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    Originally posted by Moses View Post
    The Packers already released Arliss Beach...
    Uh, read the top of the post slim. ;)

    I said I made that back after the April draft.
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      Originally posted by nbarnett56 View Post
      Uh, read the top of the post slim. ;)

      I said I made that back after the April draft.
      Oh, don't get why you would post an outdated depth chart?


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        Originally posted by Moses View Post
        Oh, don't get why you would post an outdated depth chart?
        Liven up this board a bit.


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          This is the 2nd eddition of the Packers 2007-08 projected roster breakdown. In this eddition I will be breaking down every player that's currently on the Packers roster and projecting their status with the team as training camp approaches. 53 players make the team minus the exception of Koren Robinson suspension status.

          RED = A cut player

          BLUE = Roster exemption for Koren Robinson

          GREEN = A player who is a starter but is the top backup at that position

          The Offense
          (25 players)


          1) Brett Favre - Obviously will be the starter heading into the season.

          2) Aaron Rodgers - Struggled a little bit in the beginning on the OTA's but came around. Looks much more improved in his footwork and arm strength. Sitting him looks to have been the right decision.

          3) Ingle Martin - He also struggled at first but he looks to have nailed down the #3 job. He was also McCarthy's hand picked choice so I'd expect him to remain the #3.

          4) Paul Thompson - Shows flashes of his athleticism but isn't a very efficient passer. Might just be a camp arm or a possible practice squad canidate.


          1) Brandon Jackson - I still believe that we will go into the season will 1 set guy at RB. From what I've heard is that Jackson isn't far behind Morency. We've shown that we aren't affraid to play rookies before and if he is the future at RB, I think he'd get the nod over Morency

          2) Vernand Morency - He might not start but he will play a vital role in the run game. I think he could start off getting around 10-15 carries per game but he doesn't have the receiving skills of Jackson so his usage will be limited to being a spell RB.

          3) DeShawn Wynn - He has a little better speed and agility over Herron. He will need to stay healthy though in order make the team. His size could make him useful as a short yardage and redzone RB.

          4) Noah Herron - Herron and Wynn both have very simular skill sets so it could really be 50/50 between these 2 guys on who makes the team. Herron is a veteran and we know what he can do but Wynn has more potential. I could also see 4 RBs making the team because of the inexperience at the position though.

          5) P.J. Pope - I don't see Pope having any real value to us anymore. He is a polished runner but has limited upside.


          1) Brandon Miree - So far he is the front runner. He has experience in the zone blocking system but is limited in his rushing and receiving skills.

          2) Corey White - He has good speed and agility and from what I've heard is that he is the most athletic and versitile RB on our roster. White is a former RB so he could give us a Justin Griffith type player which is ironic since Griffith passed on signing with us this offseason.

          3) Korey Hall - Honeslty, when I first head that the Packers were going to try and convert him into a FB I thought to myself why did we just waste a 6th round pick on this guy? Hall's a project but has special teams capabilities. Unless he picks up the FB position quickly, he won't be around unless he makes it as a backup LB/special teams player.

          4) Ryan Powdrell - More of a traditional FB who is a big bruiser. I haven't heard too much about him but by the looks of things the Packers want a more athletic FB.


          1) Donald Driver - Re-signed to an extention after a career season. Definelty our #1 starter.

          2) Greg Jennings - Jennings added about 10 lbs of muscle this offseason. He looks stronger and ready to come in and have a big season.

          3) James Jones - So far he's shown that he has the hands for the job. I'd fully expect him to be our slot WR when the season starts. Depending on how he performs, he might even keep that job when Robinson returns.

          4) Koren Robinson - He is better than everyone else thats left at WR on our roster. He might be a little rusty as well after so his main contribution this season might be in the return game.

          5) Robert Ferguson - For whatever reason he seemingly manages to keep his job year after year. With a stable of young WR talent though I'm hoping he gets the axe so some of these youngsters can develop.

          6) Ruvell Martin - Showed some promise last year and has rare height for a WR. A nice possesion guy to have. He could also create mismatches around the redzone. Overall though, I don't see him being in the long term plans so when Robinson returns I think Martin may be gone.

