 3 forced fumbles and an interception. As much as I would like to keep him it’s probably not going to happen. He’s going to draw a lot of interest from other teams and Ted Thompson won’t get in a bidding war. I’d like to see us slap the franchise tag on him. Then we can try to trade him and get something in return instead of just letting him walk. If we can’t trade him we get him for one year without tying up future cap space. It’s a win-win. I can’t think of a reason why that wouldn’t work. It seems to make too much sense for it to happen.

    Justin Harrell – I supported the pick on draft day and I still stand by it. I know many of you disagree here. Back in March and April I felt that we needed another force on our defensive line, preferably at DT. We knew we had Pickett, but after that it was unsettled. Williams was coming off a good year, but we didn’t know how he’d follow it up. We didn’t know the other guys would play as well as they have either. Looking back we could be fine without Harrell by resigning Williams. If Harrell turns out to be the player Thompson picked he’ll be a dominating DT. I’m not saying he will and I fully understand that he could be a complete bust so don’t take this the wrong way. Harrell was a very good player in college and was looking to have a monster senior year. Had he not been injured he would have been the first DT taken and a top ten pick. He has the talent and potential, it’s the injuries that are most concerning to me. He’s still not fully recovered from the torn bicep, but is playing through it. Since taking over as the primary backup he has been playing well. He has the highest tackle to snaps ratio of our D-lineman. Hopefully by next year he’ll be completely healthy and make more of an impact.

    Johnny Jolly – He, not Williams, was the starter until he got injured during a return against Carolina ending his season. He was a surprise coming out of camp after not doing anything the year before he was suddenly the starter. He brings an inside pass rush which prevents the quarterback from stepping up in the pocket. Pairing him with Pickett is a good combination to through at the offensive line because of their contrasting styles of play. He will likely be the starter again at the beginning of next year.

    Colin Cole – Being more of run stuffer we saw him come in for Pickett every once in a while. He had 2 solid years prior, but dropped off this year. Harrell started to take away playing time from Cole as he seemed to jump him on the depth chart. He was lost to IR on Thanksgiving. He’s a restricted free agent so we have the option as to whether or not we keep him. I think we’ll give him a low tender and keep him for one year for cheap. If someone matches then to the disappointment of Weigel, Carlson, Blau, and Clemens he’ll probably be gone. We wouldn’t get a pick, but I don’t think we should get into a multi year deal with him.

    Daniel Muir – Came out strong in the preseason and earned himself a roster spot. Even though we were already crowded at DT he was worth hanging on to. He was only active for 3 games this year, but that should increase a bit next year. He’ll move up a spot in the rotation.

    Conrad Bolston – He was undrafted out of Maryland and made it to us after the Vikings tried to clear him through waivers. Was picked up to give us another option after Cole and Jolly were lost. There’s nothing special about him, and while he does have an outside chance of making the roster next year it’s very slim.

    Alfred Malone – Signed to our practice squad the injuries. He was on the Houston Texans active roster periodically over the past two years. He will not be eligible for the practice squad next year which means he’ll be elsewhere.

    Overall – Is right up there with WR for position with the most depth. Williams, Jolly, Harrell, or even Cole could start next to Pickett. I love having this much depth since I’m a fan of rotating DT often. It has also saved us this year. Losing Jolly and Cole could have been huge, but having Harrell kept our rotation going. We are able to send out so many different combinations to get a favorable match up.


    Nick Barnett – Has been performing at a high level since his rookie season, but 2007 was his best season so far. Should have been the probowl starter, but he doesn’t have the hype and media attention around him. I’d like to see him recognized, but we know what he can do. He always finds his way to the ball carrier and is pretty good in pass coverage. He is almost never asked to blitz, but it seems like every time he does he gets to the quarterback. He might even be better suited for the outside, but there are very few MLBs I’d rather have so he’s staying right where he is. Besides his high level of play he brings leadership to our defense. He takes control of the huddle and can get the guys fired up on the field.

    AJ Hawk – I don’t understand why there are so many fans that don’t think he’s living up to expectations. He’s been doing everything asked of him. He’s more of a run stopper, but he’s able to drop back into coverage with success as well. The difference between putting him on a tight end and Poppinga is noticeable. If that’s all he did I’d be happy with the pick, but people bring up that he’s not a play maker. In his rookie season he had 2 interceptions, 3.5 sacks, and led the team in tackles. For a linebacker what more do you have to do to prove yourself?

    Brady Poppinga – He’s far from a stud linebacker, but he fits in well with the group that we have. A high motor, high intensity guy. He started out on special teams his first year and was beastly. Later in the year he tore his ACL. He made an amazingly quick recovery and won the starting job in 2006. As a converted DE he’s a bit out of place at strong side linebacker. As you would expect his coverage skills aren’t too good. He is able to get good pressure coming off the edge and I would like to see us utilize that more often.

    Abdul Hodge – A thumper in the middle. He’s a true middle linebacker that is great against the run. When he drops into coverage he can be painful to watch though. Unfortunately for him we have Nick Barnett. He’s not going to get a chance to start on this team, but I’m happy to have him as a backup.

