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  • I was not upset about the Colts game.----

    My grades are spotty, as I cannot watch all the texans' games.


    Additional notes-

    Can't keep fumbling. I love both Slaton and Moats. But someone needs to explain how important the football is.

    Defensive Tackle/Need some plays. Mario is getting it done. But someone on the inside needs to start being disruptive.

    And Wideout-Very good. Now, I love Johnson. But to call him the best WO in all of football??? Really? He is amazing. But there are a couple that could make an arguement that he is not the absolute best...
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    • I dont know who you would put in front of Johnson. Moss can only get open with his speed, Dre can get open with speed, with strength, and with his ablility to run perfect routes. Fitz is great but not nearly as physical as Dre, dont think Fitz could knock down a line backer and 2 defensive backs on his way to the end zone. Dre can do everything on the field and he is the best, and im not just saying that cause im a homer. I do like Fitz a lot, he is a class act just like Dre, but Fitz doesnt see the double teams that Dre does because of Boldin and Breaston. If i could have one WR on my team it would be Dre... If you can give me a reason to not call him the best i would like to hear it, and who would it be????


      • Dang JJMT, you had me stressing with that post about AJ. It didn't make sense, but there was a possibility right. It was his uncle that did that interview and the good thing is that AJ has come out and denied the report.

        I don't get why family members are asked to speak for these athletes. There should be a limit to how far reporters can go just for a story.

        Steelers lost, SD or Denver has to loose. We're not in control of our playoff hopes right now, but we still have a good shot. I'm surprised that Jacksonville won. These next 3 games are crucial and if we take them all (which I know we can we can almost count ourselves in the playoffs.)


        • What's the word on Dunta Robinson? How's he looked this season?


          • Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds View Post
            What's the word on Dunta Robinson? How's he looked this season?
            He's played well. Guys a solid CB. His stats aren't there, but he's far from bad. I think the drawback on him right now is his price.


            • You know I really want this game tonight. I know we can win and I know we can win big.

              I know right now CJ is getting alot of hype, but the bottom line is it's a team sport. CJ is still running behind a great run-blocking line. Talent wise I still think Slaton is the better all-around back.

              Anyways aside from that I'm not going to the game tonight. Ever since 06' I've hated the Titans. I'll never forget how horrible it felt when Young scored the TD. I remember screaming about the no-call on Mario who was blatantly held. Yet I was drowned out by cheers for Young. I felt so bad for our team, they played their hearts out and then when they loose the stadium erupts. I've never been so livid on the way back to the car. I saw all those Young jerseys and those ppl celebrating and it took everything I had to just make it to the car without catching a case. Honestly I sold my tix to avoid this sensation. The messed up part is alot of those guys in the Young jersey's claim to be Texans fans. Vince Young ignorant nuthuggers. I could stand it if they were Titans fans, but really you celebrate when your guy wins over "your" team. Thas so f'ed man! I hate all those ppl here who go on about how VY just wins. ITS A TEAM WIN!! Vince hasn't proven himself on this level yet, just cuz his team wins he shouldn't be the lone player assigned a W on his stats.

              I really hope we stick it to the Tacks this time. F@#$ Bud I hope his home gets bombed with him it! F@#$ Vince and F$@$ the Tacks!


              • That is a heart breaker. 6 missed field goals, kicking 65%, it may be time to find a new kicker after Kris has cost us two games in a row now. Our DE's needed to play contain defense but they ran outside nearly every passing down. That killed us.


                • go to hell Kris Brown and Cortland Finnegan can go with you


                  • Hey guys, I just want ya'll to know that anything I say to MarioPalmer about Mario Williams, the Texans, or whatever, I'm only saying to get under his skin. This game went down to the end, and everyone watching it will remember it for a while. Ya'll definitely have my respect, but anything I say to MP should be thrown out the window because I'm trying to be an intentional dick to him. Just wanted ya'll to know that, and to not take anything I say to heart as I'm being an intentional ass.

                    Good game, and good luck to ya'll on the rest of the season.
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                    Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


                    • From a completely unbiased standpoint - a seriously great game by the Texans. The only drawback I can see if not trying for at least another 5 yards with :08 left before trying for the FG. But, seriously, you guys have a tremendous run defense yet your secondary needs a little work. Get to work on that and you guys will be serious contenders.

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                      • im not sure what game you watched that u get the impression we have a tremendous run defense. Ive cooled down from that dissapointment but this was a game we needed to really give us the inside track on the wildcard now we have to count on them splitting the Colts and Patriots games to have a realistic shot along with wining out the other games on the schedule.

                        Kris Brown you have done alot of great things for this franchise and ur a stand up guy but there have to be consequences for blowing two of the biggest opportunities this franchise has had so hopefully we bring someone in during the offseason to compete.

                        I truly despise Cortland Finnegan though
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                        • I am not going to make any excuses for Brown, but the Texans are a better team. THis should not have been close. Not to mention the Texans got a few breaks with bad calls. I know the Titans did, too. I am just saying to blame it on Brown is silly to me. Texans are a better team. They shouldnt need a last second, long range field goal to win.

                          And as for VY, come on...It is getting a little silly to continue to say he can't play in this league, or hasnt shown anything. He very well may be a headcase, and I from what I have heard it sounds like he is. But to come out and say he has shown nothing is silly.

                          I like the Texans. But I watched too much of VY here in Texas to start making claims that he doesnt belong in the NFL. He is not an elite quarterback, but he can be serviceable in the right situation.

                          And BTW, I still don't think the Texans are out of the playoff hunt. Some team will falter. The Texans just need to do what they can and they will get in. I still believe.
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                          • I am ready for Dunta to be off the team. He looked awful last night and has looked awful for most of the season. He did a terrible job in coverage and the play were he missed the tackle on Vince was embarrassing, looked as though he didnt try. As far as Brown goes, he has been great for the city and has been a very good kicker for us. But, this is such a mind game for kickers, once they lose it they are done, time to start looking for a replacement. I understand that we should never of been in that situation but that is what we pay him for.

                            I hate to say the season is over when we are technically still in it, but we would have to win out and that is going to be very hard. We have the Colts and Pats still to play, and Jax is playing very well right now.

                            BTW good to see you back Eric...

                            Oh and Cushing is a beast


                            • Let me start by saying i dont get to see the Texans much being on the west coast and i am a big Andre Johnson/Brian Cushing fan. Having said that i didnt think the Texans looked good, fans can sugarcoat it all they want and maybe it was just one game but come on. They were outclassed not only on the offensive line but on the defensive line also. Matt Schaub looked to me like the classic stationary QB that if you put some pressure in his face he folds like cheap lawn furniture.

                              The thing that stood out to me was they knew what Vince was going to do in the 4th quarter, drop back to pass on 3rd down and run to the right. Where were the adjustments. I would have played some zone and had someone out in that flat area because that is where he's going.

                              I'm not sure what you guys think of that coaching staff because they made zero adjustments in either their blocking schemes or their pass rush, both of which were pretty non existant. Harsh criticism and i hope it was only one game but i expected more.


                              • I agree that Dunta can bolt for all i care. So far this season, i have thought the texans did a good job adjusting at half time. but this time i also agree no adjustments were made.

                                I am also starting to think that getting a thouroughbred running back.
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