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Packers-Eagles, Week 1

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    Originally posted by BloodBrother View Post
    Woodson also doing his thing by forcing a turnover in which the packers ended up scoring. D was fine most of the game, but wore down at the end because the offense STUNK in that 4th quarter and they had only 3 active Dlineman. They were on the field a lot in that 2nd half
    The forced fumble by Woodson was eerily similar to the fumbles he forced last season against Roy Williams and Larry Fitzgerald. His ability to punch the ball out while still being able to tackle affectively is what sets him apart in that regard, and why he's the defending DPOY.

    Game Grades:

    It was obvious from the first snap that Rodgers was not his sharpest, missing his first three attempts that normally are relatively easy completions. Failing to spot a wide open Finley coming across the field on 3rd down was uncharacteristic of Rodgers, especially seeing how he was trying to establish Finley in the game early on. His first INT thrown into triple coverage was forced, and it just didn't seem like he couldn't hit get into a comfortable rythem, although his two touchdown passes were well placed. Next week should be a good opportunity to correct the minor mistakes, and I dont expect todays inacuracies to linger long.

    Running Backs:B-
    Its too bad that Ryan had to get injured when he did. He had just come off three great runs, and it looked like the running game was going to pick up the stagnant offense and use the run to set up the pass. Brandon Jackson had a few nice runs, but he seems to be too indicisive when it comes to hitting the hole and hitting it fast. John Kuhn had the best run of the game, taking a FB dive and completely bulldozing three players right up the heart of their defense, then scoring on the same run two plays later. The more carries I see on Kuhn, the more intrigued I get about how he could be more involved in the running game. He was acceptional today.

    I'm not putting much of anything on the revievers because I believe they were a victim of Rodgers' innacuracy, although Jordy did drop a pass that would have resulted in a touchdown. Jennings and Finley seemed to be the two guys the Eagles were not going to let beat them, even though Jennings touchdown was basically pitch and catch. And Donald 'The Machine' Driver just keeps getting hit done with another clutch touchdown that gave us the lead, and put us over the top for good. So overall, not great, but good enough to get the job done.

    Offensive Line:C-
    I'm being generous with this grade only because they flashed at times in the run game, but protection wise I felt like I was watching Week 1 of the 2009 season all over again. I couldn't help but put my hands on my head in complete disbelief with how our tackles were being completely manhandled. Clifton gave up 2 sacks, and looked slow off the snap, and Tauscher couldn't seem to get a good base under him to stay balanced. I kept seeing him getting pushed almost completely into Rodgers on multiple plays, and he looked like he was nursing something midway through the game. I dont know if its anything serious, its just what I picked up. If they continue to perform this way, how quick should TT and McCarthy turn to Bulaga or Lang? We cannot have the same protection problems reoccur again this year. Sitton though looked like stud today. Troy Aikman even gave his props during the game saying he thought Sitton was "Probably the most underrated and overlooked offensive linemen in football." Really excited to see how he progresses throughout the year.

    I will do defense and special teams tomorrow. I have tons of homework.


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      My Notes:

      Clay Matthews should be named the NFL Defensive Player of the Week.
      If only he had caught that late interception right to him, it would have sealed it for him. Shows how MEANINGLESS preseason is.

      I like Mark Tauscher, but he looked so much older and weaker and slower today than ever. He got bulled back a bunch of times.


      My man Aaron Rodgers was sch*tty today. Terrible overthrows, skittish, really one of his worst efforts I have seen from him, other than in Tampa Bay.

      Brandon Jackson was fantastic, and how about Kooooooon making the most on his runs!

      When Michael Vick is in, why do we blitz all out? I do not want to flush him from the pocket. I want to keep him in there, and force him to throw. We almost got killed with a loss because of his big plays with his legs. Just keep him contained. But that's a huge difference in game-planning for Kolb compared to Vick.