    Tracy White – In case you haven’t noticed he’s not on the team to play linebacker. Special teams is where he earns his money. He is outstanding on kick coverage and has led our team in special teams tackles the past 2 years. Also if you remember he had that recovery for a TD against the Eagles in week 1. Plays on the kick off, punt coverage, punt return, and FG block units.

    Desmond Bishop – Much like White he was drafted primarily for his special teams. Not as good as White is on special teams, but a good contributor none the less. He’s remembered for his huge hit on a Jaguars WR in preseason, but if he had to go in on defense during the regular or postseason we’d be in big trouble.

    Spencer Havner – He was supposed to be a mid round pick in 2006, but wound up going undrafted. After he was cut by Washington Thompson jumped on him and he’s been on our practice squad since. He still has loads of potential, but having it and using it are two different things. We will try to keep him on the practice squad again next year.

    Carl-Johan Bjork – A Swede and the one and only member of our international practice squad. That means that he is a member of our practice squad but he doesn’t count on as one of our 8 players allowed. He spent last year on the Cowboys practice squad so normally his eligibility would be up, but I honestly have no idea what the rules for that are in this situation.

    Overall – We are set for years with Barnett and Hawk. The same can’t be said for the strong side. I like Poppinga and I don’t think it’s a huge need, but it can definitely be upgraded. Even if we aren’t upgrading we need to add someone for the outside. Behind Barnett we have Hodge, but if Hawk or Poppinga were to go down there’d be no one to step in their place.


    Al Harris – The best bump and runner corner in the game, and a top 10 overall corner. He’s very physical and will disrupt a receiver’s route at the line of scrimmage. He always plays the opponent’s top WR and can go one on one with the best of them. He doesn’t give up a lot of touchdowns and only gave up one all year back in 2005. This wasn’t his best year, but he finally got a long deserved trip to the Probowl.

    Charles Woodson – His final 4 years in Oakland he wasn’t the same player as when they drafted him. We signed him in 2006 and he had his best year as a pro. He’s a perfect fit in our defense because he is great in man coverage. His ability to cover the slot is nice to have. It’s easier for a nickelback to come in and cover a man on the edge because then he can use the sideline to his advantage. Covering the slot can be the hardest thing a defensive back has to do. Despite reports that he’s slowing down and would have to play safety he’s been a huge addition for us at CB.

    Tramon Williams – He was probably #52 or 53 on the list of who would be on the roster. He barely saw any action on defense the first half of the season. He started rising up the depth charts and took the nickelback spot in week 14. He was a slight improvement over what we had been going with previously, but not a long time solution. He got his first career start in week 17 against the Lions with Woodson sitting out, where he held Calvin Johnson to just 4 catches. We’ll look to upgrade at nickelback, but he’s still worth keeping around.

    Will Blackmon – A star cornerback in college, he was asked to move to WR his senior season. That helped his team, but hurt his draft stock. He has to get used to playing corner again, but more importantly he has to stay healthy. He probably would have been our nickelback right now had he not been injured. As you would expect he has good ball skills and good hands plus the speed you look for. His potential is high, but because of the injury concerns he’s not someone you can put a lot of stock into.

    Frank Walker – Ah yes, our lone 2007 free agent. Never got higher than dimeback throughout the course of the season. He wasn’t there for long either. He had 8 tackles on special teams, so at least he did something. If he wasn’t signed we wouldn’t have missed anything.

    Jarrett Bush – In just one year he worked his way to the top and then right back down to the bottom. Came out with a great camp and preseason to be the opening day nickelback. He did a decent job the first 6 games or so and then it started to go down hill. He got his first career start against Dallas and that was the worst possible thing to happen to him. He was responsible for the first 3 Dallas TDs, a couple of pass interference calls, and a large number of yards. Since that game he has fallen to the #6 cornerback. Normally that’s a recipe to get cut, but next to Tracy White he’s one of our best special teamers. That gives him a good shot to make it as a special teamer and emergency corner. He probably shouldn’t have ever been anything more than that anyway.

    Joe Porter – As the 2005 Big East Outdoor Track Champion he has speed. Went undrafted and was signed to our practice squad late in the year. I can’t see him ever turning in to something and will probably be out of football in a few years. At least out of the NFL, he could be a good fit for a team in the Arena League.

    Overall – The tandem of Harris and Woodson gives us a top 3 starting cornerback duo in the NFL. Behind them we don’t really have anything. Add to that the fact that Harris and Woodson are both over 30 and we should start getting a replacement ready. Blackmon is the only one that could eventually turn into a decent starter, but I definitely wouldn’t count on that. Definitely a position that will be improved in the offseason.


    Nick Collins – Hasn’t been a playmaker, but has done everything else well. He doesn’t stand out at all when watching the defense, but he’s not doing a poor job. I was expecting him to break out this year, but he didn’t look much different than in past seasons. He still hasn’t hit his full potential and will breakout sometime; it’s just a matter of when. Our only constant at safety over the past 3 years he’s pretty much locked in for a starting spot again next year.

