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    What is the OL going to look like next year with the players currently on the team?

    That is correct comahan
    I ******* LOVE YOU DG
    <3 dg

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    Currently we have no idea yet. I think I saw somewhere that Spencer isn't limping anymore, what this means I'm not sure. However if he was healthy, I think this would be our line.

    LT- Spencer, assuming he's healthy. If not I think they'll let Black and Salaam compete for it.
    LG-Pitts, dude remains our best lineman thus far, him next to Spencer should keep our left side secure for a long time.
    C- Flannagan, I'm sure they'll give him a shot @ keeping his job. Though I liked McKinney's chemistry with Carr, we have a new QB so the transition and competition @ this position will be interesting to watch.
    RG- Weary, though I heard they wanted to try him @ center I think they'll determine this at OTC's.
    RT-Winston, I think he did will in spot duty and starting late in the season last yr. I'm sure he'll keep improving and give us a better yr. this yr.

    Swing tackle- Salaam and Black.
    Swing guard- McKinney
    Back-up center- Hodgdon, though they might just go with McKinney backing up all the interior positions.

    Wow, all this and we haven't even seen if we take a lineman in the draft. I really like the depth. The cohesiveness of this unit alone should help them improve. In the past we've never had this much depth, next yr. is shaping up to be our teams best yr. thus far. AWESOME I TELLS YA' SIMPLY AWESOME.

    This is a great time to jump on the Texans bandwagon! C'mon I know you're reading this. Gotta love our teams future.


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      That's probably right. Although I thought Weary and Flanagan both sucked it up last year. And Winston was manhandled some games. Pitts gets penalties all the time. I actually thought in his 2 games, Spencer was the best.


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        i'm getting the same feeling about spencer that i got from davis/williams before last season...

        the fo was saying he would be good to go, but as we're approaching the draft, all of a sudden he may not be ready to start the season...

        i feel really uneasy about this...

        if he can't go, salaam will be our starting LT again -- scary...



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