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  • Originally posted by jayceheathman View Post
    Wow that was pathetic. I think the only people that cared were Andre, Watt, and Braman. That was it. Everyone else thought they would breeze right by the Packers since they lost to the Colts.

    Schaub was downright awful and even when he had a chance to throw. The worst was when he just threw it into the ground and walked off the field even with no pressure around him at all. It was like a little baby pouting that he didn't get his way so he was going to quit. Then AJ Hawk puts a pinky on him and he dives to the ground in hope of not having to endure more pain than that poke.

    Johnathan Josepth was pathetic. I don't know what happened to him. Granted, there were plays where Rodgers had a lot of time back there.

    Now other defenses are going to see what the packers did with double and triple teaming Watt and making Smith and Cody beat us. Our LB's couldn't get much pressure other than Reed. I was disagreeing with people and saying we could make up for Cushing, but dang, this game proved me wrong big time.

    Forsett had a couple of nice runs even though it was in garbage time.
    That was the biggest WTF moment for me. Granted it was a bad situation, but to not even try to get the 1st down? That's just unacceptable.

    Our defense is like night and day now that Cushing's out. This lineup is simply not working. With Cushing out we need to find a way to get our best players possible out there on the field. Call me crazy but I'm up for moving Barwin to ILB so we can get Mercilus on the field at OLB. What's up with this guy? Why haven't we seen more of him besides in garbage time? I was hoping we could use him similarly to how the 49ers used Aldon Smith last season.

    Having fresh legs and a good rotation would at least benefit our pass rush which was, outside of JJ Watt and Brooks Reed, non existant tonight. I don't know if Joseph's playing with an injury or what but he just hasn't looked like himself out there. Without a pass rush, our secondary can be exposed, this area needs to be addressed ASAP.

    Andre's also not looking like the player he once was out there. I don't know if it's simply age/wear or what but that's just reinforcing the fact that we will need to draft a WR early next year.


    • JJ didn't have a sack... :(


      • Originally posted by cunningham06
        Must be something internal they aren't keen on telling anyone in the media. The ability is clearly there, yet we never play him on defense.

        Time to start thinking up conspiracy theories...
        Seriously! It seems like he makes big plays the few snaps he gets but we never play him much. It doesn't make sense.


        • Ehh. It's preseason. I think we are just fine.
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          • Originally posted by HEISMANHERSCHEL View Post
            Ehh. It's preseason. I think we are just fine.
            That is true. I would rather Swearinger miss horribly and get ripped by the coaches and players while it is still in preseason.


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              • So out of left field I think we can upset the Chiefs.

                With Keenum being out there I think this will force Kubiak to rely more on the run game. It has always frustrated me that Kubiak has a "run-first" philosophy yet gets away from the run too early. I don't think that Keenum is our saviour, but I haven't been a Schaub fan in years and have been of the opinion that a change has long been needed. It doesn't hurt that A.J. thinks Keenum has an "aura" about him. The team has always responded after tough losses, maybe not always, but I think they will use the change at QB to spark some inspired football.

                Our D has been lacking discipline and I think that may come from wanting to overcompensate. If we focus on stopping the run tomorrow I think we have a good shot of keeping the game very competitive.

                Just my 2 cents for now. Finally got internet back so I may start posting again.

                Cheers and GO TEXANS!!


                • BTW, I need to update my avatar and sig. anyone can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated.


                  • Good game y'all. It really sucks about your injuries, but continued health and good luck the rest of the way.

                    Originally posted by fenikz
                    His soft D really turns me off
                    ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


                    • So what is the consensus? I have to say I want them to get Manziel, although I am really uneasy about him. Wouldnt it be exciting though, just from the sexy aspect?
                      I published my first book. Available in ebook or paperback! Check it out!!!



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                        John McClain
                        I've been saying 4 weeks and I will say until I believe differently, but the Texans are taking a quarterback. I'll be shocked if they don't.
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                        McClain is definitely reliable, but does he usually know draft info?
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                        - Ko Simpson


                        • I think it will be Bortles with the connection with the QB coach having coached at UCF. O'Brian also got to watch Bortles play against PSU as well.

                          I want them to trade down and then take best available. The more this offseason goes along, the more cocky Bridgewater seems to be. You want your qb to be confident but he seems to be more on the cocky side. I know it wont happen, but I am probably one of the few Derek Carr fans on this site. I got to watch him play a lot when Fresno played NMSU. Can't argue with 5000 yards, 50 td's, and 8 picks though.
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                          • Originally posted by jayceheathman
                            We sure sucked it up today. :(
                            We sucked it up again. :(



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