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  • Koren Robinson

    He'll be in GB working rehabing with the team physcian for the next 45 days on house arrest.
    Also I found this really interestin from before he was a Packer...

    3. If you could play with one quarterback from throughout football history, who would you want to play with and why?

    Robinson: Let's see, let's see, let's see ... I don't know, I like Farvre, I like Farvre a lot.

    What do you like about him most?

    Robinson: His knowledge of the game, and knowing where all his receivers are at any time, his awareness.

    Come on, you know what you really like is that he'll head-butt Warren Sapp every once in a while ...

    Robinson: Yeah, you know Brett's a beast now.

    What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
    they get smoked.

    2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions
    Hint:Not the Bears.

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    Favre could take Sapp anyday!!!!


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      Originally posted by HolySchnikes View Post
      Favre could take Sapp anyday!!!!

      no doubt :)

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        Yep, just ask Kris Jenkins...
        The pain fades and the good memories will remain.


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          Speeking of Favre and Sapp, we get to see them mouth off to each other again this year. That game should be entertaining.



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