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Packers-Vikings; Week 11: Favre's Farewell

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    Wow the wide receivers stepped up big time in this game. They caught a lot of big time balls that they have been dropping earlier in the year. I hope we move in the direction of Jennings and Jones as the primaries and Driver coming in on 3 WR sets. I trashed Jones before when he said he was screwing up because he wasn't getting enough opportunities, but for the time being, it looks like he was dead on.

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      Jones gives us a physical presence that the team needs at the WR position. Driver is not a starter anymore and with his injuries, it would be best if he would be 3rd and he'd probably be more effective. Seems also that Nance is working his way to some more playing time, he kinda brings what Grant brought to this team when he first came in GB.



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