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    Originally posted by J-Mike88 View Post
    Using wins-losses is not going to make some people happy.

    But johbur, you are right on the money: this is a business where success is measured by wins and losses, and especially playoff wins and losses. So far, you're right: the overall record is a little better than average. We think (and hope!) that the future is bright, so his grade should be going up.

    With an upgrade at CB, LOLB, and OT, there's not a team in the league that we cannot beat, and that speaks volumes about what TT has done with this team. Yeah, I said it. But remember the history in Seattle too, and the off-season they had when he left, and then the season they had. He builds nice puzzles, but he needs to finish it. We all know where we have holes.
    If wins-losses is the most accurate representation of a GM's performance, would you agree that Mike Sherman was a more successful GM than Ted Thompson?

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      People just remember it's like you're a college looking at applicants and all these things are like ACTs, GPA, class rank, activities, etc.

      I grade him an A- primarily for 2 reasons.
      1) Aaron Rodgers: so many teams go decades without a decent quarterback, and when Aaron retires it will probably be the case that we went 30 years with very high level QB play
      2) Brett Favre: He risked making everyone in Wisconsin hate him by standing up to him and doing the right football move. He played the unknown young kid instead who he apparently knew to be a phenom. And he put an end to Favre treating the organisation like a very desperate ex girlfriend (now Minnesota is that desperate ex :) ).

      The only real knocks on him are that he screwed up on the OL last year and his drafting has been good, maybe very good, but not great. Not a single bad trade or any wasted money. Very rare for a 5-6 year span.

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        Name another GM that has found a top 5 QB (arguable the most valuable player in the NFL considering age and such), top 5 Safety, top 10 WR and, top young pass rusher and TE in his past few drafts. Not to mention the others guys he's drafted ( jolly, Jones, Spitz, Jordy, Lang) or found ( Tramon, Havner, and Grant) that are on the roster. TT has been very good in the draft, sure he has some misses, but what GMs haven't missed?

        Just imagine if Lee, Raji, and ( dare I say) Harrell amount on top of that.
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          Originally posted by jackalope View Post
          If wins-losses is the most accurate representation of a GM's performance, would you agree that Mike Sherman was a more successful GM than Ted Thompson?
          Yes, qualified in that he was the GM and the HC. I don't believe any head coach can be a successful GM over the long term. They get too attached to the players and players that don't get the money resent the coach/GM.
          Sherman had three division crowns, five winning seasons, and the highest w/l percentage behind Vince Lombardi in team history. Now, he was 2-4 in the playoffs, which obviously doesn't cut it in GB. Packers are 1-2 after him, so it's not like the playoff performance has improved under TT.

          They both had/have issues as GMs, Sherman relied on FA too much and didn't maximize the number of picks he made, though he was sustaining a solid team, instead of building up a team from one that had grown old. TT didn't keep his OGs his first season he let Longwell and Sharper go, cut P Jon Ryan and has yet to address the gaping holes on special teams, worst unit in the NFL. Due to drafting lots, he's hit on more players, but he has no more pro-bowlers than Sherman had selected over the first three drafts. Overall TT has a better handle on the draft and is getting better, as the 2009 draft was the type of draft that gets you to a championship. TT conservative with FA and is so conservative with the draft that he misses out on players that could make an impact on the team due to not wanting to "sacrifice" a third or fourth rounder.

          I'd have liked to have had TT in 2001 when Wolf retired and had Sherman as the coach, though I like what MM is doing now.
          The pain fades and the good memories will remain.


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            The 2010 draft is complete and I've added in the newest members of the Green Bay Packers.

            A few notes from the draft:

            1) With 7 draftees this is the smallest draft class in Ted Thompson's tenure with the Packers.

            2) This is the 1st time that Ted Thompson has not traded down over the course of a draft.


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              And there we have it, Ted Thompson's 2011 NFL draft is in the books.


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                Originally posted by cvv84 View Post
                And there we have it, Ted Thompson's 2011 NFL draft is in the books.
                And it was a good one as well.

                3 future starters in Sherrod, Cobb, House and some good depth in Green, Elmore and DJ Williams


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                  And TT back to his "typical" Ted Draft, which is having double digit picks. If 50% of picks make the team at year three, that means TT has been getting 5 or 6 players on the roster versus the 2 or 3 players other teams get from the draft. This takes into account injuries, roster competition, trades and whatever else.
                  The pain fades and the good memories will remain.


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                    Just updated this with the recent free agent moves, when you look back we only have 2 players left from Thompson's 1st draft class with the Packers. On the bright side, both those players are top 5 at their position.

                    Ironically from Thomson's 2nd draft class, we'll soon have only 2 players left as well in Hawk and Jennings.

                    2007 was Thompson's worst draft class, luckily he landed 2 gems in the 6th round who both received extention in the past year.


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                      Originally posted by cvv84 View Post
                      1) He has re-established the overall depth of the team

                      5) He isn't affraid to get rid of mistakes i.e. Ahmad Carroll and Marquand Manuel

                      Mostly though he's failed to hit on his top picks other than Aaron Rodgers.
                      These are two of Thompson's best attributes. Sure he has missed on a few of the top picks but he's gotten good depth in almost every draft and that really helps down the stretch.

                      Furthermore, being able to admit a mistake and fix it, is a big plus. If a player has shown promise by 2-3 years - cut or bench him. I feel as though, in the Sherman days, we held on to a lot of players who we should have cut or benched.

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