      Props to the punter Tim Masthay! At least the first two punts he had, he forced DeSean Jackson to call for a fair catch, which means we're not giving up a big return. Except for one, I thought Tim punted great.

      Welcome back Mason Crosby! His bomb would have been good from 60 yards or longer. And it was dead-center.

      Good job on special teams all the way around, and that shows why TT & MM hung with Slocum instead of bringing in the guy that Philly brought in. Ironic.

      I actually feel very bad for Justin Harrell. I watched him on that play (kick or punt) and was surprised he was on that blocking unit, commenting on it before the snap. I never saw the injury in a replay though. If that is an ACL tear, poor fella's Packer career is over. Did anyone claim Jarius Wynn or Toribio?

      Jordyzzz on the returns, and no holding calls or blocks in the back on our special teams?

      Defenses obviously are focused on Jermichael Finley. This opens up the backs out of the backfield.

      1-1 Baby! That is huge, and an NFC win.
      Thanks Steelers, and Rashard Mendenhall, because Atlanta might be a factor for NFC playoff jockeying down the road.


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        Severity of Grant's injury anyone? Walking in a boot but we're only carrying Brandon Jackson as our other true RB. Kuhn proved useful but how long can we get by with him spelling Jackson?

        Harrell is as good as gone if it is an ACL tear. I was really excited to see him out there, too.

        Aside from injuries:

        We played into Vick's hands too many times. He would drop back, step up and watch our rush go by and have 10+ yards in front of him. Had he ran it in, he could have, instead of firing it into the endzone on an incompletion, we may have lost.

        Good news, we dominate pocket quarterbacks. Not many times will we see anyone as mobile as Vick, so that's a positive.

        Aaron Rodgers didn't look sharp. He forced some throws. Didn't see a couple open guys.

        Brandon Jackson looked great on some carries and average on others. Basically the story of his career so far. I need consistent from him.

        Woodson and Matthews make plays. Where was Nick Collins? I guess it's best if we didn't recognize him for the wrong reasons.

        Sam Shields needs to return. Not taking anything away from Jordy as the kick returner but punts. Also, very raw at corner. Not sure how I feel about that going forward but if we don't have anyone better, so be it.

        Special teams definitely improved as noted. Crosby was clutch today.

        Our line looked suspect the second half with more complicated blitzes.

        Overall, an average game for the Packers as a whole. You have to think we'll be better going forward with less of a threat running the ball for the oppositon. I'm worried about teams spreading us out on defense just like last year. We don't see a team as deep on offense until the Sunday night showdown with Minnesota Week 7. Until then, we face not one top 15 offense from a year ago.

        Next week, we have Buffalo. Should put us to sleep. Edwards looked awful this week and Spiller was bottled up because of the lack of a passing threat.


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          Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post
          Sam Shields needs to return. Not taking anything away from Jordy as the kick returner but punts. Also, very raw at corner. Not sure how I feel about that going forward but if we don't have anyone better, so be it.
          Shields doesn't have the ability to even field punts. Proven fact.

          When being a fanboi goes too far.


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            looks like another year of McCarthy running 3 times and punting every time we have any sort of lead in the 4th quarter instead of having a killer instinct and just running our offense to get some more points. Nothing quites beats his stall and let them catch up move he loves so much....


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              I really wish Clay wouldn't have hurt Kolb because that game ended up becoming way to close for our liking. The Packers seem to have a tendency of letting teams storm back though. Its nice to see Crosby making all these FGs throughout preseason and now into week 1. Really hope he can keep that up.

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                Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                Shields continues to get picked on
                I dont know if I'd call that being picked on.

                He had that one bad play vs Maclin, but he covered Jackson a good deal of the day and held him relatively in check. Not a bad first game.

                Heck their leading receiver was a RB. Solid, but not spectacular performance for the secondary. Should have had a few INTs.

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                  So why was Rodgers avoiding Finley so much? He was constantly open and refused to throw it to him nearly costing the Packers the game

                  Are they feuding or something?