          7) David Clowney - So far he has managed not to screw up his chances of making the team. Though I don't see him offering much as a receiver this year, he could have some value in the return game early on. You also can't teach speed and this guy is a burner.

          8) Carlyle Holiday - Coaches say he has one of the best offseasons but he lost his job when the Packers took 2 WRs in the draft.

          9) Shaun Bodiford - His only value at the moment appears to be as a return man. I don't see him winning the job though.

          10) Carlton Brewster - He had a really good NFL Europe campain but his best shot was last year and he blew it with all those drops.

          11) Chris Francies - He reminds me a little of James Jones though without the upside.


          1) Bubba Franks - We are paying him more than any other TE on our roster so I'll think he'll still be the starter this year.

          2) Donald Lee - I've always liked Lee but he needs to become more consistant. He had a bad case of the drops last year which hurt his opportunities to play.

          3) Tory Humphrey - A good special teamer who might have a descent impact in the receiving game. We definetly need to upgrade the position though.

          4) Clark Harris - He won't wow you but he is fairly solid. I think his main value will be as a long snapper and the #3 TE in the future. Hopefully we can stash him away on the practice squad.

          5) Zac Alcorn - He has good speed but not the athleticism of Humphrey.


          1) Chad Clifton - Hopefully he can stat healthy all season. With Allen Barbre moving to LG, it looks that Colledge might be his eventual successor.

          2) Daryn Colledge

          3) Orrin Thompson - Showing some potential. With the last of tackles I think he may make it.


          1) Mark Tauscher - Should be able to play out his contract with no problem.

          2) Tony Moll - He is our RT of the future. Still deveoping as an offensive lineman though.


          1) Daryn Colledge - Really started to progress later in the season last year. He looks a little strong this year. With Allen Barbre moving to LG, Colledge might be moving to LT in the near future.

          2) Allen Barbre - Played LT in college but will play LG in the the NFL. It could also just be that either Colledge or Barbre are playing LG first in order to make the transition to LT. Ted Thompson did that alot in Seattle.

          3) Tony Palmer - Descent backup but Barbre beats him out.

          4) Tyson Walter - A veteran guy but has no upside.


          1) Jason Spitz - Not the ideal guard for the scheme but he works. Should remain the starter at RG this year.

          2) Junius Coston - Has the attributes but never really put it together. His job may be up in the air but at the least he is adequate backup depth.

          3) Travis Leffew - Camp body.

          4) Pat Murray - Camp body.

          5) Adam Stenavich - Camp body.


          1) Scott Wells - No doubt the starter at center. Needs to get better on his exchanges though.

          2) Jason Spitz

          The Defense
          (25 players)


          1) Ryan Pickett - The space eater who will remain our #1 nose tackle.

          2) Justin Harrell - I'd almost expect Harrell to start unless he still isn't 100% in training camp. Most likely a rotation at DT with Harrell in on early downs and Corey Williams in on passing downs. Cullen Jenkins may also move inside on passing downs as well.

          3) Corey Williams - Really came on strong last season but with Pickett and Harrell on the roster, that leaves him out of the starting job and puts his career as a Packer in jeopardy since he is a free agent after the season.

          4) Colin Cole - A nice option in the rotation but with the depth at DT I don't really see a real need for him. I'd expect Jolly to get a little more action.

          5) Johnny Jolly - A big guy who can plug up the running lanes. Might be fighting for a job but I think he'll make the team. Could be a good goaline guy and sub for Pickett at nose tackle.

          6) Daniel Muir - Your probably thinking the same thing I am, who?


          1) Aaron Kampman - Still our top option at DE.

          2) Michael Montgomery - Descent backup with little competition behind him.

          3) Jason Hunter - Versitile player but with Jenkins in the mix at DE, I don't see a need for him.


          1) Cullen Jenkins - New contract means he'll see alot more action. Takes over for KGB.

          2) Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila - Potential cut but I think we'll keep him around as a pass rush specialist this year.

          3) Larry Birdine - Camp body.

          4) DeVon Hicks - Camp body.


          1) Nick Barnett - New contract and should remain at MLB. Hopefully he won't be suspended.

