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  • Swap with Minnesota?

    Just an idea that has ran through some threads in Minnesota forums

    a lot of people arent 100% sold on Jackson, at least this year and wouldnt mind grabbin David Carr from you guys, if you are serious about getting rid of him.

    the idea is to swap #7 for #8 and the Vikings get David Carr in return...

    just wondering what your thoughts on that situation would be.

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    Don't listen to him he's "crazy".


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      We'd have to get more in return. We aren't giving up a starting QB to move up 1 spot in the draft.


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        No way in hell the Texans trade up.


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          trading up 1 spot in the draft does absolutely nothing


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            1. no way in hell you get more than that for David Carr, you guys might actually have to give the Vikings more for that trade to go down. Plummer just got traded to Tampa (then retired or whatever is going on witht hat) for a 4th round pick and Carr probably has half the value of plummer. not to mention the swap is worth a middle-late 3rd round pick, which is already way too much for him, so i guess the vikings would certainly need another pick in return if we did this.

            2. if you guys want quinn or ap, theres a decent chance that if either of them are there at #7 the vikes will take them, so the swap could land you Quinn or Peterson, so yes it would be a smart idea for you guys

            but never mind, it would be a terrible deal for Minnesota, i hope they dont do it



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