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    Adibi and Slaton are solid picks. Moulden can be developed into a really good corner.

    Baltimore: 7-4


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      I was a little suprised they took a CB who needs a year or two to develop... I thought the reason we were taking a CB was because we needed depth untill Daunte comes back... That means that Faggins might see the field in nickel packages before Daunte comes back, and thats no good at all... I dont even know why Faggins is still on the roster.

      But then again you never know, Moulden may have a huge training camp and play right away.. I would of not guessed after last years draft that Bennett would be a solid starter that soon.

      I think this was a very solid draft for the Texans. Brown should start at some point this season, and Adibi has a good chance to start as well. If they can get Okam to constantly play at a high level he should see some playing time as well.


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        1) Duane Brown, OT, V-Tect = B
        - Solid pick. Perfect fit for Alex Gibbs and his system. It was either him or Chris Williams and well Williams wasn't there.

        3) Antwaun Molden, CB, Eastern Kentucky = B
        - Has the potential to be a really good player. Has time to learn and develop.

        3) Steve Slaton, RB, West Virgina = B-
        - Solid pick. We'll see if he fits the Zone Blocking Scheme.

        4) Xaiver Adibi, LB, V-Tech = B
        - Another solid pick. He's a football player and will help Ryans handle that 2nd level.

        5) Frank Oham, DT, Texas = B
        - Yet another solid pick. He was a value pick and adds more depth to the line.

        6) Dominique Barber, S, Minnesota = B-
        - Solid pick. Provides depth, though I might have rather had Josh Barrett, but I'm not complaining about this pick.

        7) Alex Brink, QB, Washington St. = F+/D-
        - Not really sure, what we do with Brink. He would be the 4th QB on the roster. If we wanted a project, we should have opted for Sam Keller.

        Overall = B
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        Baltimore: 7-4


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          We signed Ben Moffitt, LB, South Florida & Ryan Grice-Mullins, WR, Hawaii

          Baltimore: 7-4


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            My guess when they traded down that they would take Kenny Phillips after Mike Jenkins was gone. I didnt see Brown coming although I like the pick. He is fast and perfect for our system.

            I hope we give Tommy Blake a chance. Since he has had a case of severe depression the best chance for him to return to his old self would be to keep him in Texas. Dallas/Fort Worth is only about 3 hours from Houston so he would be close to home.


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              Overall, I think our draft was average. I don't particularly like the Duane Brown pick, but am hoping for the best. I like the Molden and Adibi picks though, they could be quite good in a few years. I love the Okam pick, he is an absolute monster. Slaton could be a good home run threat this season.


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                I absolutely love the Molden and Okam picks for you guys, I believe they will end up steals when its all said and done...Molden has all the tools you look for except going to a huge school, he can develop into a #1 corner, yes he is raw but he is just as talented as the 1st rounders.

                Frank Okam is another guy who will do the dirty work, you guys needed a huge NT to suck up blockers and free up Okoye to get after the QB and keep double teams off Mario, he is perfect for that and clogging the middle...He stays close to home, I think he will be motivated on that D line and he wont show up in the stat box but he should make everyone else on the line that much better.

                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                  1) Duane Brown, OT, V-Tect =D+
                  - Bad Value. A player compared to Brandon Frye. He's a project, 1 year at LT. Sure he's got tools, but it'll take a while to make him good. The trade didn't get us much in terms of value.

                  3) Antwaun Molden, CB, Eastern Kentucky = C-
                  - We needed someone who could actually be good now.

                  3) Steve Slaton, RB, West Virgina = B
                  - He'll be a big play threat from the backfield that we don't have.

                  4) Xaiver Adibi, LB, V-Tech = B
                  - Depth at WLB behind Greenwood, could start down the road.

                  5) Frank Okam, DT, Texas = B+
                  - We get a big guy at DT. Has dominance potential, doubt he reaches it, but I'm a big Okam fan.

                  6) Dominique Barber, S, Minnesota = C
                  - Some safeties I would have preferred, but he's a gamer. We need a cover safety though, and he's an in the box player.

                  7) Alex Brink, QB, Washington St. = F
                  - Waste, Practice Squad at best.

                  Overall = C

                  Picking players like we have time to develop them and the luxury of having them on the bench. We were 8-8, we have a bunch of holes everywhere. We needed to come out of this with at least 2 starters. They addressed the right positions, LT and CB, but both are projects.


