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  • Projected depth chart/needs

    QB (3):
    1. *Aaron Rodgers*
    2. *Brian Brohm*
    3. *Matt Flynn*

    This group has amazing potential. All Thompson guys, that all fit the system well. Jerry Babb and Dalton Bell don't make the cut, and the only way I could see Flynn getting cut is if they sign a veteran.

    RB (3):
    1. -Ryan Grant-
    2. *Brandon Jackson*
    3. *DeShawn Wynn*

    This was a position that was expected to be upgraded on Draft Day, but it surprisingly wasn't. I think that speaks volumes on how high Thompson is on this group. Morency and Herron will create great competition, but as long as Wynn can stay healthy, I feel confident he'll stay.

    FB (2):
    1. *Korey Hall*
    2. *Kregg Lumpkin*

    This prediction will be surprising to some. John Kuhn is a very good player, but I'm extremely high on Lumpkin. He has injury problems, but like Wynn, if he can stay healthy, he should push Kuhn to the limit for the backup job. He needs to put on 10-15 pounds, but at 6'1, he has tremendous potential.

    WR (6):
    1. Donald Driver
    2. *Greg Jennings*
    3. *James Jones*
    4. *Jordy Nelson*
    5. -Koren Robinson-
    6. -Ruvell Martin-

    This will also be an interesting position to watch in camp. Driver, Jennings, Jones, and Nelson are locks, along with one of either Robinson or Martin. I think Robinson and Martin are both more than worthy to make the final 53, but it may depend on what Thompson wants to do. I think Rodgers will be given as many weapons as possible.

    TE (2):
    1. Donald Lee
    2. *Jermichael Finley*

    Not much of an argument with these two guys; what will but done with Tory Humphrey will be interesting because I know the Packers are high on him (maybe practice squad).

    OL (10):
    1. *Allen Barbre*
    2. Chad Clifton
    3. *Daryn Colledge*
    4. *Junius Coston*
    5. *Breno Giacomini*
    6. *Tony Moll*
    7. *Josh Sitton*
    8. *Jason Spitz*
    9. Mark Tauscher
    10. Scott Wells

    I think this group is pretty solid and will continue to improve. Clifton, Colledge, Wells, Tauscher, and Spitz should be the starters barring injuries, with Sitton, Moll, Giacomini, Coston, and Barbre providing tremendous depth.

    DL (9):
    1. Colin Cole
    2. Kabeer Gbaja- Biamila
    3. *Justin Harrell*
    4. Cullen Jenkins
    5. *Johnny Jolly*
    6. Aaron Kampman
    7. -Ryan Pickett-
    8. *Jeremy Thompson*
    9. *Michael Montgomery*/-Jason Hunter-

    Another solid group. Cole, Harrell, Jenkins, Kampman, Pickett, Thompson, and Jolly should be locks. I think of Montgomery, Hunter, and Gbaja-Biamila, two of them make it.

    LB (7):
    1. Nick Barnett
    2. -Brandon Chillar-
    3. *Brady Poppinga*
    4. *AJ Hawk*
    5. *Abdul Hodge*
    6. *Danny Lansanah*/*Desmond Bishop
    7. -Tracy White-

    Barnett, Chillar, Poppinga, Hawk, and White are locks. White mainly because of his special teams prowess. Hodge's spot is his to take, it's just a matter of whether he can stay healthy. I feel Lansanah and Desmond Bishop will battle it out for another ST spot.

    DB (8):
    1. -Atari Bigby-
    2. *Will Blackmon*
    3. *Nick Collins*
    4. Al Harris
    5. *Patrick Lee*
    6. *Aaron Rouse*
    7. *Tramon Williams*
    8. -Charles Woodson-

    I think everyone will applaud when Jarrett Bush is gone. The rest of this group should be pretty set in stone.

