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Thank You Green Bay!

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  • Thank You Green Bay!

    First & foremost congratulations on making the playoffs! Second, thank you Green Bay for the fantastic time everyone there showed my father & I this weekend! What an amazing first trip to the frozen tundra; from the Lambeau Field tour (going on the field even!), visiting the Hall of Fame and doing the Lambeau leap, tailgating at Favre's Steakhouse then all along the walk to the field, meeting Gilbert Brown at Champions, and of course the game time experience on Sunday ... what a blast. The memories my dad & I shared this weekend were priceless & I must say you showed us a wonderful time ;o) From the bottom of my heart, Go PACKERS!

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    Awesome! It's always great to see someone else having a great time at Lambeau. Oh, and was Gilbert as big as you would think? I've never seen him in person but my uncle lives down the river from where Gilbert used to live and he said he was huge.


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      i second this, i was at lions - packers a couple of months ago, and everyone was really, really nice. Such a nice place, everyone in town were so passionate about the team. I met Gilbert Brown as well, and yes the guy is a house


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        Switch teams.

        What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
        they get smoked.

        2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions
        Hint:Not the Bears.


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          I bought a hat, got the towel at the game & a t shirt so I am half way out the door ;o)

          Gilbert is all of 350 lbs ... I'm 6' 2" 260 and he made me feel tiny.


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            Wow, I thought I had a good weekend. Watched the game surrounded by family at my Grandma's and eating chicken soft tacos with mucho pineapple salsa and sour cream...

            Congrads on a solid weekened though, Lambeau is always an awesome experience.



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