    Atari Bigby – Pretty much came out of nowhere. I posted this article back in June and that was the first we really heard of him. I mean I knew he was on the roster and who he was, but I never would have guessed he’d be starting for us. A hard hitting safety that can cover a lot of ground. He has what it take physically, if he can just sharpen up the mental side of his game he can be real good player. Has the play making ability, leading the team with 5 interceptions and was third in tackles. His biggest problem has been covering the tight end. At 5’1’” 211 he’s smaller than every tight end. That won’t stop him from laying a hit on them or tackling them, but it does put him at a disadvantage covering. He has to work hard on that to even it out. He did have a beautiful play on a tight end against Seattle last week though. The timing of the play was absolutely perfect, you won’t see a better coverage play than that. Unfortunately I have a feeling that was the exception not the usual. With time he should be able to get up to above average. With the rest of his abilities just getting there would make him a very good safety. He deserves another shot again next year. This was basically his rookie year and he was loads ahead of the two veterans that held the job before him. He’s better at every aspect of the game than Roman and Manuel were. I know many of you would rather have Rouse starting, but I completely disagree with you on that. He should not be replaced by someone brought in or someone on the team already.

    Aaron Rouse – I didn’t like him one bit before the season, but I’ll admit that I was wrong. He got an opportunity and made the most of it. When Nick Collins was injured he stepped in without a drop-off. He had an interception in each his second and third start. Right now I still want to go with Collins and Bigby, but it’s great to know we have someone that can come in whenever needed.

    Tyrone Culver – Wasn’t called on much in 2006 but he looked fine when he was in. In the preseason this year I thought he was horrible. He got hurt and landed on IR, which is not something you want to happen after leaving a bad memory in the coaches’ minds. I won’t miss him.

    Charlie Peprah – I don’t think he’s taken a single snap on defense in his time with the Packers. There’s nothing special to him, but he’s not terrible. He’ll never get above the 4th safety on the depth chart.


    Mason Crosby – Led the league in points scored as a rookie. He looks to be the kicker in Green Bay for a long time. Many thought he was one of the rare kickers that could go in the third, but he fell right into our lap in the 6th. You can look at his percentage of 80% and think he’s not accurate, but he had only one miss from inside of 40 yards. We were sending him out for the long ones because we knew he has the leg to hit them. He had the second most field goals made over 50 yards.

    Jon Ryan – If I had to choose between BJ Sander and Jon Ryan it wouldn’t even be close. Jon Ryan finished the season ranked 11th in average and 14th in net average. His numbers would be even better had it not been for the extremely windy Chicago game. He was at like 6th in both categories before that game. Bringing someone in to compete with him wouldn’t be a bad idea, but he’ll be our punter next year.

    Rob Davis – A good long snapper that does his job on the field very well. He’s also a leader off the field which is very strange for a player at his position. A player poll was conducted of who the best leader on the team is and Davis came in second only to Favre. If there is a problem in the locker room it goes to Davis. He’s respected by both players and coaches.

    Free Agent Re-signing
    Corey Williams – Signed to a 1 year deal worth $6.8 million* (Franchise tag)
    Rob Davis – Signed to a 1 year deal worth $820,000
    Colin Cole – Signed to a 1 year deal worth $850,000 (RFA low tender)
    Vernand Morency – Signed to a 1 year deal worth $850,000 (RFA low tender)
    Tracy White – Signed to a 2 year deal worth $1.4 million
    Craig Nall – Signed to a 1 year deal worth $595,000
    Atari Bigby – Signed to a 1 year deal worth $460,000
    Ruvell Martin – Signed to a 1 year deal worth $460,000
    John Kuhn - Signed to a 1 year deal worth $460,000
    Ryan Grant – Signed to a 1 year deal worth $370,000
    Ryan Krause – Unsigned
    Frank Walker – Unsigned
    Tyson Walter – Unsigned
    Carlyle Holiday – Unsigned


    Areas of need:
    Strong side linebacker
    Outside linebacker
    Tight End
    Defensive End

    Free Agency

    Sean Ryan – Signed to a 1 year deal
    A big TE measuring 6’5” 265lbs. 2008 will be his 5th year in the league, and while he hasn’t done anything so far he’s worth a look. In college he had 75 catches, 12 of which were for TDs. If he can be brought along further he could develop into a good red zone threat.

    Curtis DeLoatch – Signed to a 1 year deal
    A big corner who had a couple decent years with the Giants. His problem is that he lets people get behind him. I’d be for bringing him in and trying him at both corner and safety. I wouldn’t expect much and he probably wouldn’t make the roster, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring him in and take a look.

    Jake Scott – Signed to a 5 year deal
    A perfect fit in the zone blocking scheme, and has experience in it from Indy. A 4 year starter with the Colts he was a part of a line that allowed an average of only 16 sacks a year and a 1000 yard rusher in all 4. He’s used to playing the right side, but we’d probably ask him to switch to the left. He’s far better than any of the guards we currently have and would change the line from a weakness to a strength. Clifton-Scott-Wells-Spitz-Tauscher would be a very respectable offensive line. He’s 27 so he’s just hitting his prime and would be a staple in our line for years.

    Why he’s a Packer next year – The Colts have recently given both Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney monster contracts. Not to mention they have Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne pulling in huge paydays themselves. Then they have a large number of free agents including guys who will demand big contracts in Dallas Clark, Jake Scott, and Ryan Lilja. Bottom line, they’re pressed for cash. Clark will be signed for sure and they’ll keep some of the smaller names which probably won’t allow them to sign Lilja or Scott.

