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  • Pre-season schedule

    The schedule was released last week, but I don't see any discussion on it. So I'll take it upon myself to start it off. I can't remember the exact dates, but here's my thoughts on what I do know.

    We get the da' Bears here at Reliant first. Ay, ay, ay. I'm so glad this is pre-season and we won't be playing most of our starters. I think this'll still be a good game however as both teams, yeah I said it. Both teams seem to have quality depth across the field.

    Next up we got the Cards on the road. Now while they have a ton of talent on offense, their defense just lost a D-coordinator in Bush. (Guess who got him now. Muahahahaha.) they still haven't got their defense completely settled yet. Speaking of which I don't think their LT is nailed down either, but considering Leinart is south-paw I don't know what to make of it. Oh, is their back up left handed as well? Not sure, but we can pull this one out too.

    Third game we got here at Reliant against the COWGIRLS! Yeah, we must win this game. I mean have to. Our starters are gonna get most of their playing time during this game and Parcells is now gone in Cowboyland. I don't know, but Jones has never struck me as a great coach so I think this one should be in the bag.

    Last game is against the Bucs, why do we play them every yr. not that I mind or anything, but they're always on our pre-season schedule. Anyways, this'll be a fun game to watch as it's most guys last chance to make the team. Hopefully we pull this one out, but I'm not too worried about pre-season.

    Overall, I CAN'T WAIT TILL' FOOTBALL STARTS!! I think it'd be a good idea to come back to this thread after the draft to get a better picture of what we're up against, but for now. Anybody have any thoughts comments on our preseason schedule.

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    Excellent, we'll get to see lots of questionable areas on our team tested in the first two preseason games.

    Da Bears- offensive line, especially interior Tommie Harris is a beast. Mark Anderson should get some decent PT, so our tackles will get some work too.

    Cards- We'll get to see ou CB's tested by the best WR tandem in the league, hopefully a rookie will have established himself as the starter by this point so we can see what he's capable of.

    Hopefully we demolish the Cowboys, I hate the Cowboys.



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