          2) Abdul Hodge - Won't crack the starting lineup but will be our top backup at all LB positions.

          3) Tim Goodwell - Had a descent campain in NFL Europe but the depth at LB gives him no chance to make the team.


          1) A.J. Hawk - 5th overall pick last year, of course he'll be starting. Expect a breakout season from Hawk.

          2) Desmond Bishop - Will be played at WLB instead of his college position MLB. Special teamer.

          4) Spencer Havner - Might have had a chance to make it but didn't really impress last year and with Bishop on the roster, he'd have to beat out our top special teamer White.


          1) Brady Poppinga - Most likely will start again this year.

          2) Tracey White - Special teamer who could get bumped if Korey Hall can't cut it at FB and moves back to LB.

          3) Rory Johnson - Good potential but has some character issues.

          4) Juwan Simpson - Productive but las limited upside along with character issues.


          1) Al Harris - Aging but still our top CB.

          2) Charles Woodson - Had a career year last season. Definetly our #2.

          3) Will Blackmon - If he can stay healthy he should be our nickleback this year.

          4) Patrick Dendy - He struggled at first but finished pretty strong last season. I like Dendy and I think he may have a future. I'd like to see him as the dimeback this year.

          5) Frank Walker - Our only free agent signing might not even make the team. Walker has experience though so you can't count him out just yet.

          6) Jarrett Bush - He has great size and has been working out hard this offseason. Might have some potential but he has his work cut out for him.

          7) Antonio Malone - Good size but he's mainly here for competition.

          8) Tramon Williams - Camp body.


          1) Nick Collins - This year jis the year to see if he's the real deal. Will remain the starter.


          1) Marquand Manuel - Starter last year and I think he'll be given the chance to win the job again this year. Underwood might have the best opportunity to unseat him. Could be a potential cut though.

          2) Marviel Underwood - Gave a big time effort last year and might have been the starter if he didn't tear his ACL in the preseason.

          3) Aaron Rouse - Big guy who as a 3rd round pick is expected to be in the mix right away. I have some concern about his coverage skills though.

          4) Tyrone Culver - Will fight for the job but with Underwood's showing last year and Rouse being a 3rd round pick, he likely won't win a job. Good special teamer though.

          Special Teams
          (3 players)


          1) Mason Crosby - Leg and accuracy should put him ahead of Rayner

          2) Dave Rayner - Nice kid but not the level of Crosby.


          1) Jon Ryan - Played well last year and should only improve.

          2) David Lonie - Camp leg.


          1) Rob Davis - Most likely his last season.

          2) Clark Harris - Might be the future long snapper.


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            1. Brett Favre
            2. Aaron Rodgers

            1. Vernand Morency
            2. Brandon Jackson
            3. DeShawn Wynn

            1. Brandon Miree
            2. Corey White

            1. Donald Driver
            2. Greg Jennings
            3. James Jones
            4. Ruvell Martin
            5. David Clowney
            6.( Koren Robinson )

            1.Donald Lee
            2. Bubba Franks
            3. Chris Harris

            1. Chad Clifton
            2. Junius Coston

            1. Daryn Colledge
            2. Allen Barbre

            1. Scott Wells
            2. Jason Spitz

            1. Jason Spitz
            2. Tony Palmer

            1. Mark Tauscher
            2. Tony Moll

            1. Aaron Kampman
            2. Mike Montgomery

            1. Ryan Pickett
            2. Colin Cole
            3. Johnny Jolley

            1. Justin Harrell
            2. Corey Williams

            1. Cullen Jenkins
            2. KGB

            1. Brady Poppinga
            2. Desmond Bishop

            1. Nick Barnett
            2. Abdul Hodge

            1. AJ Hawk
            2.Tracy White

            1. Al Harris
            2. Charles Woodson
            3. Will Blackmon
            4. Patrick Dendy
            5. Frank Walker

            1. Aaron Rouse
            2. Marquand Manuel
            3. Marviel Underwood

            1. Nick Collins
            2. Marviel Underwood

            1. Dave Rayner
            2. Mason Corsby

            1.Jon Ryan

            1.David Clowney
            2. Brandon Jackson

            1. David Clowney
            2. Charles Woodson

            1. Rob Davis
            2. Clark Harris

            ST extras somehow make the sqaud
            1. Korey Hall
            2. Rory Johnson
            3. Jarrett Bush
            4. Jason Hunter
            5. Juwan Simpson


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              PuP and IR guys not listed. If guys are banged up, then they probably didn't make the list unless they've had a very good pre-season or are integral to the team.