    So, why Scott over Lilja or Pittsburgh guard Alan Faneca? - Faneca is simple; he’s 31, will be the most sought after of the free agent guards, and doesn’t fit our scheme too well. Lilja makes sense as he’s the same age as Scott and already played on the left side. However he’ll probably draw a bigger contract and personally I feel Scott’s the better of the two. If we signed Lilja I’d be happy too, but my preference is with Scott.

    Why he chooses us – We can give him what every free agent wants. He’s guaranteed a spot on our line and is coming to a winning team that has the money to pay him. He stays in the scheme he’s used to and has a good tackle next to him.

    Wait a minuteTed Thompson doesn’t sign big name free agents – Wrong! We didn’t sign anyone last year, but that’s because there was no one to get. The prices were outrageous for guys that weren’t worth that much. We were critical of him last year, but staying out of that overpriced market was a great move. Because of that we have money to spend when there is someone that’d help us, which happens to be this year. He’s not afraid to go out and pay money for someone who he knows will help our team. Two years ago he got both Charles Woodson and Ryan Pickett; they are now key parts to our defense. It’s a similar situation here. Scott won’t come cheap, but he’d be well worth the money.

    Colin Cole – Signed with Seattle to a 2 year deal worth $3 million
    We decline to match the offer sheet and Cole becomes a Seahawk. We receive no compensation because he was undrafted and we signed him to a low tender.

    Vernand Morency – Not offered
    In order for a team to get Morency they would have to give up a 3rd round pick. Understandably so, no one wants to give up that much and we hang on to the rights of Vernand Morency.

    NFL Draft

    With the 30th pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select…

    Patrick Lee, cornerback out of Auburn
    Lee has really grown on me the past month and a half. He has the physical nature we need in a corner, and is big enough to be successful with it at the next level. His style of play could carry over very well into the bump and run coverage we use in Green Bay. He’s going to take some time until he’s ready to be a starter in the NFL, but we have that time. Until that day he has a good example to learn from in Al Harris and should be able to fill the nickel back roll well. He’s near the top of list of corners I would want and it looks like he’ll be available at our pick.

    With the 61st pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select…

    Tavares Gooden, linebacker out of Miami
    He has been a starter at strong side, middle, and weak side. In the pros if he’s going to start it will be at one of the outside positions, but could backup all three. He’s always around the ball and good in coverage. I think he could challenge for the starting job at SLB. Maybe not as a rookie, but he has high potential and shouldn’t take long to transition. A problem that some have with him is that he’s a bit on the small size at 235lbs. That’s a legitimate concern, but then look at Nick Barnett. He’s only 232 and he’s playing in the middle. In fact that might even be the best fit for our defense. We are trying to play Poppinga as if he is what I described above, but he’s not so it’s not working. If we are so adamant about the scheme then we need to bring in someone who fits in it.

    With the 92nd pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select…

    Trae Williams, corner out of South Florida
    Our lack of depth at the corner position was a real weakness in our team. We solve that by picking two in our first three picks. We missed out on Mike Jenkins in the first round, but getting “the other USF corner” would be a good addition. He’s loaded with talent and makes plays. 13 interceptions in his final two years at South Florida he’s a true ball hawk. He has great speed and there’s no doubt that he can cover. The concern is with his size. He’s on the short side and will struggle with bigger receivers. He could stand to put on some weight as well. Unlike Lee I don’t think Williams could be a starter in our defense, but would be a very good nickelback. A good third corner is becoming a necessity in the NFL with more teams spreading it out. It’d be well worth the investment.

    With the 124th pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select…

    Craig Stevens, tight end out of California
    A terrific blocker, he’ll add something to our offense we lacked last season. Lee is a good receiving option, but we could use a blocking tight end for run packages. He’d come in and be a factor right away because of that. While he’d be picked for his blocking he’s not a bad receiver himself. He has good hands and runs good routes. He doesn’t have top speed so he’s not going to stretch the field, but could be very useful in the redzone. At 6-5 250 he’s hard to match up against.

    With the 156th pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select…

    Johnny Dingle, defensive end out of West Virginia
    Our depth at defensive end is good, but a better 4th option is out there. I think Montgomery and Hunter are fine, but they’re nothing special. Dingle is a bigger guy who can play the run and rush the passer. Depth against the run is what we’ve been lacking. KGB, Montgomery, and Hunter are all liabilities against the run. On the few plays Kampman has to come teams will run it straight at the sub because they know they can get yards and they do. The problem with Dingle is that he really only had one good year in college. He probably would have been better off returning for his senior season. That does mean he has room to grow though. If he can come in and provide run support he’d get playing time, the pass rush would be an added bonus.