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                    1) The only success the Eagles seemed to be having early on was with the Vick/Wildcat stuff and unfortunately this was the one scenario where knocking out the starting QB was actually a disadvantage. Most of the damage Vick did once inserted fulltime was when he was flushed out of the pocket. Good news is we were getting pressure throughout the game. Bad news is that is not how you want to play against Vick. The Buccaneers showed everyone years ago that you beat Vick by containing him in the pocket and playing zone. Fortunately as others have said there aren't anymore QBs left on schedule that can do what Vick does. McNabb has given us fits with his feet before but while he may still be able to extend a drive here and there he doesn't pose the big play threat with his feet that Vick does.

                    2) Hoping Grant can return. Jackson did have some nice runs in which he broke tackles, but I just don't see the big play explosion from him. Seems tentative at the hole. Grant looked more explosive. On the play that Grant got hurt I think he could have taken it the distance if Jennings had been able to throw a block. Seemed like he was already heading to the next level assuming that Grant would beat the guy in front of him. If Jennings blocks that DB and gives Grant the sideline I think he is in the endzone instead of on the sideline.

                    3) I too am concerned that the offense seems to go into a shell in the second-half when holding a lead. Maybe if you are up 3 scores and the opposing offense hasn't shown anything, but they were only up 2 scores and having problems keeping Vick under wraps. Should have tried harder to extend the lead and give the defense some rest.
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                    • Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                      So why was Rodgers avoiding Finley so much? He was constantly open and refused to throw it to him nearly costing the Packers the game

                      Are they feuding or something?

                      Quite the contrary. Rodgers has been raving about Finley all off season and vice versa.

                      Rodgers just had a bad game, plain and simple.

                      What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
                      they get smoked.

                      2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions
                      Hint:Not the Bears.


                      • He targeted Finley a ton early in the game without much success. Philly had 3 guys on him at some points. Other times he would get open but Rodgers either missed the read or just decided to ignore Finley if he's getting that much attention.

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                        • Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                          So why was Rodgers avoiding Finley so much? He was constantly open and refused to throw it to him nearly costing the Packers the game

                          Are they feuding or something?
                          This post is funny.

                          As much as this is being called an ugly win, I was really happy with the game. Defense got a lot of pressure and although Vick had a lot of success it was a very promising performance overall. Special teams and penalties were both bright spots. If Jordy keeps returning like this, we're in great shape. The only real issues I thought we had were the pass protection and Rodgers' play. Rodgers I have no worries about going forward. Some of the shaky line play is certainly a concern though.

                          Grant going down sucks obviously, but Jackson should be able to hold his own in the run game for a few weeks before we have to play some better competition.

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                          • Yeah it was a wierd game. The things we thought we would suck at played the best and the things we thought we would dominate we were...marginal at I guess. Any defense would have been gashed by Vick if they spend all preseason game planning for a guy like Kolb and all of a sudden they have 15 minutes at half time to prep for one of the best rushing QBs of all time.

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                            • Im a little late to the party but here's my 2 cents on the game:

                              I kind of figured the offense would sputter out of the gates. Seems to happen every year where they light it up in preseason and stall early in the season.

                              I think we'll need to start spreading defenses out alot more now with Grant done for the season. Put Jennings, Finley, Driver, Jones, and/or Nelson out wide because no team has 4-5 talented CBs that would be needed to cover everyone. It would also help Jackson out tremendously too.

                              Clay Matthews was worth every pick that we traded to draft him and more. The guy was everywhere and his only misque was that dropped INT. Couldn't be happier with his performance.

                              We really need one of our young CBs to step up. Trammon was tested heavily and held up but Shields needs further development.

                              I could see Bulaga starting at some point in the near future. Tauscher was repeatedly beaten and Colledge is a ticking turnstile. Furthermore Josh Sitton is turning into a damn fine player. Lock that man up.

                              A big win on the road to start the season despite quite a few misques and injury loses.



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