    ST (3):
    1. *Mason Crosby- K*
    2. *Ken Debauche- P*
    3. *J.J. Jansen- LS*

    Crosby is a lock, the punter and long snapper's spot will provide great competition. Jansen was an All-Pro long snapper at Notre Dame, and Debauche has a great leg. The battle between him and Ryan should go down to the wire, much like Crosby's competition last year.

    Offense: 26
    Defense: 24
    Special Teams: 3

    Many of you were wondering about the stars. I thought I'd just toss in this fun fact which indicates the players TT's brought in since he arrives in January of 2005. Here's that breakdown:

    Players TT has drafted or signed as undrafted free agents since '05: 35
    Players TT has brought in via free agency since '05: 7
    Players that remain on the roster from the Sherman era: 11
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    QB 1: Aaron Rodgers
    QB 2: Brian Brohm
    QB 3: Matt Flynn

    RB 1: Ryan Grant
    RB 2: DeShawn Wynn
    RB 3: Brandon Jackson
    RB 4: Vernand Morency

    FB 1: Korey Hall
    FB 2: John Kuhn

    TE 1: Donald Lee
    TE 2: JerMichael Finley

    WR 1: Donald Driver
    WR 2: Greg Jennings
    WR 3: James Jones
    WR 4: Jordy Nelson
    WR 5: Ruvell Martin
    WR 6: Koren Robinson

    OL 1: Chad Clifton
    OL 2: Mark Tauscher
    OL 3: Scott Wells
    OL 4: Jason Spitz
    OL 5: Daryn Colledge
    OL 6: Junius Coston
    OL 7: Allen Barbre
    OL 8: Josh Sitton
    OL 9: Breno Giacomani
    OL 10: Tony Moll

    DE 1: Aaron Kampman
    DE 2: Cullen Jenkins
    DE 3: KGB
    DE 4: Jeremy Thompson
    DE 5: Jason Hunter

    DT 1: Ryan Pickett
    DT 2: Johnny Jolly
    DT 3: Colin Cole
    DT 4: Justin Harrell
    DT 5: Daniel Muir

    LB 1: Nick Barnett
    LB 2: AJ Hawk
    LB 3: Brandon Chillar
    LB 4: Brady Poppinga
    LB 5: Abdul Hodge
    LB 6: Tracy White

    CB 1: Al Harris
    CB 2: Charles Woodson
    CB 3: Tramon Williams
    CB 4: Will Blackmon
    CB 5: Patrick Lee

    S 1: Atari Bigby
    S 2: Nick Collins
    S 3: Aaron Rouse
    S 4: Charlie Peprah

    K: Mason Crosby
    P: Jon Ryan
    LS: Thomas Gafford

    QB: Aaron Rodgers/Brian Brohm/Matt Flynn
    RB: Ryan Grant/DeShawn Wynn/Brandon Jackson/Vernand Morency
    FB: Korey Hall/John Kuhn
    TE: Donald Lee/JerMichael Finley
    WR: Donald Driver/Jordy Nelson/Ruvell Martin
    WR: Greg Jennings/James Jones/Koren Robinson
    LT: Chad Clifton/Daryn Colledge/Breno Giacomani
    LG: Junius Coston/Josh Sitton/
    C: Scott Wells/Jason Spitz
    RG: Jason Spitz/Daryn Colledge/Allen Barbre
    RT: Mark Tauscher/Tony Moll/Daryn Colledge

    RE: Cullen Jenkins/KGB/Jeremy Thompson
    NT: Ryan Pickett/Justin Harrell/Colin Cole
    DT: Johnny Jolly/Justin Harrell
    LE: Aaron Kampman/Jeremy Thompson/Jason Hunter
    SLB: Brady Poppinga/Brandon Chillar/Tracy White
    MLB: Nick Barnett/Abdul Hodge/Brandon Chillar
    WLB: AJ Hawk/Brandon Chillar
    CB: Al Harris/Patrick Lee/Will Blackmon
    SS: Atari Bigby/Aaron Rouse
    FS: Nick Collins/Aaron Rouse/Charlie Peprah
    CB: Charles Woodson/Tramon Williams

    K: Mason Crosby
    P: John Ryan
    LS: Thomas Gafford
    KR: Koren Robinson/Tramon Williams/Will Blackmon
    PR: Tramon Williams/Will Blackmon/Charles Woodson


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      How I see our 53 man Depth Chart. There were some really tough cuts, but the roster shows no mercy. I am thinking some of this year's draft picks will be practice squad guys, so they'll be around. As guys are listed on the depth chart more than once, I bolded all the guys in their initial slot.