    With the 220th pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select…

    Paul Smith, quarterback out of Tulsa
    A quarterback isn’t a need, but it’s the 7th round and we’ve filled all our true needs. If we don’t take him there’s no way we’d get him as an UDFA. If you’re a QB and can choose where you go there are 2 places you stay away from: Indianapolis and Green Bay. He’s a smart quarterback with good accuracy. His arm strength is nothing to brag about, but he can get by with it. The deep ball is missing from his game, but in a west cost offense he’d be fine. He could use some good coaching and has to work on not forcing it. Mike McCarthy is someone that could really help him with that. Playing at Tulsa the defenses he faced we’re not that great so his numbers, while great, are inflated.

    Undrafted Free Agent Signing
    Antwuan Molden – CB, Eastern Kentucky
    Yvenson Bernard – RB, Oregon State
    Bruce Hocker – WR, Duquesne
    Jamal Lewis – SS, Georgia Tech
    Steve Octavien – OLB, Nebraska
    Ken DeBauche – P, Wisconsin
    Ben Hochstein – G, Nebraska-Omaha

    80 Man Offseason Roster

    Brett Favre
    Aaron Rodgers
    Craig Nall
    Paul Smith

    Ryan Grant
    Brandon Jackson
    Vernand Morency
    Noah Herron
    Deshawn Wynn
    Yvenson Bernard

    John Kuhn
    Korey Hall
    Corey White
    Ryan Powdrell

    Donald Lee
    Bubba Franks
    Sean Ryan
    Craig Stevens

    Donald Driver
    Greg Jennings
    Ruvell Martin
    Koren Robinson
    James Jones
    Shaun Bodiford
    Bruce Hocker
    Chris Francies

    Chad Clifton
    Mark Tauscher
    Junius Coston
    Scott Wells
    Jason Sptiz
    Daryn Colledge
    Jake Scott
    Allen Barbre
    Tony Moll
    Tony Palmer
    Ben Hochstein
    Cameron Stephenson
    Orrin Thompson

    Corey Williams
    Aaron Kampman
    Ryan Pickett
    Johnny Jolly
    Cullen Jenkins
    Kabeer Gbaja Biamila
    Mike Montgomery
    Jason Hunter
    Johnny Dingle
    Daniel Muir
    Justin Harrell
    Conrad Bolston

    Nick Barnett
    AJ Hawk
    Brady Poppinga
    Abdul Hodge
    Tracy White
    Tavares Gooden
    Desmond Bishop
    Steve Octavien
    Spencer Havner
    Carl-Johan Bjork

    Al Harris
    Charles Woodson
    Atari Bigby
    Tramon Williams
    Patrick Lee
    Nick Collins
    Aaron Rouse
    Will Blackmon
    Charlie Peprah
    Tyrone Culver
    Curtis DeLoatch
    Jarrett Bush
    Trae Williams
    Antwuan Molden
    Jamal Lewis

    Jon Ryan
    Mason Crosby
    Rob Davis
    Ken DeBauche

    Roster Battles

    Set – Brett Favre; Aaron Rodgers
    I don’t think there’s much to explain here. Favre’s our Hall of Fame starter and Rodgers is his first round pick replacement. If anyone wants to argue this or wants more of an explanation feel free to ask, but I don’t feel the need to go into further detail on this one.
    #3 QB: Craig Nall; Paul Smith
    Nall is a 6 year veteran that knows our offense and players, but is pretty much as good right now as he’ll ever be. Smith is a rookie who will take time, but he’s a better fit for our offense and has high potential. If it was just for one year it’d be Nall with out question, but that’s not really what we need. For a third QB I’d rather have someone who could maybe turn into something than a 28 year old who has maxed out. Winner: Paul Smith

    Set – Ryan Grant; Brandon Jackson
    Ryan Grant is the unquestioned #1 going into next year, again not much to explain. Brandon Jackson is set on a spot because the fact that he was a second round pick. He showed enough at the end of the year to give us hope, and Thompson won’t give up on that high of a pick so soon.
    Other RBs: Vernand Morency; Deshawn Wynn; Noah Herron; Yvenson Bernard
    I’m thinking we’ll probably keep 4 RBs going into to the season so that means 2 from the group above. Morency is fine for a backup, but I’m ready to move on. Deshawn Wynn will make the team and could challenge to be the primary backup. That leaves Noah Herron and Yvenson Bernard. Herron can be a nice weapon on third and would take over that role if he made the team. However I’d rather keep another “runner”. I watched Oregon State’s bowl game and the game against Cal and I was impressed with the running style of Bernard. I feel that he could be a good fit in our offense if given a chance. He’s had around 300 carries each of his 3 years as a starter in college so he can take a beating, but with only a couple carries a game he’d be more effective. Winners: Deshawn Wynn and Yvenson Bernard

    Set – John Kuhn; Korey Hall
    Other FBs: none

    Set –Donald Lee; Bubba Franks
    Other TEs: Sean Ryan, Craig Stevens
    This decision is not a tough one. We took a flyer on Ryan, but invested a 4th round pick on Stevens. Unless Stevens comes to camp and just flat out sucks he’s going to make the roster. Winner: Craig Stevens

    Set – Donald Driver; Greg Jennings; Koren Robinson; James Jones; Ruvell Martin
    Other WR: Shaun Bodiford; Bruce Hocker; Chris Francies
    Bodiford made the roster despite having 5 good receivers already on the team last year, but I don’t think the same will happen again. Five will probably be the limit this time around so we can use the roster spot at other less settled positions. Winners: No one.

