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Packers-Lions, Week 4

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    Plays run weere 79-40 for the Lions.
    Time of possession was more than +15 minutes for the Lions. That's a whole damn quarter.

    Our defense allowed the Lions TEN conversions on 3rd down, including many 3rd & 9 or longer. That's all terrible.

    On offense, we converted only 3 times on 3rd down in the game.
    We also had 4 turnovers, 2 on Rodgers ints that Jennings could have come up with, and the 2 giveaways by our kick return specialist.

    But again, the standings are the bottom line and I'll take the ugly win. The ViQueens had some ugly wins last year, which allowed them to win the division over us.
    The Saints and Falcons had ugly wins today too.


    Charles Woodson made the play of the game with the pick-6, but boy he won't miss Calvin Johnson anytime soon will he? Woodson had great coverage on Megatron but can't match CJ's 6 foot 5 heighth and long arms.


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      WTF don't those photos imbed in here?


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        I can never get JSO pics to embed here. Either they have code that blocks it (I can't think of a practical and possible way to do this) or NFLDC can't parse the special characters they use like * -

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          you can work around by saving them and uploading them to a 3rd party. kind of a pain, only takes about 45 seconds instead of 15 seconds though.

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            It sure is getting hard to watch this team. Most importantly we won but we have some serious issues that need to be addressed and quickly.

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              After our week 10 bye the team will look completely different. We could have up to 16 starters/part time players healthy that are hurt right now. The guys coming off the PUP will have shaken off most of the rust. If you are a religious man, now would be a good time to pray for the health of our defense.

              Unfortunately Morgan Burnett got shut down. I really like him as a player. He was growing and learning. He even played roughly 10 snaps with a torn ACL. We won't be questioning his toughness or missing practice for ticky tack injuries.

              This last week must have been especially tough for the team playing after a short week and an extremely physical Bears divisional game then going to a hungry divisional Lions opponent early Sunday.

              I'm happy that our team had a wake up call and seems to be learning from their mistakes without the +1 in the loss column.

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