      (OFF: 25)
      3 QB: Aaron Rodgers, Brian Brohm, Matt Flynn
      3 RB: Ryan Grant, Brandon Jackson, Vernand Morency
      2 FB: Korey Hall, John Kuhn
      6 WR: Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, Jordy Nelson (He very well might be the #3 by the end of the year, but JJ has a strong body and isn't a rookie), Koren Robinson (My only concern on Koren is his knee. If it continues to be a problem, there is always Brett Swain waiting to be the team speedster), Ruvell Martin
      2 TE: Donald Lee, JerMichael Finley, John Kuhn
      2 LT: Chad Clifton, Daryn Colledge, Allen Barbre
      2 LG: Daryn Colledge, Junius Coston, Allen Barbre
      2 OC: Scott Wells, Jason Spitz, Josh Sitton
      1 RG: Jason Spitz, Junius Coston, Josh Sitton
      2 RT: Mark Tauscher, Orrin Thompson (I'm not 100% on this given Breno and the guys coming back from injury, but I'm going with Orrin as I want to see the brothers tear it up for at least a season this year), Josh Sitton

      3 DE: Cullen Jenkins, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (maybe), Jason Hunter (Hunter benefits from his impact on special teams. Montgomery can block kicks, but his health and production make him upgradeable with Jeremy Thompson)
      3 DT: Ryan Pickett, Colin Cole, Johnny Jolly (When does he come back from the surgery? If he is fully healthy, I think he'll start over Harrell, but they might bring him back slowly given how much depth they have. Could be PuP to start, which would keep Mike Montgomery)
      2 DT: Justin Harrell, Daniel Muir, Johnny Jolly
      2 LE: Aaron Kampman, Jeremy Thompson
      2 WILL: AJ Hawk, Tracy White (This could always go to Bishop, but Tracy White is a key in the special teams game and TT and MM want to have the best special teams in the league)
      2 MIKE: Nick Barnett, Abdul Hodge/Desmond Bishop (not sure which stays, but I think only one stays)
      2 SAM: Brady Poppinga (at least on first down), Brandon Chillar
      5 CB: Al Harris, Charles Woodson, Will Blackmon, Patrick Lee, Tramon Williams
      2 FS: Nick Collins, Tyrone Culver (I hope Culver comes back from injury, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a trade for a safety or a UDFA like David Roach earning a roster spot this year)
      2 SS: Aaron Rouse, Atari Bigby (if Bigby starts at SS, maybe Rouse challenges for the FS), Josh Barrett (I know, just wishful thinking)

      K: Mason Crosby
      P: Jon Ryan
      KR: Koren Robinson, Tramon Williams. This looks OK, but so many of the new guys have returner potential, it's hard to choose.
      PR: Will Blackmon, Tramon Williams
      LS: JJ Jansen. He beats out Gafford and continues to never have a mis-snap during his entire Packers career. A shame Jermichael or Sitton can't LS. Looks like a good guy is gonna get cut due to needing a snapper.
      The pain fades and the good memories will remain.