    Set – Jake Scott; Mark Tauscher; Chad Clifton; Jason Spitz; Scott Wells; Daryn Colledge
    Being our big free agent signing Scott is obviously not going anywhere. Tauscher, Wells and Clifton are locked in. Spitz and Colledge are recent first day picks who are improving
    Other OL: Junius Coston; Allen Barbre; Tony Moll; Tony Palmer; Orrin Thompson
    The first three were on our roster all of last year. Moll and Coston each were starters at some point in the season. Barbre was in his first year and there are high hopes for him. I think our line will stay the same just with the addition of Scott. Winners: Junius Coston, Tony Moll, and Allen Barbre

    Set – Aaron Kampman; Ryan Pickett; Justin Harrell; Corey Williams; Johnny Jolly; Cullen Jenkins; Kabeer Gbaja Biamila
    Other DL: Daniel Muir; Mike Montgomery; Jason Hunter; Johnny Dingle; Conrad Bolston;
    Having seven defensive lineman already guaranteed a roster spot it doesn’t leave much room for the hopefuls. With the departure of Colin Cole that leaves a spot at tackle open for Muir. Bolston could move up the chain into Muir’s spot from last year, but I think we’ll carry one less DT this time around. That leaves Montgomery, Hunter, and Dingle at end. Montgomery has been fine the past couple seasons but we could do better. Hunter is a staple in our special teams, and Dingle is our intriguing prospect so they get the nod. Winners: Daniel Muir, Jason Hunter, Johnny Dingle

    Set – Nick Barnett; AJ Hawk; Brady Poppinga; Tavares Gooden; Tracy White
    Poppinga is a lock to make the roster no matter what his role happens to be. Gooden is a second round pick which guarantees him a spot. White is the leader of our special teams and isn’t going anywhere.
    Other LBs – Desmond Bishop; Steve Octavien; Spencer Havner; Abdul Hodge
    Hodge was close to being included with the first group. He is by far the best backup we have for the middle, and the only legitimate backup we had the past two seasons. Bishop did what was asked, but there’s a chance he could be somewhere else next year. His special teams should save him though. I don’t see Octavien having any shot at the roster. Havner I think will break out to some degree which could land him a roster spot. Winners: Abdul Hodge, Desmond Bishop

    Set – Al Harris; Charles Woodson; Patrick Lee; Nick Collins; Aaron Rouse; Atari Bigby; Trae Williams
    Other DBs: Will Blackmon; Tyrone Culver; Charlie Peprah; Curtis DeLoatch; Jarrett Bush; Antwuan Molden; Jamal Lewis
    Blackmon had some high expectations, but injuries have kept him from achieving what he’s capable of. That’s still a concern with him, but he’s worth another shot. After next year we’ll know if he’s going to be a success or bust. Culver was decent in the times he’s played, but I see no reason to keep him around. Peprah is fine as the 4th safety. DeLoatch was brought in for cornerback depth, but we solved that through the draft and he’s not needed after all. As unpopular as Bush has become he could be back next year. He shouldn’t see any time at corner, which is good, but special teams could land him a job. That’s 6 corners which closes the door on Molden. Lewis has good physical aspects and could play all three secondary positions if he had to, but there’s limited roster space available. Winners: Will Blackmon, Charlie Peprah

    Set – Rob Davis; Mason Crosby; Jon Ryan
    Other Specials: Ken DeBauche
    DeBauche was brought in just to give Ryan some competition. He never really had a serious shot at the roster, but was just given a chance.

    First Cuts – 80 to 65 man roster
    P - Ken Debauche
    TE – Sean Ryan
    WR – Chris Francies
    WR – Bruce Hocker
    OL – Cameron Stephenson
    OL – Ben Hochstein
    FB – Ryan Powdrell
    FB – Corey White
    LB - Steve Octavien
    DB – Antwaun Molden
    RB – Vernand Morency
    RB – Noah Herron
    CB – Curtis DeLoatch
    LB - Carl-Johan Bjork
    S – Tyrone Culver

    Final Cuts – 65 to 53 man roster
    QB – Craig Nall
    WR – Shaun Bodiford
    OL – Orrin Thompson
    OL – Tony Palmer
    DE – Mike Montgomery
    DT – Conrad Bolston
    S – Jamal Lewis
    LB – Spencer Havner
    OL – Tony Moll
    CB – Jarrett Bush
    RB - Yvenson Bernard
    S – Charlie Peprah

    There might be a few surprising names on here. Montgomery, Thompson, Bodiford, Nall, Montgomery, Bolston, and Lewis I already talked about. As for Havner, Moll, Bush, Bernard, and Peprah it came down to not having enough roster spots. Moll was the first I was able to cross off. I fell Barbre will actually be able to step in if it ever has to come to that, but he’s the 8th lineman so Moll would have been the 9th anyway. Then Charlie Peprah was next. He doesn’t add a whole lot, the only reason he would have made it was to be the 4th safety. Rouse can back up both strong safety and free safety so it’s not that big of an issue. Also, if needed, Tramon Williams could play free safety. Next was Bush. You might think I’m crazy for wanting to keep him on, but his special teams are outstanding. We should be able to fill his spots on special teams, but I’d have kept him if I had room. Bernard was my final cut and a tough one to make. Going into the season with only 3 runningbacks on the roster isn’t ideal, especially when one has a history with injuries (Wynn), but I didn’t want to sacrifice somewhere else.

