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Packers-Browns, Preseason Week 1

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  • Packers-Browns, Preseason Week 1

    Starts at 7:00.

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    +Rep to anyone who provides a link where the game is streaming


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      I'm going to this game

      Thanks to BK for the sig


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        Originally posted by umphrey View Post
        I'm going to this game
        I could've went but the starters are only going to play a series and I don't feel like sitting around watching a bunch of guys who aren't even going to make a team. The final 2 games yes, the first 2 game no.


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          That doesn't even make sense. Starters play the least in the last game.


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            Originally posted by GB12 View Post
            That doesn't even make sense. Starters play the least in the last game.
            Thats why I said yes, I'd go to the final 2 games.


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              The following Packers players will not play in tonight's game:

              21 CB Charles Woodson
              22 CB Pat Lee
              31 CB Al Harris
              52 LB Clay Matthews
              56 LB Nick Barnett
              59 LB Brad Jones
              90 NT B.J. Raji
              91 DE Justin Harrell
              99 LB Jeremy Thompson

              Starting Lineup Changes:
              On defense, Will Blackmon (#27) will start at LCB for Charles Woodson (21). Tramon Williams (38) will start at RCB for Al Harris (31). Michael Montgomery (96) will start at LDE for Johnny Jolly (97).

              The following Browns players will not play in tonight's game:

              70 OL Rex Hadnot
              81 WR David Patten
              82 TE Steve Heiden
              85 TE John Madsen


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                Well that's half of the defense out...

                Go Packers, Chiefs, Mizzou Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Chicago Bulls, No. 31 Jeff Burton!


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                  Here we go! First series.

                  1) Run to the left with Grant. No push at all.

                  2) Nice curl route to Jones.

                  3) Packers gain 2 yards on a 3rd and short. Nice to see a short yardage conversion for a change!

                  4) Nice cut by Grant on a run to the right side. 14 yard gain. Used the 2 TE package there.

                  5) Shotgun. Rodgers throws high. Lee and Driver in the same area. Incomplete.

                  6) 2nd and 10. Rodgers throws just a little wide of Jennings. Incomplete.

                  7) Packers using alot of shotgun. Rodgers deep for Driver for a 53 yard TD!!


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                    Awesome start.

                    Sig thanks to mockalicious


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                      does anyone have a link?


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                        Kickoff. Cribbs on the return. The 1st guy to hit him couldn't take him down but the Packers swarm and take him down.

                        Brady Quinn gets the start for the Browns and will face the Packers #3 and #4 CBs with both Harris and Woodson out.

                        Here we go with the 34 defense! Jamal Lewis to the left side. Chllar with the stop on a 4 yard gain.

                        Run up the middle with Lewis. Montgomery on the stop. 2 yard gain.

                        3rd and 4. Packers in the nickel. Bush is the nickleback. Quinn complete. Kampman on coverage. 1st and 10.


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                          a tad choppy but it works. thats what im using.


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                            One thing I've noticed so far with the 3-4 is the the backside is not containing. They're swarming to the ball instead of staying in their gaps. Cribbs with a huge run on a reverse.

                            Kampman almost had a sack. Williams almost had a INT.


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                              3rd and 7. Mike Furrey again with a 3rd down conversion. His 2nd of the drive.



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