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        53 Man Roster:

        QB: A-Rod, Brohm, Flynn
        RB: Grant, BJax, Morency
        FB: Hall, Kuhn
        TE: Lee, JerMike, Humphrey
        WR: Driver, Jones, Martin
        WR: Jennings, Nelson, Quinn

        LT: Clifton, Colledge, Breno
        LG: Barbre, Coston
        C: Wells, Spitz
        RG: Spitz, Sitton
        RT: Tausch, Barbre, Breno

        DE: Kampman, Thompson
        DE: Jenkins, Montgomery, KGB
        DT: Pickett, Harrell ( ~ PUP)
        DT: Jolly, Jenkins, Cole

        WLB: Hawk, Danny Lansanah
        MLB: Barnett, Bishop
        SLB: Chillar, Popps, Lansanah

        CB: Harris, Tramon, Lee
        CB: Woody, Blackmon, Collins
        FS: Collins, Rouse
        SS: Bigby, Peprah

        LS: Jansen
        PK: Crosby
        P: Ryan
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          Greg Jennings is our #1 WR. He's a star.......... Rodgers will look to him more like Favre forced too many towards Driver...... Rodgers to Jennings.... Touchdown !


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            Rouse will steal Collins' starting spot. Hes just a better player.


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              1) Aaron Rodgers
              2) Brian Brohm
              3) Matt Flynn

              4) Ryan Grant
              5) Brandon Jackson
              6) DeShawn Wynn

              7) Korey Hall
              8) John Kuhn

              9) Donald Lee
              10) Jermichael Finley
              11) Tory Humphrey

              12) Donald Driver
              13) Greg Jennings
              14) James Jones
              15) Jordy Nelson
              16) Ruvell Martin

              17) Chad Clifton
              18) Mark Tauscher
              19) Scott Wells
              20) Jason Spitz
              21) Daryn Colledge
              22) Allen Barbre
              23) Breno Giacomini
              24) Josh Sitton
              25) Tony Moll
              26) Orrin Thompson

              27) Aaron Kampman
              28) Ryan Pickett
              29) Cullen Jenkins
              30) Justin Harrell
              31) Johnny Jolly
              32) Jeremy Thompson
              33) Colin Cole
              34) Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
              35) Daniel Muir

              36) Nick Barnett
              37) A.J. Hawk
              38) Brady Poppinga
              39) Brandon Chillar
              40) Desmond Bishop
              41) Tracy White

              42) Al Harris
              43) Charles Woodson
              44) Pat Lee
              45) Tramon Williams
              46) Will Blackmon

              47) Atari Bigby
              48) Nick Collins
              49) Aaron Rouse
              50) Charlie Peprah

              51) Mason Crosby

              52) Jon Ryan

              53) Thomas Gafford
              Well I just started from the top and when I was finished I came up with 53 on the head which kind of suprised me!

              Now for some of my reasoning:

              QBs - Obviously Rodgers is the guy here. Brohm was one of our 2nd round picks and I think that if Rodgers does do well then Brohm will be trade bait at a future date. Which leads me to Flynn, I don't think he'll ever be anything more than a backup but I think he can carve out a niche for us and be the "Doug Peterson/Craig Nall" for us during the post-Favre era.

              RBs - Grant really stepped up and made RB not a huge need for us anymore. I think that Jackson has gotten better and he started to run harder late in the year last year. Wynn still has some potential and I think he's a better runner then Herron is in our zone blocking scheme.

              FB - Hall is the athletic guy while Kuhn is the pounder. Hall is also a key special teams guy.

              TEs - I went with 3 TEs because the coaches are still high on Humphrey. I really like Finley but I think we'll use a rotation for the #2 TE spot behind Lee.

              WRs - This was a little tougher one since we drafted 2 WRs this year and we have such great depth now at the position. The final spot for me came down to Martin and Swain. I think that Swain has some potential and could be a descent #4 or #5 WR for us in the future but Martin is proven and his size creates matchups. If Nelson shows that he can contribute right away then he could become our "big" which I think might allow Swain to make the team.

              OLs - I went heavy here because both guard spots are still wide open plus we need depth at tackle quite badly. Breno Giacomini has looked great at the OTAs so far but he's still a project. Sitton might be iffy but I can't see cutting a 4th round pick this early on. In the long run he might be our RG of the future. Moll might be on the bubble as well. Orrin Thompson is our only other true tackle aside from Clifton/Tauscher.