    53-Man Roster

    #2 Mason Crosby
    #4 Brett Favre
    #8 Paul Smith
    #9 Jon Ryan
    #12 Aaron Rodgers
    #20 Atari Bigby
    #21 Charles Woodson
    #23 Trae Williams
    #25 Ryan Grant
    #27 Will Blackmon
    #28 Patrick Lee
    #30 John Kuhn
    #31 Al Harris
    #32 Brandon Jackson
    #35 Korey Hall
    #36 Nick Collins
    #37 Aaron Rouse
    #38 Tramon Williams
    #42 Deshawn Wynn
    #50 AJ Hawk
    #51 Brady Poppinga
    #52 Abdul Hodge
    #54 Tavares Gooden
    #55 Desmond Bishop
    #56 Nick Barnett
    #57 Jason Hunter
    #59 Tracy White
    #60 Rob Davis
    #62 Junius Coston
    #63 Scott Wells
    #65 Mark Tauscher
    #67 Jake Scott
    #72 Jason Spitz
    #73 Daryn Colledge
    #74 Aaron Kampman
    #76 Chad Clifton
    #77 Cullen Jenkins
    #78 Allen Barbre
    #79 Ryan Pickett
    #80 Donald Driver
    #81 Koren Robinson
    #82 Ruvell Martin
    #84 Craig Stevens
    #85 Greg Jennings
    #86 Donald Lee
    #88 Bubba Franks
    #89 James Jones
    #91 Justin Harrell
    #94 Kabeer Gbaja Biamila
    #95 Daniel Muir
    #96 Johnny Dingle
    #97 Johnny Jolly
    #99 Corey Williams

    Practice Squad
    RB - Yvenson Bernard
    LB – Spencer Havner
    S – Jamal Lewis
    WR – Bruce Hocker
    FB – Corey White
    DT – Conrad Bolston
    OL – Ben Hochstein
    OL – Trevor Rees (Northwestern C, cut and signed by Green Bay)

    International Practice Squad
    LB - Carl-Johan Bjork

    Depth Chart

    QB – Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers/Paul Smith
    RB – Ryan Grant/Brandon Jackson/Deshawn Wynn/John Kuhn
    FB – Korey Hall/John Kuhn
    TE – Donald Lee/Bubba Franks/Craig Stevens
    WR – Donald Driver/Greg Jennings/James Jones/Ruvell Martin/Koren Robinson
    LT – Chad Clifton/Daryn Colledge/Allen Barbre
    LG – Jake Scott/Junius Coston/Daryn Colldge
    C – Scott Wells/Jason Spitz
    RG – Jason Spitz/Junius Coston/Allen Barbre
    RT – Mark Tauscher/Daryn Colledge/Allen Barbre

    LE – Cullen Jenkins/KGB/Jason Hunter
    DT – Ryan Pickett/Justin Harrell
    DT – Johnny Jolly/ Corey Williams/Daniel Muir
    RE – Aaron Kampman/Johnny Dingle
    SLB – Brady Poppinga/Tavares Gooden/Tracy White
    MLB – Nick Barnett/Abdul Hodge/Tavares Gooden
    WLB – AJ Hawk/Tavares Gooden/Desmond Bishop
    CB – Al Harris/Charles Woodson/Patrick Lee/Trae Williams/Tramon Williams/Will Blackmon
    FS – Nick Collins/Aaron Rouse/Tramon Williams
    SS – Atari Bigby/Aaron Rouse/Patrick Lee

    K – Mason Crosby
    P – John Ryan
    LS – Rob Davis
    KR – Koren Robinson/Will Blackmon/Tramon Williams
    PR – Tramon Williams/Will Blackmon/Charles Woodson

    Jackson over Wynn for #3 runningback: This one could have very well gone either way. Based off his improved play at the end of the season I think Jackson can grab a hold of the primary backup at runningback. Wynn will still get a couple carries a game and probably be our short yardage back.

    Spitz over Coston for starting right guard: I feel Spitz is a more well rounded player than Coston. I was impressed with his play, but Coston still isn’t the best fit for a zone blocking scheme. He could benefit from losing a couple pounds in the offseason to give him a better shot to start.

    Jolly over Williams for starting defensive tackle: Just like we started 2007. Jolly will start the game, but both will get a good amount of plays.

    Poppinga over Gooden for starting strongside backer: Gooden could come in and take the job from the start, but I think it could take him a bit to get used to the defense. It’s better to let Poppinga start until he’s ready, whether that be during the season or 2009.

    Bigby over Rouse for starting strong safety: There’s a reason why this switch was never made during the season. While Rouse played well in his couple of starts, Bigby is a better fit for strong safety. Bigby doesn’t have great time speed but he can cover the whole field. He’s come from 15 yards downfield to make a tackle on running plays. Which brings me to the next point; he’s more physical and better against the run. Rouse is bigger, but Bigby delivers a much harder blow as well as being a better form tackler. I’m excited to see how good Bigby can be two or three years down the road.

