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    Biggest win of the 2009 season, vs Dallas, came when Packers were 4-4 and coming off embarassing loss to winless Tampa Bay and many fans were throwing in the towl.

    #1- This game was closer than the score indicated. We were lucky to get a FG at the end of the first half to take a 3-0 to intermission.
    #2- Our defense won the game, their defense contained our offense, like they did the year before. This game was 90% Charles Woodson.
    #3- Roy Williams beat Nick Collins. Woodson saved the day. Williams also was too much for our Williams, Tramon.
    #4- Romo missed 2 big plays with bad passes early in the game that would have given them early points. Totally different game had he made those.
    #5- More big 3rd down conversions by Rodgers.
    #6- No Jermichael Finley.

    Offense lights up Steelers, Josh Bell & Defense kill us

    #1- Our offense couldn't have been any better.
    #2- Huge difference between Troy Polamalu and Tyrone Carter.
    #3- Big Ben. He's not thaaat good. We made him look like 2007 Tom Brady.
    #4- This was the best game of the whole NFL season, regular season.
    #5- Heartbreaking loss, but in the end, it meant nothing in the standings or playoff positioning.

    Rodgers rallies Packers vs Vikings, still lose

    What stood out to me about this reminder of the close loss at home to the Vikings was:
    #1- Still had f***** Barbre at RT and Lang was at LT. Lucky Vikings.
    #2- Wow, we were down 24-1 to start the 2nd half.
    #3- Notice all the big plays for us were on 3rd down.
    #4- Brandon Jackson blocks better than Barbre or TJ Lang
    #5- Havner is a beast, moneyman.
    #6- No Jermichael
    #7- I thought for sure we were gonna win this one. Had we, we would have won the division and been the #2 seed, not playing at Arizona.

    Most impressive win of the year on primetime: Pack beats Ravens (missing Ed Reed)

    What stands out here is:
    #1- Ray Rice totally shut down, despite his mouth. We were legit great stopping RBs last year.
    #2- Donald Driver turned our rout into a close game by fumbling away one ball, then dropkicking up a pass for an Int on the next drive.
    #3- Tons of penalties on both teams DBs. 310 yards in penalties.
    #4- Tramon Williams giving up big plays, again.
    #5- Yet another huge 3rd & long conversion, late in the 3rd quarter, by Rodgers
    #6- Crosby shank early 4th quarter could have been fatal. Trouble with the hold by Flynn it appeared.
    #7- Ref saved us/Woodson on bomb to Mason in 4th quarter.
    #8- Finley showed up, big TD in 4th quarter on improv play.
    #9- Flacco's horrible end zone Int (to Tramon) with 8 minutes to go was such a gift. Ryan Leaf would be proud. Flacco is overrated big time I have always thought. He was 14-35 for 126 yards and 3 Ints. This same defense that made Roethlisberger, Warner, and Farve look like 1984 Dan Marino.
    #10- AJ Hawk made a big play!
    #11- Rodgers threw 2 Ints this game. He threw 3 in TB. So he had only 2 total in the other 14 games.

  • #2
    I have to add this one, just have to.
    This is for the true die-hard Packer fans like me.
    Sick or not, I know true Viking fans root against us, as I do against them, especially with them having the Drama Queen.

    Enjoy, over & over. Classic Farve. Classic Paul Allen.
    Spiteful? Sure.



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