              DLs - This was another tough one. We have alot of talent here so some guys had to miss the cut. I was torn between Conrad Bolston, Alfred Malone, Jason Hunter, and Michael Montgomery. In the end I just liked Muir more because he is more like Corey Williams in that he plays the 3-technique. Bolston and Malone are more like NTs and we already have several guys like Pickett, Harrell, Jolly, and even Cole that can play NT. Hunter misses out because he doesn't play much on defense and we have several other guys who have became good special teamers. Montgomery is in a contact year and just hasn't really shown much development. He's descent in releif but Jeremy Thompson needs to get his chance. I don't like going thin at DE and I think that either Hunter/Montgomery might make it this year but if KGB can come back healthy I think we'll be fine.

              LBs - Abdul Hodge is the odd man out here. He hasn't stayed healthy while Bishop has shown that he is a capable backup. Chillar adds depth if he starts or not and White is another one of those good special teams guys for us.

              CBs - A thin group but I like Tramon Williams, Pat Lee, and Will Blackmon. Williams IMO is better than Jarrett Bush plus he is a good return man. Lee might be our nickleback from the start and Blackmon, if he can stay healthy, should be solid. Plus Blackmon could be our punt returner.

              Ss - Bigby should start again at SS but I think that the FS job is up in the air. I'd love to see Rouse start and maybe even move Collins back to CB. But either way I think we only go with 4 safetys. Culver has shown some skills but he's nothing more than a backup. Peprah seems to be a coaches favorite and he can play both safety positions.

              K - Crosby is a stud, end of story.

              P - Ryan has improved every year but he needs to become more consistant. This is his last year to prove he can be the guy before we need to start looking again.

              LS - From what I heard is that the staff really likes J.J. Jansen but Thomas Gafford was here last year and with the Seahawks before that but he has never played in an NFL game. He knows the routine which is why I think he has the edge on Jansen right now. But Jansen seems to have more of an upside and he was reportedly a "priority" UDFA signing for us after the draft. Overall I'd rather see Scott Wells or someone else learn to long snap so we don't have to "waste" a roster spot on a LS.


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                1. Aaron Rodgers
                2. Brian Brohm
                3. Matt Flynn

                1. Ryan Grant
                2. Brandon Jackson
                3. Vernand Morency

                1. Korey Hall
                2. John Kuhn

                1. Donald Driver
                2. Greg Jennings
                3. James Jones
                4. Jordy Nelson
                5. Ruvell Martin

                1. Donald Lee
                2. Jermichael Finely
                3. Tory Humphrey

                1. Chad Clifton
                2. Mark Tauscher
                3. Daryn Colledge
                4. Breno Giacomini

                1. Allen Barbre
                2. Jason Sptiz
                3. Junius Coston
                4. Josh Sitton

                1. Scott Wells
                2. Jason Spitz

                Defense (25)

                1. Aaron Kampman
                2. Cullen Jenkins
                3. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
                4. Jeremy Thompson
                5. Michael Montgomery

                1. Ryan Pickett
                2. Justin Harrell
                3. Johnny Jolly
                4. Colin Cole
                5. Daniel Muir

                1. AJ Hawk
                2. Brady Poppinga
                3. Desmond Bishop
                4. Tracy White

                1. Nick Barnett
                2. Brandon Chillar

                1. Al Harris
                2. Charles Woodson
                3. Tramon Williams
                4. Pat Lee
                5. Will Blackmon

                1. Nick Collins
                2. Atari Bigby
                3. Aaron Rouse
                4. Tyrone Culver

                Special Teams(3)

                1. Will Blackmon
                2. Jordy Nelson

                1.Will Blackmon

                1.Mason Crosby

                1.Jon Ryan

                1. J.J. Jansen

                Practice Squad:
                1. Kregg Lumpkin
                2. Evan Moore
                3. Jake Allen
                4. Alfred Malone
                5. Kyle Ward
                6. Brett Swain
                7. ???
                8. ???


