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A Look Back.....2005 Draft

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    if the player drafted doesn't start currently or has never contributed to the team how is that not an F?

    montgomery can't be more than a C @ best.

    Collins and Poppinga are safe in the B range as they are decent starters, could get alot better.

    Rodgers is an A for value/talent, but maybe a C+ right now as he is still an unknown, but starting.... so twist my arm B

    Coston C
    Witticker D...+

    the rest are Fs. solid Fs at that.

    so if we were to avg out those grades (-) and (+) subtract .5 or add .5 to the numerical grade equivalent and you get...drumroll......

    F's being 1 and A's being 5 the draft grade is 2.22

    almost a!

    I'm not hating, I love my packers. but lets get real. There isn't a draft that would score high if scored fairly. I cheated in my own system by bumping Rodgers up to a B instead of a C. anyway, my .02.
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      Originally posted by Kampman for President View Post
      He actually put on 15 lbs of muscle from his rookie to sophomore seasons with the Packers. Problem was that he couldn't stay on the field, he was always knicked up.

      Will Blackmon is probably in the same situation because he looks like he has alot of potential but he just can't stay healthy.
      I do remember when he gained the extra muscle, but he just wasn't committed to improving himself to be a better player...He was more interested in being satisfied with the contract he had, staying in the clubs and going off his god given abilities...He had all the tools to be a star, excellent size, and he dominated at every level he played at previously...Lack of talent isn't the reason he didn't suceed, I went to high school with him and even then he had all the talent in the world but he just wasn't a hard worker(think Boobie Miles from Friday Night Lights)...Out of high school he had D-1 schools as Tennessee recruiting him to play WR if it gives you any idea of where his athleticism was it but he didn't take to coaching or authority well because thats how he got kicked off Oklahoma after his freshman year.

      At that point in the draft you start to look at guys with high measurables like him, but I really thought he would pan out because he had already lost one opportunity at OU because he was looking like a future 1st rd pick...Currently he has been offered by the Dallas Desperados but he is trying to earn a spot with a few teams on some sort of minimum contract.

      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.



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