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  • Rookie keepers!

    Obviously BJ and Clay are, but which other rookie have impressed you during the season?
    I've been pleased with Lang's play. I see him as a future starter.

    Brad Jones has showed some good things, but I'd like some competition for him next year.

    Underwood couldn't unseat Bush as a sub-package CB, and thats not a good thing.

    Quinn looked like an effective FB, but didn't looked ready to unseat either kuhn or hall.

    Can't say much about Wynn since I did not see him play at all.

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    Matthews really suprised me. I didn't expect him to be a 10+ sack guy.

    Raji looks like an ideal fit. He can play all the positions. We still need to keep Pickett but I'd like Raji's role increased. That guys just moves blockers.

    Lang definetly has some talent. Seems like the Packers are intent on keeping him at tackle though. I like him at LG where he's a size and strength increase over Colledge.

    Johnson started out looking bad. I mean real bad. I didn't think he'd even make the team but he's really started to some around in the 2nd half of the season. I think he could take over Kuhn's role next year. Hall is too valuable of a special teamer.

    Jones kind of provided what I though he would. I liked the pick at the time and while he never really flashed in camp due to injuries, I'm glad we kept him. Could start but I like him better as a situational pass rusher.

    Underwood disapointed me. He seemed lost out there. I really expected more from him but I've come to be regulary disapointed by our CB draft picks.

    Wynn looked good in preseason. He saw some action and made a few tackles. He's a descent backup but he needs to bulk up.



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