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    Originally posted by PackerLegend View Post
    I wanted a sexy pick but our o-line could use the help.
    Yea same here. My sexy pick woulda been dez bryant but bulaga is the right pick

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      Originally posted by Whistler6 View Post
      With all the talent left, I would not at all be surprised to see TT actually trade up into the early 2nd. Tomorrow is going to be just as crazy as tonight.
      Ya know, I wouldn't mind trading up for another tackle. Get one of the higher risk big potential guys in Charles Brown or Bruce Campbell and let them sit on the bench and learn LT. Take care of the position completely.


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        We better start the best tackle and not just hand it to Tauscher

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          Wow. Vikings trade out instead of taking Clausen who fell into their lap. I didn't think Clausen was that good, but that's still surprising.

          They might still be able to get him at 34 though.
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            Damnit, I really realllly wanted Best. I think all the concussion talk is vastly overrated. Great pick for the Lions.


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              3 points I'd like to make

              1. People play up Bulaga's performance against O'Brien Schofield and Brandon Graham as him playing normally. He had a problem with his thyroid that took him out for practically a month with no physical activity. He was rushed back not being 100% and it showed against two top tier des. When he was back to 100% he proved to shutdown Cam Heyward(top 15 pick next year) and Derrick Morgan. He was dominant as well for the entire '08 season. It is important to note the thyroid problem is completely done. It wont hamper bulaga whatsoever.

              2. He has versatility. He will excel at either OT positions or inside at guard.

              3. Hes very young. He turned 21 a month ago.


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                Lions will be a team to really look out for in 2 or 3 year once all these guys hitthere prime. I love what Schwartz and company are doin across the lake.

                I was a little critical before but that is just because I think Dez will be a great player. Bulaga will be solid for us for years to come. So much talent left on the board, I'd also wouldnt be shock to see TT move up

                I'd be fine with any of these guys in the 2nd tomorrow
                RB: McCluster, Gerhart
                WR:Benn, Tate, Gilyard
                TE: Gronkowski
                OL: Ducasse, Campell, Brown, Staffold, Veldheer
                DL:Price, Cody, L. Joseph, Houston
                OLB: Kindle, Dunlap, Griffen, Mosi
                CB: Cook, Frank, Murphy, Ghee, Owusu Ansah
                S: Mays, Jones, Burnett, Ward (high on)


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                  Originally posted by RyanBraun8 View Post
                  Hoping someone snags Bulaga actually before we pick, sorry guys just not feeling him, Peppers, KVB, Jared Allen will make him look as foolish as Brandon Graham did
                  Originally posted by cvv84 View Post
                  I really think we're going to regret passing on Bryant....
                  Dittox2 right there. I kept hoping someone would bite on Bulaga every pick from 6-22......


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                    Originally posted by GB12 View Post
                    Brian Bulaga! **** yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    Amen,. Money pick. I can't believe he fell to 23.

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                      Solid pick. Bulaga has good value, buit I also see him more of the Hawk player that's solid, but not special. I'll take solid on the O-line though.

                      Maybe Taylor Mays will fall to GB in R2... ;D
                      The pain fades and the good memories will remain.


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                        Originally posted by johbur View Post
                        Solid pick. Bulaga has good value, buit I also see him more of the Hawk player that's solid, but not special. I'll take solid on the O-line though.

                        Maybe Taylor Mays will fall to GB in R2... ;D
                        If Ted could somehow manage to trade up and snag a Mays, Kindle, or McCluster, I'd be extremely happy.


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                          Here's Bulaga's Twitter for those of you who Tweet, or are Twits.



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                            How many calls, and how bad will the Rams rape somebody for that #33 pick to someone who wants Jimmy Clausen before the Vikings pick at #34?

                            Auction with the Browns and Bills upping the bids like an eBay auction?
                            Maybe Seattle steps in?
                            But Colt McCoy is still there too... either of those QB's is a coup for the evil purple, dammit. But at least it won't help them this year.

                            I heard rumblings from Minnesota today (Thu) that the Vikings were swining hard for Albert Haynesworth. Nothing yet though has come about.


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                              Even though I am disappointed, this is good to read:

                              Some good net surfing here, thanks2 Bedard:
                              Here's what they are saying around the Web about Green Bay's selection of Bryan Bulaga with the No. 23 overall pick. And as far as I can tell, no one disliked the Packers' selection.

                              •'s Pete Prisco gives the Packers a B+ grade for the Bulaga pick. He writes: "They needed offensive tackle help and this is a player who slipped. At this spot, this is good value. He will push for time at right tackle this season."
                              •'s Ross Tucker assigns a grade of 3.28 to the Packers for the pick. He writes: "Green Bay is ecstatic is is able to draft a player many thought would go in the top 10. Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher can't play forever, and Bulaga will either start on the right side at tackle or slide inside to guard for a year before bumping outside later in his career. A meat and potatoes pick for a meat and a potatoes franchise."
                              •Staying at, Don Banks notes that while Bulaga slid down the draft he had a "pretty soft landing ... Other than the monetary hit that Bulaga took from falling out of the top 10 -- easy for me to say, right? -- going to the Packers could be a perfect career move. Green Bay doesn't need help immediately from Bulaga and can let him work himself into the lineup at guard, eventually transitioning to tackle once either Mark Tauscher or Chad Clifton moves on."
                              •'s John Czarnecki says this was a "solid pick." At the draft, Peter Schrager reports that the Packer fans there were "ecstatic."
                              •Pro Football Weekly's Nolan Nawrocki explains why Bulaga's stock fell - and says it shouldn't be a concern. "After Bulaga's arms measured 32 1/4 inches at his pro day, shorter than any other left tackle in the league, NFL OL coaches began to express greater concern about his ability to handle the edge and his stock was affected adversely,: Nawrocki writes. "However, he is very smart, understands angles and has good feet to become a very solid starter in the pros. He likely will be groomed inside at left guard next to Chad Clifton, with potential to kick outside in a year or two."
                              •Also at Pro Football Weekly, Mike Feminis includes Bulaga among his good fits of the first round. He writes: "The visible relief on Bulaga's face when he got the call from Green Bay was probably matched by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who spent way too much time picking himself off the turf last year. And while Bulaga probably slid further than he was anticipating, he winds up in an ideal landing spot. After growing up in the Midwest and honing his craft under renown offensive line molder Kirk Ferentz at Iowa, he remains in Big Ten country and will make his living in the NFC North. His athletic ability, sound technique and nasty playing temperament will endear himself in Green Bay."
                              •The St. Petersburg Times says the Bulaga pick was the biggest steal of the first round.
                              •New Era Scouting's Mike Miller also has nothing but good things to say. He writes: "Bulaga just fits the Packer offense, the Packer philosophy and the town Green Bay. We really like this pick, as Bulaga will not be forced to start from day one. He’s a very good tackle, we liked him a lot more than others, but he’ll be able to slowly immerse himself in to this offense if needed." Miller's remaining needs for Green Bay, in order, are CB, P, RB, OG, OC and TE.
                              • sees Bulaga eventually sticking at right tackle.
                              •Fanhouse's R.J. Wright gives the Packers a B grade. His good news, bad news - "Green Bay gets high marks for getting someone that was thought to be a lock for the top 10 at No. 23, but there was a reason his stock really fell in the days leading up to the draft."
                              • calls it a "great pick" and gives the Packers a grade of A-. The site gave out eight grades in the A range (one A+, one A and six A-).


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                                I wanted Kindle. :(



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