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    Originally posted by Shiver View Post
    How about Leon Hall? In your division, it sure would be nice to have two reliable cover corners.
    I dont know that I buy the value there. Personally, Id rather have a second rate prospect in the 2nd/3rd-ish. Someone like Ross, Wright, Jackson, Irons, Hughes, McCauley, and so on, and fill the RB/S/OL/DT needs rather than CB in round 1.

    If we were to trade down to the 12-15 range its possible, but I would think Lynch is more of a possibility if we were to trade down than a CB.

    That said, we do need a second CB. I love Faggins but hes not a great player.
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      This is how it needs to go down...

      1st - LaRon Landry
      2nd- Drew Stanton
      3rd - Tim Crowder
      4th - Gary Russell
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        Tim Crowder will not make it to the third round, his combine numbers were enough to guarantee a second round pick for him.


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          I think trading down will be a good option if you can't get AD maybe just out of the Top 10 to get Landry and scoop up an extra pick in the 4th maybe... I do think you need to get Carr some linemen he can put up the numbers and you could always pick up Travis Henry and keep working on the front 7 in the draft I wouldnt even be apposed to taking Alan Branch.. need another big body up front to eat up blockers to keep them off DeMeco Ryans !! and give Mario another guy up front to get double teamed...


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            If Adrian Peterson is available then he has to be our pick, even after signing Ahman Green today. If he's gone then I'd entertain trade down offers, but we'd need to at least get fair value and not move down too far, so if we can get a worthwhile deal then look at that. After that, Jamaal Anderson would be my next top choice if he's available, but I don't think he will be. Laron Landry would probably be my next choice, and he'll likely be available. FS is arguably our biggest need and he's clearly the best one in this draft and he'd be worth this pick, especially after the Combine workout he put up. I personally would also consider Amobi Okoye and maybe Leon Hall or Alan Branch. I think the team would also consider consider Brady Quinn if he's available but I personally probably wouldn't take him. I wouldn't look at Levi Brown, I don't think he's good enough to warrant that pick and don't think he's an overly good fit for our blocking scheme, and I'm content with Spencer and Winston being our OTs, I don't know that the team would look at him much at all. Obviously if Calvin Johnson or Joe Thomas were available then I'd look at them ahead of anyone besides Peterson, but I don't see any way that either will be available at our pick.


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              I am still in favor of taking AD, but Branch would be a good pick too. If we don't feel like taking either of them another good option is trading down to 11-13 range and taking Laron Landry.



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