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  • Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post
    It's funny that non-Packers fans bring up the fact we have injuries more than Packers fans do. Yet, we get bitched at when talking about it when in reality we're just defending our team. Yeah, injuries are part of the game. I get that. But you see just how much it's effected this team. We have 5 losses, with today's loss by 4 being the biggest of them all.

    The importance of Grant, Finley, Burnett, Barnett, Bigby, Tausher, Brad Jones, and Rodgers today, equals to atleast 4 more points per game. Atleast. Hate us for being frustrated because that's all it is. Losing two starting safeties, your starting MLB, without your best DL in Jenkins, and key components of your offense, it's tough to watch. When looking for answers as to why we're losing these close games, you have to go directly to the injuries then playcalling. We had a chance to win today and our playcalling killed us on the last 3 plays but give us a healthy Rodgers, Grant, and Finley right there then we easily win. I know the Lions are banged up but we've beaten them the last 7+ times.

    When a Packers fan posts, it's gonna be about injuries. It's our biggest storyline this year. What would you like us to post about? Please tell us so we can cater to your desires. In return, I don't want anymore Brady vs. Manning debates. No more Brett Favre anything. I'll think of more later but we'll start at that. Because that's how ridiculous it is to ask posters to not talk about the most important story of the season. Keep mocking us, but just understand that there have been more posts from non-packers about their injuries trying to be funny.
    Yeah, I'm a little heated right now. This game represented our season.


    • Injuries played a role in our loss today but poor play calling from Mike McCarthy was what cost us the game more than anything

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      • Originally posted by cvv84 View Post
        Well here you go.

        I don't think he'd be 100% but might've been able to help the RB by committee out and eventually work himself back up.
        Oh, meh, he's not even walking yet. Just wants to play. No team would have put him in that risk (we might have with Levens in '98 but times have changed with safety in the NFL.)

        Really curious if someone else saw a better replay of the Jennings endzone drop or had TiVo or something and was able to get a good look at whether it was a catch or not. It's burning me up inside.

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        • I didn't watch the game and when i heard the final score i was literally speechless. I haven't seen any highlights so don't know what happened with Rodgers, Jennings, and this 4th and 1 call.

          I'm just very disappointed in the whole team. This was a trap game but jesus, have some pride and step-up. Flynn in or not, 3 points is not acceptable.

          I guess my FIRST gut reaction was to fire MM. I've come down from that now and I'm not even thinking about playoffs because they aren't happening. if Flynn has to start they will lose the remaining games on their schedule and go 8-8 which wouldn't get anyone fired because of injuries.

          It sounds like from all of you that the team came out flat and that the play calling was brutal. That's not only on MM but also on Rodgers, Jennings, and the rest of the leaders on this team that set the tone.

          I would put this lose up against the Bucs loss last year but against the Lions, you have to find a way to get the Win.

          At least the Bears seem to be getting gashed....
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          • I've seen so many more posts about people making fun of our injuries than GB fans talking about them it's ridiculous. And it's not even the least bit funny to anyone. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me and I usually hold back but once in awhile I just can't stand it and have to point out how dumb they're being. I was on about a 4-5 week streak that got broken today out of frustration. Unfortunately it just fuels the fire.

            W T F do you think Chargers fans would post if Rivers got knocked out in the 2nd quarter or Indy fans or Pats fans in a key game? It makes me sick.

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            • Originally posted by RockJock07 View Post
              I didn't watch the game and when i heard the final score i was literally speechless. I haven't seen any highlights so don't know what happened with Rodgers, Jennings, and this 4th and 1 call. \
              Offense was completely flat and awful. Jennings dropped an easy TD pass early on, which bounced into a Lions hand for an INT. Rodgers had a 15 yard run and refused to slide at the end, took a hit and got a concussion. The Lions consistently destroyed the pocket with 4 lineman and no blitz. DESTROYED it.

              Flynn got us to the goalline and threw a pick. Bad playcalling at crucial moments. We got to their 30 at the end of the game, got a 2nd and 2, then ran 3 consecutive bad playcalls. Flynn looked awful, on one third down he turned to the wrong side for a handoff and looked confused all game. Jennings also dropped another TD in the endzone from Flynn that we ended up with a FG from.

              When being a fanboi goes too far.


              • To me with these injuries, reguardless I truely feel that we're a better team then everyone that we've played so far. It just doesn't seem that we come to play every week, minus a few players. Where is the passion? Where is the effort? Every year its becoming a broken record. Poor special teams, poor offensive line play, penalties galore, and terrible tackling. I like McCarthy but how can these issues continually be ignored? We have to scrap this ZBS ******** at the very least and if our tackling would improve I can live with the rest.


                • I agree. The fact that our special teams is always horrible and our teams can't tackle really reflects on coaching.

                  Also, I just threw up in my mouth a little seeing the Bears down 24-0. Congrats, it means nothing to us; even if they get blown out we need them to lose to Minny to in any way even the playing field (that'd give us = division losses if we won week 17.)


                  When being a fanboi goes too far.


                  • Even with this loss being as discouraging as it is, I still believe we end up making the playoffs if Rodgers starts the remainder of our games.