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                  QB : Aaron Rodgers | Brian Brohm | Matt Flynn

                  RB : Ryan Grant | Brandon Jackson | Vernand Morency

                  FB : Korey Hall | John Kuhn

                  WR : Donald Driver | Greg Jennings | James Jones | Ruvell Martin | Jordy Nelson

                  TE : Donald Lee | Jermichael Finley | Tory Humphrey

                  OL : Chad Clifton | Mark Tauscher | Daryn Colledge | Jason Spitz | Scott Wells | Josh Sitton | Tony Moll | Allen Barbre

                  DL : Aaron Kampman | Cullen Jenkins | Ryan Pickett | Johnny Jolly | Justin Harrell | Colin Cole | Michael Montgomery | Jeremy Thompson | Kabeer-Gbaja Biamila | Daniel Muir | Jason Hunter

                  LB : AJ Hawk | Nick Barnett | Brandon Chillar | Brady Poppinga | Desmond Bishop | Tracy White

                  CB : Al Harris | Charles Woodson | Tramon Williams | Pat Lee | Will Blackmon

                  S : Atari Bigby | Nick Collins | Aaron Rouse | Charlie Peprah

                  K : Mason Crosby

                  P : Jon Ryan

                  LS : J.J. Jansen

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                    How did this get stickied?

                    Anyways, my roster spot power rankings:

                    1. Aaron Kampman
                    2. Nick Barnett
                    3. AJ Hawk
                    4. Greg Jennings
                    5. Aaron Rodgers
                    6. Al Harris
                    7. Charles Woodson
                    8. Ryan Grant
                    9. Donald Driver
                    10. Mark Tauscher
                    11. Ryan Pickett
                    12. Chad Clifton
                    13. Johnny Jolly
                    14. Cullen Jenkins
                    15. Atari Bigby
                    16. Mason Crosby
                    17. Scott Wells
                    18. Brandon Jackson
                    19. Jason Spitz
                    20. Brady Poppinga
                    21. Colin Cole
                    22. Jordy Nelson
                    23. Donald Lee
                    24. Brian Brohm
                    25. Brandon Chillar
                    26. Nick Collins
                    27. Tracy White
                    28. Pat Lee
                    29. James Jones
                    30. Korey Hall
                    31. Aaron Rouse
                    32. Jason Hunter
                    33. Josh Sitton
                    34. Kabeer Gbaja Biamila
                    35. Tramon Williams
                    36. Jon Ryan
                    37. Daniel Muir
                    38. Mike Montgomery
                    39. Daryn Colledge
                    40. John Kuhn
                    41. Will Blackmon
                    42. Ruvell Martin
                    43. JerMichael Finley
                    44. Allen Barbre
                    45. Jeremy Thompson
                    46. JJ Jansen
                    47. Junius Coston
                    48. Tony Moll
                    49. Vernand Morency
                    50. Abdul Hodge
                    51. Matt Flynn
                    52. Noah Herron
                    53. Tory Humphrey
                    Next 10
                    1. Conrad Bolston
                    2. Charlie Peprah
                    3. Kregg Lumpkin
                    4. Alfred Malone
                    5. Desmond Bishop
                    6. Orrin Thompson
                    7. Brett Swain
                    8. Jarrett Bush
                    9. Tyrone Culver
                    10. Rodney Allen

                    Really 1-46 are pretty much set to make the roster without worry. 47-53 are fighting for spots with 1-5 of the next 10 being the real threats to take them.
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                      a near perennial ten sack player as the 34th best on the team? Sure, he's one dimensional, but he's better than that.

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                      they get smoked.

