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    Free Agency is coming up on Friday, who are the Texans going to make a play for?

    My number one choice would be Adalius Thomas of course, hopefully our team values him enough to give him the big bucks.
    Another player we should persue is Rod Hood, formerly of the Eagles. He was among the best nickel backs last season, and is ready to be a starter in this league. We could probably get a pretty good deal on him, and he's a very solid player.

    I don't want us to take Nate Clements. He is an excellent player, but his contract is going to be MASSIVE. Frankly that money could be better spent.

    Ken Hamlin- I also advocate that if we don't pick any of the above players, we at least go after Ken Hamlin to give us some much needed safety help. Hamlin is excellent against the run and good against the pass, so if we could take him and maybe a CB we would have a pretty solid secondary.


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    Id love Nate, he has a lot of Houston ties, but youre exactly right, his contract might end up being more than Champ Bailey's.


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      The first player I go after is the best player in free agency; and that is Nate Clements. There is no substitute for a legit shut down corner, and Nate is that guy. As said, he lives in the Woodlands which can't hurt our chances. If they add Clements and are able to get a player such as Meriweather in the second round, that could be the foundation for one of, if not "the" best defensive backfields in the league.

      Also, a guy that I think they go after is Lelie to fill the hole at the #2 wr that was created by cutting Moulds.

      Ken Hamlin would make sense.


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        I agree we need a WR, but Lelie is not the guy for us. Lelie excells at running deep routes, and the rest of his game is average. In our offense we almost never throw the ball deep, so he wouldn't have that much of an impact for us. We would probably be better served picking up someone who has good hands and runs good medium range routes and is reliable on third down. We could go after another veteran such as Joe Horn, or we could go after Brandon Stokley.


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          We signed Ahman Green, I am happy with this signing, we overpaid a bit, but he is a good player and will be valuable this season.


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            Congrads to Ahman Green, for his big pay day, hope he's got some left in the tank for you guys!


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              Now we just need to get a CB. Rod Hood is a good option for us and we should certainly consider him.


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                Originally posted by Hermstheman83
                What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                  One player that I think will be good for us next season that we haven't discussed yet is Shawn Barber. He was an excellent nickel LB for the Eagles last season, and is solid in coverage and vs. the run. He may push for a starting spot even. Most likely though he will be our nickel LB.


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                    I agree, I think he'll be a solid contributor and think it was a good pickup. Living in Missouri I saw him play alot as a chief, and hes a solid player.


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                      Since we are weak when it comes to safety I wouldn't mind seeing us run more nickel LB plays and only play one safety. Barber is probably more suited to cover a tight end than CC Brown and Glen Earl are.



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