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  • Maybe instead of scattering picks in the later rounds when he could have picked up, say a real punter, TT shoulda used his picks on OL in earlier rounds, maybe NOT trading down 10 times to accrue all those 4-7 picks that used to be 1-3 rounders. He also had free agency and trades available for solving the OL. As it is, he's still patching the OL together with Wolf and Sherman's OL picks. Starting with letting Wahl and Rivera walk and trying to replace them with two guys that were making less than 1 million combined, I just haven't seen TT serious about the OL until this year.

    I love the Bulage pick, and the more I read about Newhouse and watch tape on him, the more I think Barbre and/or Giacomini are going to be on a different club after this camp. It'd be odd to have two rookie starters on the OL again, but I think it is a definite possibility now.
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    • Originally posted by J-Mike88 View Post
      I'm not as down on the Bulaga pick as before, but I still wanted Jerry Hughes and would have sacrificed our #1 next year and more, plus a player or two, to have traded up to get Hughes. I wish we knew if TT made any attempt to trade up for him.
      I think you're missing what this draft said about Ted and Capers insight into this defense. While it may be a simple case of an OLB not being top of their board I think they're content with Brad Jones, and you can't blame them. He's cheap and performed fairly well last season as a rookie. I think the drafting ( of pass rushers) along the Dline is showing that capers sees an improved pass rush coming from lineman, not just OLB like so many fans and writers expect.

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