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  • Originally posted by Burger View Post
    Jones can very much be in the 3-4 OLB rotation. I have a feeling Justin Harrell is going to prove he is not a bust this year.
    You feel, or you hope?

    What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
    they get smoked.

    2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions
    Hint:Not the Bears.


    • Hunches always have a ring of hope to them- you need hope to make them to begin with, and even MORE hope to do something real drastic like gamble away all you have for a shot at fortune. Horseracing lives and dies on the hunches of the bettors.


      • Brad Jones will be in the game, as knowing the position of 3-4 OLB.


        • Originally posted by jackalope View Post
          Dammit, we could have kept our 3rds and got Everette Brown at 41. We got robbed on the trade up.
          Guys, this has been a very fun few minutes reminiscing back to last years amazing Packers draft class!
          I'm getting pumped for next month, but read thru all this... it brings back great memories.
          Interesting to see who wanted Crabtree. What a shock that was for both him and BJ to be there at 9. Ted was not planning that to happen either.
          We all knew the trade value chart favored NE in that deal, but sometimes to get a great prospect, its well worth it. Someone made a good, funny, point about Ted's 3rd round history!

          To come away with Matthews and Raji is a great foundation.
          But he also got us TJ Lang, Brad Jones, Quinn IronHammer Johnson, 3 guys that immedately helped... not so much QJ, but he will. And also Underwood hopefully will figure it out this year. Meredith was another pick that might have worked out in the end, but they tried to hide him on the practice squad so they could keep 3 fullbacks.


          • Originally posted by Yatta! View Post
            TT is absolutely killing this draft. Great value at positions of need.

            Thoughts on todays picks:
            TJ Lang is a great pickup, he was top of my big board for us this morning. Fantastic pick.

            Didn't think fullback was really a position of need, but I do love a punishing lead blocker and that is what Johnson does so I'll take it.

            Meredith is another great pick, 2nd to Lang on my day two want list.

            Jairus Wynn looks like a solid developmental end.

            Brandon Underwood gives us more depth at corner and is a physical player, just the way we like them.

            I have no idea who Brad Jones is, which is worrying considering I have over 700 players ranked but whatever the rest of the draft is absolutely epic.
            You Inglorious Basterd Yatta! You just made me spit out my soda reading this and LMFAO !!!!



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