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                    • Originally posted by jackalope View Post
                      Even with this loss being as discouraging as it is, I still believe we end up making the playoffs if Rodgers starts the remainder of our games.
                      We no longer control our destiny. Easiest path is the Giants and Bucs failing and us beating them. Second easiest is the Bears losing to Minny, us beating the Giants, then beating the Bears.

                      Redskins flubbed an extra point that would have given them an OT chance against the Bucs today.

                      We need to start rooting for Minny. We want them to win their last four games.

                      And Rodgers is probably out for next week. Second concussion on the year, can't see them letting him play; the NFL-PA would be PISSED. The "good" news is we can take a loss to the Pats, our MUST WINS are the Giants and Bears. If we lose either of those we're toast.
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                      When being a fanboi goes too far.


                      • Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                        Injuries played a role in our loss today but poor play calling from Mike McCarthy was what cost us the game more than anything
                        The fumble by Quarless on the first drive, at the Lions 30 yard line on what would have been a 1st down and routine TD drive.... that played a huge role.

                        The fumbled TD pass right to Jennings 2 hands..... either of those would have been enough to win this game, and it would have gotten the team on track as expected.

                        This NFC loss, this DIVISIONAL loss.... absolutely pathetic. Inexcusable.

                        Matt Flynn sucks.
                        He's slow.
                        And he'd dumber than a box of **** rocks.

                        Crucial 3rd & short play... off a TIMEOUT where we talked about the play, and he turns the wrong way on the handoff?

                        Final play, 4th down, he goes deep to an open Jennings, and he overthrows him? Just like Rodgers in the Cardinal game in overtime.
                        On plays like that, you need to err on the side of underthrows, not overthrows.
                        On underthrows, the WR can see the ball and get it. And more often than not, the DB ends up banging into the WR who stops to get the ball and gets the huge pass interference calls.

                        We would have won with a veteran backup today like a Jon Kitna or Mark Brunell I believe.

                        Matt Flynn just cost himself millions of dollars today because there might have been a team out there that was willing to blindly throw a big contract at him a la what the stupid Seahawks did this year for Charlie Whitehurst based on his preseason numbers.

                        On a positive note, at least our loss today wasn't by 3 points. We broke that trend.

                        Final note: How bout that White Wall today? The OL sucked, and it didn't matter that #7 honkee Jason Spitz was in, or #8 honkee TJ Lang was in. No holes for RBs and QBs never had a nice pocket. #6 honkee Bulaga (Tauscher was #5) was steamrolled backwards many times. Clifton was ran around like a slow fat farmer. Tom Crabtree was manhandled by his guy and that's why this guy made the team, his supposed strong blocking. Where was Donald Lee? At least he can block.

                        This was the same Lions defense that allowed 45 points to the Patriots 2 weeks ago, and 30 or something to Chicago last week. We put up 3. Graham Harrell would have fared better than Flynn. Maybe even Jordy Nelson who I think was our emergency QB.


                        • And, ya know what. **** Matt Flynn. For the alleged praise, he had 2.5 quarters to get a TD or a couple FGs against Detroit and he laid an egg. Flynn fail.


                          • That interception in the endzone is the only thing that Flynn did that was unforgivable.

                            It's so frustrating to **** the bed like that.

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                            • Originally posted by senormysterioso View Post
                              That interception in the endzone is the only thing that Flynn did that was unforgivable.

                              It's so frustrating to **** the bed like that.
                              That third down where he went the wrong direction is the other, imo. How do you go the wrong way as a QB? You're the backup, you should know the plays like the back of your hand.

                              When being a fanboi goes too far.


                              • Man, Rodgers needs to get down and slide. Those extra 2-3 yards he got(well after he had the 1st down) knocked him out of this game and might knock him out against the Pats. Can't have the QB taking unnecessary hits. Get the **** down!

                                Playcalling again was baffling. McCarthy needs to hire a real O coordinator who can call the plays and he can focus on rallying the team and game clock management, etc. He suffers in those aspects because he's so focused on trying to call th eplays that he either misses the chance at possible challenges or bungles up the clock management. You don't go for it all on 4th and 1 with the backup in there. Come on. Had a good minute left in the game and 2 timeouts and was on the 32 freakin yard line. Just move the freakin sticks. The Flynn INT in the red zone was awful, but would it have killed Mike to at least call a RUN play there? 1st and goal at the 9 and he's got Flynn airing it out. For gods sake, don't put too much on his plate, he's the backup.

                                OL/DL got straight up whipped today. That's the main story of the game. They just got flatout beat in the trenches. Pitiful performance by the OL and the DL got gashed for run after run. I swear it was "2nd and 5" every time for Detroit.

                                Even with Rodgers, they probably don't win @ NE...without him, well, then it's just not worth watching. They still have a chance though. 10-6 could get a wildcard. They must beat NYG and the Bears of course, and then hope for a bit of luck. Would be nice if the Vikings beat the Bears. Pack will need that to AT LEAST have a shot at the division, assuming the Bears go 1-3 or so(definitely possible)

                                tough loss, but not a season ender. They still control their own destiny...although if they lose vs the Pats(which I see happening) then they'll need some outside help from the Vikes and whoever plays the Bucs/NYG down the stretch
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