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                        Originally posted by TitleTown088 View Post
                        a near perennial ten sack player as the 34th best on the team? Sure, he's one dimensional, but he's better than that.
                        It's not in order of how good they are, but in order of how secure their roster spot is. I took in many different factors in determining how to decide that. KGB's age and injury puts him lower on the list while Jordy Nelson being a high draft pick puts him pretty high. I'm not at all one of those who is down on KGB, in fact I have defended him quite often this offseason. KGB is a better player than say Pat Lee, but KGB's chances of getting cut are higher. That's what I was going for.

                        EDIT: Also I find it strange that if you were thinking it was ranked by best player that you picked out KGB at 34. Aaron Rodgers is 5th, Brandon Jackson 18th, Tracy White is 27th, and KGB is the one you would have had a problem with?
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                          Why not? Im crazy bored.

                          1) Aaron Rodgers
                          2) Brian Brohm*
                          3) Matt Flynn*

                          1) Ryan Grant
                          2) Brandon Jackson
                          3) Vernand Morency

                          1) Korey Hall
                          2) John Kuhn

                          1) Donald Driver
                          2) Greg Jennings
                          3) James Jones
                          4) Jordy Nelson
                          5) Ruvell Martin

                          1) Donald Lee
                          2) Tory Humphrey
                          3) JerMichael Finley*

                          1) Chad Clifton
                          2) Mark Tauscher
                          3) Tony Moll
                          4) Breno Giacamoni*

                          1) Jason Spitz
                          2) Daryn Colledge
                          3) Josh Sitton*
                          4) Allen Barbre

                          1) Scott Wells

                          1) Aaron Kampman
                          2) Cullen Jenkins
                          3) Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
                          4) Michael Montgomery
                          5) Jeremy Thompson*

                          1) Ryan Pickett
                          2) Johnny Jolly
                          3) Justin Harrell (PUP, dont think he counts against 53)
                          4) Colin Cole
                          5) Daniel Muir

                          1) AJ Hawk
                          2) Brady Poppinga
                          3) Brandon Chillar
                          4) Tracy White

                          1) Nick Barnett
                          2) Abdul Hodge
                          3) Desmond Bishop

                          1) Al Harris
                          2) Charles Woodson
                          3) Tramon Williams
                          4) Will Blackmon
                          5) Pat Lee*

                          1) Nick Collins
                          2) Aaron Rouse

                          1) Atari Bigby
                          2) Charlie Peprah

                          1) Mason Crosby

                          1) Jon Ryan

                          1) JJ Jansen


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                            Alright here are my final picks.

                            QB (3): Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, Brian Brohm
                            RB (4): Ryan Grant, Brandon Jackson, Noah Herron, Vernand Morency
                            FB (2): Korey Hall, John Kuhn
                            TE (2): Donald Lee, JerMichael Finley
                            WR (5): Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, Ruvell Martin, Jordy Nelson
                            OL (9): Chad Clifton, Daryn Colledge, Scott Wells, Jason Spitz, Mark Tauscher, Josh Sitton, Junius Coston, Tony Moll, Allen Barbre

                            DE (6): Aaron Kampman, Cullen Jenkins, KGB, Mike Montgomery, Jason Hunter, Jeremy Thompson
                            DT (5): Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly, Colin Cole, Daniel Muir
                            LB (6): AJ Hawk, Nick Barnett, Brady Poppinga, Brandon Chillar, Tracy White, Abdul Hodge
                            CB (5): Al Harris, Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams, Will Blackmon, Pat Lee
                            S (4): Atari Bigby, Nick Collins, Aaron Rouse, Charlie Peprah

                            K (1): Mason Crosby
                            P (1): Jon Ryan
                            LS (1): JJ Jansen/other

                            Final Cut: Desmond Bishop (After I went through the first time then counted them up I had 54, had to get rid of one and that's him)

                            Just Missed: Conrad Bolston, Tory Humphrey, Alfred Malone, Kregg Lumpkin, Tyrone Culver
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                              GB12, what about Brandon Chillar? Just noticed that.



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