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Rodgers rumoer out or does he really want out?

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    Originally posted by Vince Lombardi View Post
    are you blind? Randy has shown no effort on the field and he has also asked to be traded several times now. Even your fellow Raiders fans here will acknowledge that. GB has ALL of the leverage in this trade, they can basically wait it out and let Al Davis sweat it out as long as they please, and if the deal doesn't get done, oh well no harm for GB, Oakland on the other hand is stuck with a player that is getting a ton of money and has given up on the team.

    Are you blind? GB has no levrage!!!! Untill Moss comes out and says he doesnt want to play for Kiffin and the new coaching staff its all rumors. This doesnt affect the raiders at all becuse they have the cap and a target if russel is seclected. I personally like the move al davis is doing you dont put another team in the playoffs for garbage.


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      Originally posted by GadoR'Savior View Post
      Bout time someone beside me brings that up but David Carr is the exception, he just got screwed and put onthe expansion team
      well when has Rodgers given the chance to start a full game? He has to start to improve to know what to do and what not to do.


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        We have troubles spelling today; first Lambeau now rumors

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          for sure rodgers will be here maybe moss will be here



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