              Offense: 26 (Probably 2 too many, so the #5 WR and #4 RB could be in trouble.)
              QB: 2 (Ingle might come back, but Thompson has looked like crap in practice. 5 picks in 1 day? See ya. Considering the number of players actually producing, I would be much happier to throw two QBs on the practice squad and only carry two rostered QBs)
              1. Brett Favre (I'd like to see him raise his game with A-Rod being legit)
              2. Aaron Rodgers (The best thing for the Packers is for A-Rod to look great and pressure Favre to get focus in the game to keep young sir on the bench)

              RB: 4
              1. Noah Herron (Congrats Noah, you missed your SB Ring but at least you've been healthy and solid and now you might be starting due to our whole RB corp being brittle)
              2. Brandon Jackson (will slip down if his concussion worse than thought)
              3. DeShawn Wynn (At least he's getting healthy)
              4. Vernand Morency (no pre-season=not good for the Packers)
              5. Priest Holmes (Well, maybe not, but it seems like everyone in this list except Herron can't stay on the field...)

              FB: 2
              1. Kory Hall (He kills on Teams, and he's been fine at FB. Miree too brittle for a FB)
              2. Corey White (Combo FB/RB carried in case the brittle RB corp takes another hit)

              WR: 6
              1. Donald Driver (Hate the foot injury. We'll see how much it effects him. If he doesn't go IR, he's still good enough to come in and move the chains)
              2. Greg Jennings (Might be #1 if DD doesn't stay healthy)
              3. James Jones (Mea Culpa- I hadn't seen JJ play and thought he was taken too high. Obviously not. This kid's got game)
              4. Ruvell Martin (My favorite bench player. I'd love to see him contnue the strong end of the season he had last year and get around 40 catches this year)
              5. Carlyle Holiday (Could be a boon if the Pack only carries 2 QB's, as Holiday would be QB #3, plus he catches the fade well and has had a nice pre-season)
              6. David Clowney (Clowney could help with the Return game, especially if Blackmon does his Brittle Boy thing again. Koren Robinson at #5 when he gets back, but a WR could be injured by then...)

              TE: 3
              1. Bubba Franks (I have liked Bubba in the passing game this pre-season more than the others)
              2. Donald Lee (Looks like Just A Guy out there to me)
              3. Clark Harris (With being a deep snapper, it'd be nice if he took that job, th Packers move Davis upstairs to management and then the Packers can keep another of their promising D-line or another O-lineman.)

              1. Chad Clifton (Has had a great camp. Hope he carries it to the season)
              2. Adam Stenavich (Can play the left side. Holding the spot dwon until Moll gets healthy.
              1. Daryn Colledge (Is looking like a guy who could have been late R1 - solid)
              2. Allen Barbre (Good on teams, but hated his 3rd quarter against J-Ville)
              1. Scott Wells (Doing just like he did in college - making believers)
              2. Tyson Walter (Versatile. Being able to play multiple positions means the O-line doesn't have to carry 10 players, which means more juice for the receivers or the D-line)
              1. Jason Spitz (Hasn't popped like he did last year. Needs to get nastier, but maybe he's just saving it for the real games)
              2. Junius Coston (I though Junius was going to get cut last year. He's looked great in Camp and Spitz better maintain and excel because Coston could take his job. Being versatile and backing up the RG and RT makes him a great pick from two years ago)
              1. Mark Tauscher
              2. JC