    Starting Offense

    ……………………………………………………………..Grant………………………..……………………… …………
    ………………………………………………………………………..Hall….……………………………………… ……….
    ………………………………………………………………Favre……..…………………………………………… ……

    Starting Defense

    ……………………………….…Collins…………………………………………………………………………… …….
    ………………………………………………………………………………Bigby……………………………………… …
    ………………………………………..Poppinga……….Barnett……..Hawk……………… ……………………
    ….Harris……………………………………………………………………………………………..Woods on….
    …………………………………..Jenkins………..Pickett…….Jolly……Kampma n…………………………

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    Holy ****, one of the longest posts I've ever seen. Give me about a year and I'll let you know what I think (seriously though, I'll have it read by tomorrow). Either way, good effort. Wow.


    • #3
      Holy **** is this being sold in stores???
      I remember: Sean Taylor



      • #4
        That's pretty good, I pretty much agree with all of it


        • #5
          Good work GB!

          Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


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            Amazing Post


            • #7
              Great post, I mean WOW, I truely hope TT does something in free agency this year, ie: signing corey williams, who wants to play for the pack, or getting a stud o-lineman. Only one disagreement, and that is with the first two picks in the draft. I like Patrick Lee, but he could get picked up in the second round, if the packers were to trade up for him, and also charles godfry will be in the second round too. I would rather see linebacker in first round, but only if connor is still there, if not, then your mock would do. I dont mind taking any linebacker from the U, because they all turn out to be pretty good.


              • #8
                I recently did my first mock draft right before this was posted (mine soon to be posted) and I know for a fact that mock drafters out there have a top notch source right here. I looked through several team forums, this is definitely the best source on here for any team (even though I know the stuff already, I could never put it into words).
                I remember: Sean Taylor



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                  Originally posted by bigboiajhawk View Post
                  Great post, I mean WOW, I truely hope TT does something in free agency this year, ie: signing corey williams, who wants to play for the pack, or getting a stud o-lineman. Only one disagreement, and that is with the first two picks in the draft. I like Patrick Lee, but he could get picked up in the second round, if the packers were to trade up for him, and also charles godfry will be in the second round too. I would rather see linebacker in first round, but only if connor is still there, if not, then your mock would do. I dont mind taking any linebacker from the U, because they all turn out to be pretty good.
                  I know Scott only has him 10th but I don't see him lasting too long. Certainly not to our second pick. I could see him make it to midway through the second, but not further than that. I thought about trading down, but 1) I didn't want to mess around trying to predict trades, and 2) I don't think we'd take that chance for our first pick. Trading up for him from our second rounder would cost too much. As for a linebacker in the first, it was something that I considered. Connor was who I was thinking, but I don't believe he'll last to our pick anyway. Also I'd rather have Lee and Gooden than Connor and a second round corner. This is a deep draft for CBs, but there is a noticable difference from the top level and the rest.


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                    Great work, agreed with almost all of your roster analysis.

                    Sig thanks to mockalicious


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                      nice post but i would rather have dan conner in the first and then antoine cason in the second round.


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                        I was going to do a big write up about it and then I decided that any differences I had with it were so minor that it would be pointless. A great read overall.


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                          Nice write-up. Obviously don't agree with everything but it's well thought out.

                          I question if Gooden can play SLB in the scheme the Packers run though. He's very smallish and will probably be limited to a Tampa 2 type.

                          I like the Scott signing, or someone. The O-line depth is a bit lacking right now, though the versatility helps.

                          I question the addition of no runningbacks, but I'm not nearly as sold on Grant as many of you are. I agree that Jackson still has potential. He was a bit of a boom/bust pick though, so that's something to keep an eye on.

                          Nice job.

                          Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                            Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                            Nice write-up. Obviously don't agree with everything but it's well thought out.

                            I question if Gooden can play SLB in the scheme the Packers run though. He's very smallish and will probably be limited to a Tampa 2 type.

                            I like the Scott signing, or someone. The O-line depth is a bit lacking right now, though the versatility helps.

                            I question the addition of no runningbacks, but I'm not nearly as sold on Grant as many of you are. I agree that Jackson still has potential. He was a bit of a boom/bust pick though, so that's something to keep an eye on.

                            Nice job.
                            Wouldn't expect you to agree with everything as I focused on the positive (this is the packers forum after all).

                            I understand that, but we have a bigger SLB, but we don't use him correctly. If we're going to play him like a smaller guy why not actually get a smaller guy.

                            Unless we get a first round runningback I'm not sure he'd be an upgrade over what we have. Spending a first on a runningback wouldn't be worth it so therefore no runningback. I explained Grant in the predictions thread in the NFL forum. Jackson's a bit of a mystery at this point but if the end of the season is an indication he could turn out alright.



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                              post was pretty impressive and with the all your comment we are bound to find some disagreements but as for the draft does anyone have any interest in owen schmitt i kno this is more of just wanting a sexy pick at fullback. But with the emphasis MM puts on the fullbacks wouldnt it be nice to have and elite on like schmitt



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