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                    HOUSTON TEXANS

                    1. Duane Brown, LT - #26 Overall
                    He was a reach to most in terms of value. To some a big reach. That said, he was the top guy left at a position of need (no idea when Spencer will be back and if he will still be a Left Tackle, and Ephraim Salaam isn't the answer, even though hes been serviceable). He was apparently hand picked prior to the draft by Alex Gibbs, and was said to be the guy we'd take if Chris Williams was gone. We traded back and picked up an extra 3rd and 6th, and still got the guy that Gibbs wanted. Brown is perfect for Gibbs and this system. I didn't like the pick when it was initially made, but I've come to trust what Kubiak and Smith do, and I'll trust them on this one as well. Grade wise, pluses for being a great fit at a position of need and picking up an extra 3rd and 6th, minus for being a reach. B-

                    2. Antwaun Molden, CB - #79 Overall
                    With Dunta out until around midseason, Cornerback was a must for us in our first few picks this year. Fred Bennett was very very good for us last year, but behind him we have relatively nothing. Dominique Rogers Cromartie was taken just ahead of us by Arizona, and Dallas jumped up and took Jenkins right before us in round one (though I doubt we'd have taken them anyway, if reports are true), and there was a small run on CB's before our pick in round 3, so it seemed to just be bad luck. That said, I really like Molden, even if I don't know a ton about the guy. Mayock said hes basically DRC without the push and notoriety from the senior bowl appearance, I'm going to go along with that, cause it sounds good. Ohhh yeah. Grade wise, pluses for being very talented at a position of need. Minuses for being raw, even though I've heard from reliable sources (.. okay, my sources are a post from toonster, but thats as reliable as anything, right?) .. anyway, according to him, Molden may be a lot more close to 'ready' than people think. B-

                    3. Steve Slaton, RB - #89 Overall
                    Our running back situation is far from pretty. When Ahman was healthy last year, he was good. That said, he was healthy for about 13 minutes of the season. Ron Dayne isn't completely awful, but in no way is he good. Walker and Taylor have had very little playing time to know how they'll be, but neither looks to be any type of long term fixture as a starter. Slaton is another good fit at a position of need. Hey look, a theme. Players being taken that play at positions of need. Will add some much (much) needed speed to the running back position, and the overall offense. Grade wise, Pluses for being a good scheme fit at a position of need. Minuses for me not liking the guy. Jerk. B-

                    4. Xavier Adibi, LB - #118 Overall
                    Ya know, I love this pick. It's not necessarily because I think he'll be great, it's just that I absolutely loved watching him play at Virginia Tech, and am thrilled to be able to see him every week in the NFL. That aside, he really does have a good shot at coming in and winning the Weakside spot sometime this year. He's a playmaker to go beside the unbelievable solidness, consistency, and football smarts of DeMeco Ryans. And he looks like a complete badass in uniform. Always a plus. Finally, someone who at least has a chance, even if its a small one, at being able to cover Dallas Clark while in the nickel. Grade Wise, pluses for being a playmaker at a position of need, having an awesome name, looking like a complete badass in unfiorm, and being fun to watch. Minuses for nothing, becuase Adibi is a god. And yes, I realize some people will completely and utterly disagree with me on this. A

                    5. Frank Okam, DT - #151 Overall
                    I'm pretty sure everyone thinks this, so its not some huge revelation, but he could either be very good, or a complete flop. But even as a flop, theres no chance in hell he can be as unbelievably stupid on the field as Travis Johnson is. If he can get motivated, it'll be a good pick for us. He has the talent around him to be effective, playing next to Mario Williams and Amobi Okoye. Grade wise, pluses for being a Longhorn (Hook em!), being absolutely massive, and being smart as hell. Minuses for being absolutely massive, and for not always giving effort. You know. Same old **** from him. Ill give him a middle of the road grade because this pick can go either way, and can do so in an extreme fashion both ways. He could be very very good, he could end up sucking. Who knows. C

                    6. Dominique Barber, S - #173 Overall
                    Uh. Well. Here's where my lack of draft knowledge, or lack of really caring enough to read up on anyone hurts. I don't really know a thing about this guy. He's a safety though. We need safeties. Grade wise, plus for being at a position of need, minus for uh, me not knowing who he is. Besides, brothers of good players rarely work out. C-

                    7. Alex Brink, QB - #223 Overall
                    Yea. Again, no idea. I told get to see many (or rather any. I might as well not lie) Washington State games. So I can't say I really know anything about this either. He's a 7th rounder though, so what do I care. Pluses for me not caring enough about him to look for negatives, minuses for me not knowing who he is. C-

                    Anyway. Overall, we filled a lot of needs with some guys who have some good upside. None were sexy picks, and our #1 was a reach, so it'll be looked at negatively, but as a fan, I'm perfectly fine with this class.


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                      #1) Brown-I wasnt exactly happy with this pick. However, if Gibbs picked him, I will not question it at all. Gibbs has forgot more about offensive linemen than anyone on this forum will ever remember.


                      #3) Slayton-Decent value. I think the upside is there. I dont think he fits a zone blocking scheme, but I am by no means an expert in zone blocking. Wouldn't be surprised if he doesnt make the team, wouldn't be surprised if he brings a new demension to the offense. But I do like him, for some reason.


                      #4) Adibi-I think it is obvious this was a good pick.


                      #5) Okam-I said before the draft I wouldnt touch him with someone else's...but I thought he would go higher than this, too. In the 5th, he is great value. May never do anything, but that is okay. Most in the 5th will never do anything. Huge Upside, no risk.


                      6) Barber-I dont know a thing about him. But if he has half the heart of his brother, he is worth it.


                      The rest of them, I really dont have an opinion on. I think the draft was unspectacular, which usually means solid. I cant complain much at all.
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