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    so, last night at my weekly poker game, my brother came in with a bunch of dvds. his friend's dad had recorded every packer game for years, and converted the significant ones to dvd. so, we watched the entire 1992 bengals game when majkowski went down and favre came it. it was freaking awesome. i was 12 years old when that game was played and i remember watching it. but watching it now was crazy. some of the things the announcers said were just crazy:

    when majik went down:
    "If there is one thing the Packers cannot afford, it is to have their QB get hurt."

    when Favre was in:
    "they traded a first round pick for him. it is their hope that he can succeed at some level for them.:

    "he has a reputation as kind of a gunslinger." possibly the first time ever Favre was called a gunslinger.

    also, OJ Simpson did the halftime show.

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    That's sweet, I would love to watch some of the old packer games when Favre was just getting there.



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      Same here, if anyone knows where to get these (particularly 1992-1999) let us know!!

      Thanks to BK for the sig


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        Originally posted by umphrey View Post
        Same here, if anyone knows where to get these (particularly 1992-1999) let us know!!
        you can find torrents of a bunch of old games here:

        you've gotta register before you can view the torrent forums though.
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        i invite all of you to spam the board with moronic topics that aren't even vaguely entertaining. please.



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