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Is Davis really who we should have in the backfield ??

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  • Is Davis really who we should have in the backfield ??

    Now that Andrew restructured his deal and extended it.. its time we put a decent running back behind Carr... we can keep Dayne but I think we need someone like maybe Travis Henry ? He can add some quickness and a proven 1200yd back to keep defenses honest. I think we all know that AD won't be there at #8 so we need to start thinking of how we are going to run the ball.. Davis is injury prone and overrated...

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    His last name is Williams, not Davis anymore.

    He almost had 3 straight years of 1000 yards behind a horrible OL.

    What would it take for the Browns to trade for him???


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      i doubt you get rid of "williams" as he may be one of the few backs who can put up a 1,000 yard season behind that o-line


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        We need to be more realistic with Williams situation. I think his football playing days are long over. He will get cut this off season along with maybe Kailee Wong.

        Williams was a good back for Texans when he was healthy but that is not the case any more. Texans are in the process of cutting all they guys with big contracts and little production. Three guys are gone and two are left to be decided this off season.



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