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  • Trade?????????????

    I have seen a possible trade in several mock drafts. It would be Texans first and third round picks for Philly's two firsts. I was curious what everyone thought. Per the draft value chart, it seems to be pretty fair.

    I had not thought about it much till I had seen several mocks with it. But I would be in favor of it.

    I was thinking Clay Mathews, the guard from Oklahoma and the safety of their choice. However, after reading other posts, the Texans do have tons of linebackers

    Would anyone be in favor of this trade???????? And if so, who would you target?
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    I see most of the Texans-Eagles trades swapping our 1st and 2nd rounders for their 1sts. I kind of want to keep the second rounder, but most of the players I'd target there would just be falling from the late first anyway, so I'd be happy with the trade.

    After moving down a few spots, Clay Matthews, Brian Cushing, Louis Delmas, Alex Mack, or Max Unger seem like really good possibilities. Also, it looks like Dunta Robinson doesn't have much of a future with the team with each passing day, so a CB looks more and more likely early on.
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      I think that trade would be absolutely ideal for Houston, but I don't see Philly making it though. Don't see why they would, even if Andre Smith or Michael Oher is on the board at #15.
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        I dont like the trade(and i do think it would take a 1st and a 2nd to get two 1st round picks) b/c the Texans really need to pick up a safety and there isn't a safety worth taking in the 1st round. They need there 2nd round pick for a safety.

        But if they are still looking at OLB I believe they will trade back and pick up a few picks and draft Matthews. Not sure if they are still targeting OLB though.


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          I'd be fine with it.


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            Okay, this trade will obviously not be made. Bad post on my part.
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