              Defense: 25
              D-Line: 9
              1. Aaron Kampman (Best in the NFC)
              2. Jason Hunter (Needs to elevate his game now that he'll get time with MM out)
              1. Ryan Pickett (Has been solid and a great FA signing)
              2. Colin Cole (I have no worries about drop-off when Cole is in)
              1. Johnny Jolley (Love the article on him about him taking the starting spot. Maybe taking an injured Jolly lead TT to take the chance at Harrell)
              2. Corey Williams (Corey can prove in games he should be starting. Work for that big contract!)
              3. Justin Harrell (The kid hasn't played in a year, he 20 pounds fatter than in college and he's got a whole heap of pressure. I still wish Packers'd have taken Olsen right now. Hope he comes on strong and changes that opinion)
              1. Cullen Jenkins (Has looked better than Kampman and if he has a regular season like his pre-season, the Packers'll extend him like they did DD)
              2. KGB (Has look OK as a thrid down rusher. Maybe he looks better just because he's not getting the ball jammed down his throat on every run play)

              LB Corp: 6
              1. Brady Poppinga (B-Pop has been OK. I'm not wowed. He's lucky Bishop wasn't a SSLB when he came out of college)
              2. Spencer Havner (Has a great LB body, has been good on teams, I'd love to see him get nastier and take the starting job)
              1. Nick Barnett (Has had a great TC and looks worth the dough)
              2. Desmond Bishop (Sorry Hodge, time to go IR and let this young man start taking game reps somewhere on the field. That hit was the best I'd seen for the entire pre-season this year)
              1. AJ Hawk (He's challenged Barnett and these two are just making the defense look special)
              2. Tracy White (A Teams guy, but he was aware enough to run back that fumble. Overall, has played very well for a small college guy)

              CB: 5
              1. Al Harris (Has been burnt a couple times pre-season. He'll start laying it out when it matters though)
              2. Charles Woodson (Toss in his PR schtick, and he's been well worth the money)
              3. Jarrett Bush (Has shown sticky hands and a good break on the ball. The Packers just need the 3rd CB to not throw away games and any extra turnover production will just be a bonus)
              4. Will Blackmon (I was so excited to have a real KR/PR, but the cast on the thumb makes me worry that Blackmon is really Brittlemon)
              5. Patrick Dendy (Dendy hasn't looked any better than last year and Walker has looked a little better to me. He's chaeper than Walker and the Packers would pick up a compensatory draft pick next year for losing TE Martin and not picking up anyone)

              S: 5
              1. Atari Bigby (Who knew that Atari still rocked like this. Ahhh... Many hours spent Barnstorming and with Pitfall...)
              2. Aaron Rouse (Rouse just needs a little time to get the mental side, and then he'll be starting. What a great hitter)
              3. Charlie Peprah (Manuel might be the starter even, but after his crap year last year, I think it's time to cut the losses)

              1. Nick Collins (I'd like to see him take another step forward and play the mental game rather than rely on his athleticism so much)
              2. Tyrone Culver (Hasn't wowed this year like last, but I like him more than Manuel)

              Teams: 4 (Team probably won't keep both kickers, but I like 'em both and would much rather see one traded rather than cut and gobbled up by the Vikings... It would help if Harris takes the LS position so the offense can keep an extra RB, WR or DT)
              1. Dave Rayner (Has been booming the kickoffs)
              2. Mason Crosby (Packers keep 2 Kickers? If TT can keep two kickers and trade one later when a team loses their guy to excessive celebration, Packers get the draft pick back they used on Mason plus extra)

              1.Jon Ryan (Two step drop has made him look so much better this year, along with a year in the off-season program)

              1. David Clowney
              2. Blackmon gets this spot once his thumb heals...

              1. Charles Woodson
              2. See above

              1. Rob Davis (Davis is so solid, but if Harris can get it done I'd love to see Davis move upstairs. If Harris gets hurt, Davis gets re-signed)
              2. Clark Harris (Time to actually have a guy who can play the rest of the game...)
              The pain fades and the good memories will remain.


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                I don't think we keep 2 kickers, I think TT just has to say that to not spoil a potential trade.

                Thanks to BK for the sig


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                  Originally posted by umphrey View Post
                  I don't think we keep 2 kickers, I think TT just has to say that to not spoil a potential trade.
                  we'll keep both b/c if one gets hurt then we have a solid backup

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